December 2, 2006

Vol 1884 – Ma Mood

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santa war 


“As Bush waits, Iraq burns.” – Rich Lowry, GOP prick

 ha ha 

Casey, Casey, Casey!

When will a Democrat stand up?


Bush has managed to terminate the conservative era. His feckless foreign policy discredited optional military intervention. Today, the conservative movement has reached a terminal point…”  – Jake Weisberg, never heard of him  












Like Hitler and Brezhnev

Let me count the ways 

Bush talks nonsense about Iraq        

What else could he possibly say?


“I blame Malaki” – the Butcher of Baghdad

Wanna buy a cool sweatshirt?











Bush and mental illness

We’ve known all along


Halliburton to return stolen $8M

They steal a dollar and give back 8 cents – Nice gig

Pickles does a little moonlighting










Lying Quotes

When we’re talking about chasing down terrorists,
 we’re talking about getting a court order before we do so”
  — George W. Bush, has he ever not lied?    April 20, 2004  


I’ve been in Oklahoma over 30 years, and I’ve seen a foot of snow before
(in the 80s) but I’ve never seen “Blizzard Warning” on the TV before.

LA Caths pay off 45 victims

Is that your money they’re using?

Britney Spears ditches her panties











Paris shows Britney how to close her legs when going commando.   





  1. > LA Caths pay off 45 victims

    An anecdote set during the Cardinal Bernard Law Scandals in Boston

    There’s a lovely neighborhood of Boston called Brighton (c.f. “Infinite Jest” – David Foster Wallace) home to the Cardinals Residence, Boston College and coincidentally WGBH, the public TV megalith.

    It turns out that WGBH, aka Channel 2, wanted a bigger larger production complex. They started building one in 2001 at the foot of Market Street about a quarter mile from the home of His Eminence Bernard Law.

    At the same time, the local and national news had picked up on the number of sexually deviant priests there were in the Archdiocese of Boston. Things were going poorly for Law for you see he’s a lier, a pederast, a criminal, an ephebophile… you get the picture. To be honest he inherited the problem but lets not fool ourselves; to him it was just he status quo and he was doing just fine, thanks.

    Back to Channel 2… You’ve seen large construction sites. In their early stages they tend to surround themselves in cheap plywood fencing to keep out the riffraff. The new WGBH was no exception; there must have been 250 panels painted green along the corner of Market and North Beacon St.

    In late summer 2002, little old Italian ladies, black dressed, bun haired devotees of of the Sacred Heart, clutching ancient rosaries, were calling Cardinal Law “Putz” on local TV. It was the beginning of a long bloody endgame.

    Even so it came as a surprise one Monday morning, driving past the Channel 2 construction, to see each of the 250 green plywood panels neatly stenciled with the phrase “Bernie the Pimp”. Now the Roman Catholic Church, bless’em, were major endowers of WGBH when it was just getting started back in the 50′s so within a day the fence was painted over green again.

    “Bernie the Pimp” crept back on the fence in less than a week. The fence was repainted but “Bernie the Pimp” reappeared within days. The third time they gave up and “Bernie the Pimp” festooned the WGBH green plywood fence where it remained until the spring; four months after Bernie packed his bags and snuck out of town in the middle of the night for safer, more deviant-friendly digs in Rome at the Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore.

    The stencilers were never caught. The Archdiocese of Boston eventually paid out millions of dollars in fines and settlements to the children it abused. Brighton remains a quiet place, a tree lined retreat from urban sprawl. And that one act of stenciling “Bernie the Pimp” on 250 green panels stood out as a moment of sardonic humor and guerilla theater.

    Comment by jje — December 3, 2006 @ 2:41 am

  2. jje – thanks for sharing. i enjoy stories of citizens getting a message out to the masses inspite of corporate/institutional oppression & manipulation.

    Comment by wvhills — December 3, 2006 @ 6:30 am

  3. I wasn’t raised by nuns, so I don’t even have that much of a edukayshunal advantage–I was reading a post on about Hillary Clinton being un-electable, followed a link to “discuss it in the bartblog” and here I am but no way to identify where I should be discussing Hillary.

    So I’m just gonna discuss her here: she’s not electable. I know plenty of people who are fed up enough with Republican rule after the nightmare we’ve all been living, but who would not in a thousand years vote for her. I don’t know why they hate her, but they hate her.

