November 27, 2006

Vol 1880 – Whipped Weasels

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America – What’s Next?

Robert Parry shames the whore media.

Send in the Subpoenas

I can’t wait to get started with the thugs under oath. 

The Karl Rove Crush

Why does TIME allow let Karl Rove to write anonymously for them? 

The Serious Crime of Poker

The American Taliban says card playing is immoral, like dancing.

Random Thought…

If FDR was as crooked and stuipid as Bush – we’d all speak German? 

Did the CIA kill RFK?

Sirhan was in front of RFK. Autopsy says fatal wound came from behind.

Follow the Money

Let’s starve the Iraq debacle like we starved Vietnam.

The Mother of Thanksgiving

Lady talked Lincoln into making it a holiday.

Ed Messe is such a boy-toucher

…and he can’t tell the truth. 

Endless Media Lies

Their job is to protect the powerful and the guilty?    I’m so old, I remember when the media exposed corruption – today they ask for a cut of the loot.

It was a bad weekend at Casa de Bart

Did I mention that I hate the Dallas Cowboys?

The Wailing of Whipped Weasels

Finally, Bush gets that smirk smacked off his cock-of-the-walk face.

Kelly Ripa VS Rosie the Motormouth

Rosie has a Kerry problem – can’t shut up.




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