November 29, 2006

Vol 1882 – Weak-ass Clowns

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Why trust BFEE Cabanaboy gates with Defense?

Are Reid & Pelosi too eager to rubber stamp Bush cronies?

I doubt Clinton ever said, “I should’ve gone to Vietnam”

That’s something a guilty conscience would say.

NBC decides to give us a little truth

Now that Bush is a powerless lame duck, they want to be fair?

Attack Sparks Fire

Did you get this point? This story, all at one link, had five major reasons why this war is as much a loser as Der Fuhrer is.  And does that pilot still have his head attached? If only they had counted the votes in 2000 - we wouldn’t be here.

Do we “need” impeachment?

The big thugs will never do time. Can we settle for the truth, their leaving office and decades of GOP rejection?  I say “yes,” to that.

Gestapo thugs with Ak47s breaking up a poker game makes me sick.

Watch the video – try to keep food down. Welcome to Bush’s Amerikkka!

FOX NEws, always willing to lie for Bush

Can Bush buy $500M in favorable fiction?

Landslide denied

How big did we win last Nov 7?  We’ll never know, until the Democrats decide to demand that the votes be counted. As the party of science and logic, why should we have to beg them for that?

Should we cut off funding for his bloody quagmire?

Or let 3.4 soldiers die every goddamn day?

I’ll bet you’d look good in a WPE sweatshirt.

The country agrees – we’re in the majority on that WPE stuff.

Please – Ignore all the 2008 polls

Careful, or She might look like a winner!

Howie the BFEE tool

The WaHoPo loves a pro-Bush, Clinton bashing pimp

Poker tonight – 8 PM Central

Win real money and real chocolate

Maureen Dowd’s a lying bitch

Who knew? 

It’s easy to deny the civil war – when you live behind the wall

After 4 years, NBC Whore News decides to tell the truth

Judge smacks down another Bush power grab

Why can’t he remember we have a Constitution? Why can’t the Democrats?

Pope begs to become a martyr

Does he think he’ll get the 72 virgins?

Putin – Bush says he’s a kind soul?

The murder victims disagree.

Xian Coalitition – not Nazi enough for new prez

He wants to crush all minorities, not just women & gays.

Is Gates too loyal or too crazy to run Defense?

History votes “yes.”

The Michael Richards debate – still raging

Are we just bored? Do we need to hang a guy when we get bored?

Is it time for the media to wake up?

Or are we in for 2 more years of horseshit?

Britney caught in Hitler’s web

Does Paris Hilton belong at Gitmo? 

BCR 99 has been out for a while

Got feedback?

Do we need to pitch in a buy Shirley a belt? :) 



  1. Regarding “Landslide Denied”.

    I’ve been saying all along that we beat a stacked deck. Look at the margins of victory by democrats compared to the margins of victory by Republicans. The Dems that won did so by a much larger margin (typically 58%-40%) compared to the victorious Reps (typically 51 – 48).

    This was a huge victory, considering how the decked was stacked in the BFEE’s favor. It’s like playing the Yankees.. Not only do you have to beat Jeter and company, you have to be the umpires, too. Just look back on any close call made during a Yankees playoff game. Do you ever remember a bad call going against NY at a pivotal time?

    I compare this election to the Red Sox improbable comeback to win the pennant after being down 0-3 to the MLBEE.

    Big Orange Jeff

    Comment by BigOrangeJeff — November 29, 2006 @ 10:53 am

  2. Regarding the Xian Coalition president resigning – actually, he wanted to broaden their message, including poverty, AIDS, and such. The haters drove him out because he showed signs of humanity.

    Comment by palmetto yankee — November 29, 2006 @ 11:20 am

  3. “Do we “need” impeachment?”

    No, but it would be fun, wouldn’t it?

    Alas, no. This is a time for quiet introspection. We’re forward lookers not backward thinkers. (Yes, Nancy. I hear and obey!)

    Seriously though, what’s the point? We’ve all seen how an impeachment can tie everything up. Nothing meaningful happens for the country. And it takes scads of time. Two years just isn’t enough to do the job right. And the worst it could do is send george back to Crawford without supper.

