May 30, 2007

How To Get The Federal Govt On Our Side.

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This is it! Here, finally, is the answer to the huge problem the federal government has become. First, let me summarize the problem, then the answer.
Every person who works for the Federal Government wants more money and job security, just like the rest of us. For example, in Washington D.C. in a drab stone building, and in one of thousands of dusty cubicles, sits the operations manager of The Department of Very Important Stuff. He spends his days plotting and planning, his nights dreaming and scheming, intent on expanding his domain and increasing its importance, so he can hire more staff. Why? Because the more people he has working for him, the more responsibility he can demonstrate and the more easily he can justify his next pay increase at review time. Not only that, if in the rare event his funding is cut, he can reduce staff and do their jobs personally, thereby cushioning himself against layoff. If they could, these people would take all our income, put the money through the system, then mail each of us checks, not because they dislike us, but because it would help justify their bureaucratic existence.
This, as I see it, is the present condition of our federal bureaucracy.

Furthermore, as layer upon layer of invisible federal employees have continuously worked in this ever expanding manner in order to maintain employment, the federal government has steadily grown until today it is the nation’s largest employer.
As a result of this absurdity, both husband and wife must work, one to pay the bills, the other to pay the taxes to support this sea of bureaucrats.
Gargantuan amounts of money pour into Washington and are funneled into bloated, pork, earmarked programs. Then, with straight faces, wide-eyed innocent-looking bureaucrats whine for ever more cash and power, always hungry, never satisfied, continually working to expand their empires.
So what’s to be done to clean up this awful mess?

Surprisingly, this isn’t difficult: the expenditures of the federal government simply need to be tied directly to the economy so that our beloved bureaucrats will have more money when times are good and less when times are bad, just like those of us who live in the real world.

This will give all federal employees, including the manager of the Department of Very Important Stuff, the needed incentive to do things that will steadily and persistently promote a good economy, such as: foster low interest rates, enthusiastically apply pressure to institute tort reform, and return to a gold standard so there is no more inflation.

Ah, this sounds wonderful. This is fine. Everyone can now bask in the warm sunshine of prosperity.
But wait a minute! I haven’t told you how we can achieve this.

Here’s how: instead of taxing people when they earn money, give them their whole paycheck to spend.
No Social Security deductions, no federal income tax deductions, no 1040’s, and no IRS.
Instead, people would pay tax when they spend money rather than when they earn money.
Everyone, including the wealthy, businesses, and the government, would pay a consumption tax when they purchase software, clothing, automobiles, haircuts, doctor services, and so on. All of us would pay the tax when we consume, but we would all begin with our entire paycheck.
Therefore, the more items and services people buy, the more federal sales tax is collected, and the more money the federal government receives.
I guarantee this will cause an instantaneous attitude change in federal employees. When a consumption tax, the fair tax, replaces the income tax, Social Security tax, and all other taxes, bureaucrats will get out of our way and the economy will explode with growth. If enacted as written, it is estimated that in the very first year the Gross National Product will jump 10%.
Please buy the FairTax book, read it, and support this effort. This is the solution to the problems with Social Security, Medicare, and jobs leaving this country.
And it is the way once and for all to get the federal government on our side.


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