    I personally don’t support her candidacy because I don’t believe dynasty is the answer to dynasty any more than I believe not taking a stand on anything but seeming hawkish and reaching out to the pro-life crowd makes her a leader of the opposition party. I wish Obama would run her ass right outta being considered and she could take her powerlust somewhere else. I want a democrat with some principles she hasn’t sold out.

    Comment by kdragoo — December 4, 2006 @ 6:56 pm

  4. Consider yourself lucky about the nuns.
    What was it Paul Simon wrote?:
    “When I think back On all the crap I learned in high school It’s a wonder I can think at all”

    For the life of me I cant see why you or, for that matter, ol’Bart his-self, got your panties in a twist over whether She-Who-Must-Remain-Nameless is going to run or no. As you said yourself:
    >I want a democrat with some principles she hasn’t sold out.
    Amen to that! But the key to that statement is “I want a democrat”. I can tell that you and I and Bart are all going to march proudly down to the poling stations in Nov ’08 and vote for anything that isn’t Republican. I have a lovely Kitchen-Aid Artesian Mixer that I’d vote for over anything GOP.

    So in reality what we’re anguishing over is events that aren’t really going to start getting interesting for fifteen months – give or take. I understand the time honored tradition of evaluating horse-flesh is a deep one. Heck the Daily Racing Form has been “America’s Turf Authority since 1894″.

    - This time after the mid-terms in 1990 Bill Clinton was known to only a handful of people who remembered him as that fairly cute guy that spoke on and on and on and on and on and on at the 1988 Democratic Convention.
    - This time last year George Allen was viewed as a potential presidential candidate and Jim Webb was known, maybe, to his paperboy. One Maccaca moment later everything changed. Today Webb is bitch-slapping Dopey in the W.H. and Allen is a paperboy.
    - Last year Frist was good/fair odds to get the nomination, then he started seeing things in Terri Schiavo videos that weren’t there. Bye bye Bill, ‘nuther cat?
    - And in the reverse direction if a year ago someone told you the Newt-ster was thinking for running you probably would have said, “for what?”.

    The point is there’s a lot of good democratic Democrats out there. Hillie is one but there are many others. All with good ideas. I think our duty is to comb everything they say or do with a fine toothed internet so that when that November day comes when your opinion actually matters; we’ve got ourselves the best candidate we can muster.

    That or you wrote what you did to get an old fashioned monkey spanking from Bart. In which case… have at it.

    Comment by jje — December 5, 2006 @ 1:00 am

  5. I’m a lifelong Democrat, going back to the first presidential vote I cast for George McG. I haven’t ever voted for a Republican, knowingly (arguably, B. Clinton turned out to be an Eisenhower Republican, as he himself ruefully said to his cabine and staff).

    I admit voting against Bill in the ’92 Florida primary, preferring Jerry Brown’s more leftward positions, but voting for the conservative Paul Tsongas because he was the only chance to stop Bill’s candidacy. I figured the BFEE/Right Wing noise machine would destroy Bill in the general election because of the problems that did eventually harm his presidency and the party in a most grave way. I didn’t realize that Clinton was a genius, but more than that, probably the most gifted politician in my lifetime. I also had no idea that Bill may have been a junior partner in the BFEE, possibly (formerly) CIA, and etc.

    As for HRC, her royal Clintoncy, all of the above applies, in spades. Except, while I think she may be even smarter than Bill, she hasn’t really shown herself the brilliant retail campaigner and genius political strategist that Bill was and thus used to overcome significant political baggage.

    But I’ll say this.

    One, very few if any early front runners get the nomination (discounting incumbants or VPs who seek the nomination). The high profiles get the early arrows, and get taken down, almost always. Howard Dean, Gary Hart, Edmund Muskie, Gene McCarthy, and more, all led the parade at one time, but didn’t get the nomination.

    Secondly, HRC has such high negatives in the general population, probably higher than anyone who ever got the nomination did at this stage in their candidacies, maybe excepting Dick Nixon.

    Lastly, the RW noise machine has a million line inches, a couple dozen books, and the entire ’90s to re-run as hate attacks on her. Not to mention a sizable percentage of Democratic strategists have already pronounced her candidacy doomed in the general election.

    If a ‘maverick’ GOPer (think Chuck Hagel) gets the nomination, and comes out clearly against the war, HRC’s pro-war positions will lose her the election, but probably the primaries before then.

    Comment by sofla — December 6, 2006 @ 6:27 pm

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