January 31, 2008

The Tattlesnake – The Thinning of the Herd Edition

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GOP – Three Blind Mice and a Pariah: Wall Street and the Corporate Elite that own the Republican Party decided to cover their bet this year with four candidates — John McCain, Mitt Romney, Rudy Giuliani and Fred Thompson – all attached to the same plutocratic teat, and pre-approved to work in the best interest of the bogus free-traders, privatization pirates, WTO scoundrels, Enron CEOs, and offshore tax dodgers that the Bush Boy has served so well the past seven years at the expense of the American people as a whole.

St. Ronnie of the Twenty-First Century Thompson had to go after it was discovered that, unlike Reagan with his years of quips and quotes cribbed from Warner Bros. and Republic Studios scripts, slack-jawed Fred in person was a better soporific than Sominex.

Now Rudy has joined Fred off the campaign trail, the Giuliani-fawning Big Media incorrectly casting his fate as the result of his failure to campaign in Iowa and New Hampshire; as usual, the DeeCee Punditrocracy got it wrong: Rudy did campaign some in both IA and NH but his problem was just that – the more he campaigned, the less voters liked him. Mayor Nosferatu might have been better off driving around with a cardboard cutout holding a ‘Hey, I’m America’s Mayor: Remember 9/11 and Vote for Me!’ sign and keeping his mouth shut. (And leave us not forget what a staggering loss this is for Fox News – Rudy was their guy.)

Now the GOP field is pared down to McCain, Romney, Mike Huckabee and Ron Paul. Huckleberry is fading fast, elbowed to the side in debates; and Paul is such a media pariah he’s at the point where even though he keeps winning those post-debate call-in polls by large margins, the Corporate Media Marionettes derisively hoot and cackle at the results of their own polls. (I can’t remember this ever occurring with these call-in polls before.)

So, the GOP candidate for 2008 will be either crazy warmongering corporatist McCain or corporatist warmongering crazy-man Romney. Either one will stay in Iraq killing more of our troops, probably start something with Iran, go deeper into debt providing tax cuts to the wealthy, and further the ruination of America while serving the agenda of the multi-national bandits who are underwriting their candidacies – they’ll essentially be Bush without the fake Texas twang.

(BTW, the Matthews Curse is still in effect; Tweety Bird effused embarrassingly over the manliness and leadership of both Rudy and Fred. Chris’ latest crush is John McCain – a good sign Cap’n Crunch is headed to electoral doom if he nabs the nomination, thank the Lawd.)

Whoever the GOP candidate is, they’ll be leading a party that’s fractionalizing now that it’s tasted defeat, an economy that’s badly broken, wars that we aren’t winning, and shackled to the worst, most disliked and incompetent US president in modern history; they must either run against him, and write off large sections of the Republican base, or run with him and incur the wrath of the majority — either way, it’s hard to see how they can win the next election, unless liberal Democrats and independents stay home.

Dems – And Then There Were Two: After a valiant effort, populist former Sen. John Edwards, following on the heels of Dennis Kucinich, dropped out of the race for president January 30th, no doubt noticing there aren’t any states on Super Tuesday he can win. Edwards needed a break anyway – including his run as Kerry’s Veep in ’04, he has essentially been campaigning for about six years now. (Mike Gravel is still technically in the hunt, but his campaign was last seen orbiting in the asteroid belt out near Mars.) Edwards, like Kucinich, has been marginalized by the Big Media since Iowa, and it was obvious they wanted to bring this down to a two-person race, Hillary or Obama. Well, they’ve gotten their wish.

I won’t get into parsing the flaws and strengths of H and O; that’s not the purpose of this diatribe. The point here is that either of these two would be a better president than any of the top Republicans and, as Bartcop has said, we have to agree to pull together behind whoever becomes the Democratic Party nominee.

I realize that some progressives are disappointed Edwards or Dennis didn’t get the nod, but now is no time throw a fit and sit at home or vote for a third party to ‘teach them a lesson’ – there is no viable third party candidate this year and our country can’t afford another four years of disastrous Republican rule.

It’s a shame we didn’t get a puppy for Christmas, but taking a nap on the couch election day, or checking the box for a third party, is the same as a vote for the GOP. If Hillary or Barack keep even half their promises, we’ll be in better shape than if McCain or Mitt keep theirs.

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