May 3, 2008

A Short History of Misogyny

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  1. Women are still stoned today, but the left, especially the NOW group say nothing about it. Why is that?

    Comment by grimgold — May 3, 2008 @ 12:35 pm

  2. Maybe when they become the International Organization fof Women they can help solve the rest of the worlds problems too.

    Although 2 minutes of research did find this:

    The United States must call strongly for the protection of the millions of women who will become victims of stoning, stabbing, maiming, forced suicide, beheadings, acid throwing and many other cruel punishments with the false justification of “family honor.”

    I like women.

    Comment by Danger Bear — May 3, 2008 @ 2:03 pm

  3. According to the link, it would seem they do – why (should I even bother to continue…)doesn’t the right say anything about it? And why do they continue to advance and support causes which are anti-women?

    Comment by oaktree777 — May 3, 2008 @ 8:32 pm

  4. The trouble with Women and other minority groups
    (in the eyes of the BOBs not to be confused with the TOMs* though they share many perclivities)is that they are too likely to band together into a cohesive group and as such put an end to the reign of terror which currently holds DC and red star city’s in the status quo’s rictus grasp.
    The other well founded fear and the one that slimer rails against is that they might actually
    want something in the way of priveleges that
    currently go exclusively to the elite which at the end of the day is who the pundito’s are funded by.

    *BOB from the old guard stands for Billionaire Boys Club(known widely for their Pedophile parties in third world countries).

    *TOM dating from the fifties abbreviated form of
    Texas Oil Millionaires(since the dollar value is tied to the price of middle east oil has been rendered inaccurate as the status quo has changed upward in quantity and lowered in worth,
    coming soon the return of staflation and debut of TOT which will be henceforth known as Texas Oil Trillionaires).

    If it were’nt for Women,none of us would be here.
    How much is that worth?

    Comment by Rainlander — May 3, 2008 @ 8:42 pm

  5. Grim, you keep asking the same question to the wrong people.

    IF you really care, ask the organization you seem so upset over as I have suggested before.

    What has the ijut in chief done but make things worse for women not only here in the US but in Iraq, Africa and Afghanistan.

    What has our “compassionate conservative” done about women being raped in the military then murdered to keep them from talking? Or the cover-up the military does on it? Or about the violence against women in the USA?

    Excerpt from [ ]
    Estimates range from 960,000 incidents of violence against a current or former spouse, boyfriend, or girlfriend each year to 4 million women who are physically abused by their husbands or live-in partners each year.

    31,260 women were murdered by an intimate from 1976-1996.

    The National Domestic Violence Hotline has received more than 700,000 calls for assistance since February 1996. Source: National Domestic Violence Hotline, December 2001

    What have YOU done about it? What are YOU doing about it?

    And you are most certainly wrong in trying to lay the blame on “the left”. Have you forgotten who has been running this country into the ground the past 7+ years? Have you forgotten who has been screwing up everything they can for women and the world in general? It most certainly has not been “the left”!

    You might get yourself informed on the facts of the rapes, beating and murders of women right here in the USA and what is being done about it. For damn sure the patriarchal, misogynistic lawmakers, courts and judges are not upholding “equal rights/protection under the law” for female victims of rape and violence.

    Another site of statistics and information [ ]

    Comment by kerry — May 4, 2008 @ 12:40 pm

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