    So drop impeachment. Its a waste.
    Rather concentrate on the real issue: bush, Cheney, Rummy and (insert your favorite list here) are
    War Criminals
    and should be tried as such.
    Consider… Mere impeachment stops effectively at the end of the term, a war crimes trial has no such limit… Would you rather throw the bums out or throw the bums in jail?… Did I say jail? In a W.C. trial these bozos would have to answer for all their murderous acts. We’d discuss the relative merits of boiled hemp vs. twisted jute rope in polite company without being thought of as fringe insane.

    I don’t want impeachment. I want these guys to answer for what they have done. I want real punishment not phony political exile. If we’re going to spend the time and money, lets get something that has some teeth to it.

    And then what’s the worst that could happen? They could pull a Slobodan Milošević and drop dead in their foetid little cells during their endless struggle to save themselves from the hangman. Shucks, I’d be real broken up about that.

    …and when that happens I get Cheney in the Dead Pool, yowsuh!

    Comment by jje — November 29, 2006 @ 4:47 pm

  4. Impeachment is so tempting, but just the mere thought of a President Cheney…

    Comment by JosephEBacon — November 29, 2006 @ 11:25 pm

  5. Regarding impeachment, I’m for it. Cheney wouldn’t be able to take the office once the truth started to come out, so that’s not even a concern. Either Rule of Law means something, or it doesn’t – but I’m not above a little payback either.

    Regarding Her numbers: This is nothing like the 1992 elections. When Bush I had 90% approval in 91, I remember comedy ads about the DNC looking for *anyone* who would be willing to run against him in the next election (Madonna was a funny one). Most of the possible players considered it political suicide to make their move so soon. The catchphrase at the time was (blank) and the Seven Dwarfs. You are indeed correct – Clinton came in to fill that vaccuum and did a damn fine job of it. Today’s situation is nothing like that – no one is running against an incumbent, let alone one with any sort of high approval. The field is open, and now is the time for the people who have the name recognition to make their move.

    Comment by Peregrin — November 30, 2006 @ 1:02 am

  6. Better to cut off funding for Der Monkey’s endless Iraq boondoggle than impeach him, which would make him a “martyr” to his people.

    To have an effective impeachment, it would have to take out Cheney as well as Bush, the tweedle-dum and tweedle-dee of thievery and mayhem.

    Comment by Don the Daytrader — November 30, 2006 @ 8:00 am

  7. I’m responding to jje; this is Thursday the 30th. I’m not yet sure how to thread this blog. Sorry in advance.

    jje wrote:

    > I want these guys to answer for what they have done. I want real punishment not phony political exile.

    CDFingers’ commentary:

    It’s important for the USA to show the world we can police our bad guys. Due to w, the USA has lost prestige in the world, and this is not good.

    If impeachment were to happen–likely not, muchto my chagrin–we’d have to impeach both w and the dick. I could live with a president obi wan pelosi for two years.

    I don’t think impeachment will happen. Instead, I think the dick will resign for health reason, mccain will be appointed and confirmed, and w will resign to avoid the humiliation he so richly deserves. I don’t want that to happen, but I think it will.

    What I think should happen is that we let w and the dick live out their terms, facing defeat in every thing they try, then, when the new president and vp are sworn in, right there on the dias, FBI guys walk up and clap them both in irons and haul them off to be lifetime roomates of a big ugly dude named Marge. Issue them tons of soap to drop, then feature them on the evening news walking bowlegged with pained expressions on their faces. Allow American citizens to visit them in prison and make fun of them.

    I could live with that.


    Comment by CDFingers — November 30, 2006 @ 10:32 am

  8. LOL CDFingers
    Bust’em right after they leave the stage after swearing in.

    I agree that it would be best for America and the world if we dealt with out dirty laundry ourselves. But I share your concern that it will never happen.
    But I was thinking… couldn’t we let Germany do it?
    After all they have a law on the books already and they do owe us.
    Wait until the are out of office then get the French to invite them to an all-expenses paid love fest in Provence. But their plain “develops engine problems” and gets redirected to… uh, Stuttgart (?) whereupon the German police storm the plane and drag them off to…

    Oh heck, I forgot, that stunt was already pulled in an episode of West Wing.

    Comment by jje — November 30, 2006 @ 3:09 pm

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