December 31, 2006

Bush has killed Saddam – Are we any safer?

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Saddam had to die (A) to prevent him from talking and (B) so Bush could prove he was a bigger man that the father who never loved him.

But the Little Dictator is making his Dad look better every day. 



  1. Oy!
    Am I still hung over from New Years?
    Did Christopher Hitchens get it right for the first time in his besotted career?

    The timing—isn’t anyone in the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad paid to notice this kind of thing?—was explicitly designed to rub every kind of humiliation into Iraqi Sunnis. It profaned their observance of the Eid ul-Adha holiday, while gratifying the Shiite fundamentalists whose ceremonies begin one day later. To have made the butcher Saddam into a martyr, to have gratified one sect, and to have cheated millions of Iraqis and Kurds of the chance for a full accounting—what a fine day’s work!


    Oy! Christopher fuckin’ Hitchens.
    I need more asprin

    Comment by jje — January 2, 2007 @ 1:59 pm

  2. There’s an old saying at the CIA – if something doesn’t make sense one way… it makes sense another.
    For those who believe that Bush is an idiot and that this administration is run by a bunch of clowns who fuck up time after time because they are simply stubborn, I have some news…
    The policy in Iraq is to create complete anarchy and a full-blown civil war. The CIA seeded and continues to seed the violence between the different sects there – just like Operation Ajax (Iran, 1950′s)
    The long term objective is to make it a regional conflict among muslims.

    If we were smart we’d cut the partisan bullshit and seriously clean house in DC… America is next on the list.

    Comment by Elvis Oswald — January 3, 2007 @ 10:32 pm

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