May 27, 2007

Why Am I Not Hearing This?

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Everyone has been sounding off concerning the illegal issue, much to the chagrin of Congress. Senators from both parties wanted to slip the immigration bill through in the dark of night, but thanks to talk radio and the internet, it has dawned on both republicans and democrats that our interests aren’t being served, and people are mad. Me among them. It reminds me that term limits would be a good thing.
But what has not been discussed is the root cause of illegal immigration. Why are Mexicans risking money, life, and limb to come here? Why aren’t there enough jobs and a good enough economy in Mexico to attract these people so they can make a better life for themselves there? Why can’t the 12 – 18 million illegals here be upwardly mobile in Mexico? Why do they feel the need to leave their homes and travel hundreds of miles to work for less than minimum wage, even suffering abuse from employers and having no recourse, because they are illegal?

It’s exasperating. Take tourism, for example. If worked out properly by the people in charge, Mexico could easily compete head on with Hawaii! Suppose a large area was declared by the Mexican government to now be a huge tourist haven developed to have: filtered drinking water; clean, safe streets; absolutely no bribery, drugs, or porn; and honest, well-paid police.
Further, suppose this tourist mecca had: safe on-site personally-inspected food served in clean, excellent restaurants; tons of family attractions such as movie theatres, games and rides; cheap, yet excellent, hotels; and a crew that came through nightly and kept  the whole huge campus spotless?
This tourist playground, and others scattered across Mexico, could employ many of those who would otherwise come to America.

So why hasn’t this happened? Why haven’t rivals to Busch Gardens, Six Flags, Universal Studios, Marine World, and Disneyland sprung up in Mexico?

And more importantly, why isn’t this a topic of discussion here? Shouldn’t we have been asking Bill Clinton and now George Bush to go south and strongly encourage Mexico to engage enthusiastically in the entrepreneurial spirit, rule of law, and put an end to bribery and law enforcement corruption? Obviously, the result would be an explosion in business start-ups not just in amusement parks, of course, but in all kinds of enterprises, this then resulting in a reasonable standard of living for its citizens.
Not only that, Mexico has oil. Some experts estimate reserves as large as Saudi Arabia (unproven, but possible).
In light of the foregoing, do you agree with me that it’s absurd that 12 – 18 million people should have to travel north to find a better life, when, if the thinking and attitude were adjusted, they could fulfill that dream in their own country?





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