May 30, 2008

McCain Leads!

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McCain Leads!

(In Missed Votes)

McClone Misses 60% Of Senate Votes

Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) didn’t find time in his busy campaign schedule Thursday to make it back to the Capitol for votes on money for Iraq and Afghanistan as well as new educational benefits for veterans that he opposes. After all, even though he has been quite outspoken on the new GI Bill and even pushed a competing bill of his own, he still has to, um, win the Republican nomination (isn’t Ron Paul still running??). And, apparently, he had to campaign and raise money in that pivotal swing state, California.

McCain’s absence helped cement his lead in one key category over his potential Democratic opponents and every other Senator — missed votes.

Through last week, McCain had missed a nice, round 60.0 percent of Senate votes so far in the 110th Congress. After Sen. Tim Johnson (D-S.D.), who was absent for several months following a brain hemorrhage, comes Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.), who lay well behind McCain with 41.8 percent of votes missed. Sen. Joseph Biden (D-Del.), a former presidential candidate, was fourth, followed by Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.), who had missed 31.7 percent.

FROM THE NET:   “It does not matter how many times Obama votes or does not vote in the Senate. He will NEVER get my vote for President. I am AMAZED at Americans entrusting a man that has followed Anti-American rhetoric and “black theology” for 20 YEARS and wrote books reenforcing this Anti-American view point. And now that he feels he is OWED the PRESIDENCY of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, preaches unity, wears a flag pen, and actually has the audacity to rub Americans face in it by now saying God Bless America. HAVE AMERICANS LOST THEIR MINDS AND REASON? The satire in this is he has NO experience. Not to be confused, a Great speechwriter is NOT experience. Never would I trust this great nation to this undeserving candidate. WHAT DOES IT TAKE TO GET THE SUPER DELEGATES TO HEAR THIS?… WE ARE NOT VOTING FOR OBAMA!  WE ARE NOT VOTING FOR OBAMA! THERE WILL BE NO UNITY IN THIS PARTY WHEN THEY HAVE CHOSEN AN ANTI-UNITY CANDIDATE!

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