July 26, 2008

The Tattlesnake – Obama Globetrotting Triggers McCain Jealousy Edition

Jealousy Thy Name is McCain: The GOP and the Punditrocracy are livid over Obama turning his world tour, which was supposed to expose his bumbling inexperience as he committed an endless string of gaffes, into a victory jaunt, the images sent back to America showing a confident and relaxed Obama at home and presidential on the world stage. As anyone who has studied Ronald Reagan’s campaigns knows, the successful image is often more important than what was said in the speeches, especially to those with the TV sound muted or who only catch a part of the news, as so many Americans do. Obama, I think intentionally, wanted to show himself as ‘The President,’ getting white America comfortable with the idea of a black man as their leader, and in that he has succeeded beyond expectations. Another aspect is the palpable tinge of jealously displayed by the McCainiacs – they well know that their withered and dull candidate couldn’t attract an adoring crowd of that size overseas and it preys on them to no end. The McCain campaign was out-played and outclassed on this one, as Globetrotter Obama vanquished the amateurish McCain team in their home court.

A Campaign Metaphor? Barack Obama goes to Berlin, Germany, and is greeted by over 200,000 cheering Germans waving US flags; John McCain goes to the German Village neighborhood in Columbus, Ohio, and chows down on bratwurst and cream puffs. (Did Ron Fournier of the AP pick up the tab?) Isn’t this pretty much the prevailing zeitgeist of both campaigns: Obama’s large and in charge and McCain’s left sitting there forlornly chewing on a sausage?

Speaking of the Out-of-Touch Punditrocracy: Following Obama’s spectacular Berlin appearance, many of the cable news pundits oddly obsessed, as did NBC’s Brian “Broadcast Newshawk” Williams, on Obama admitting that McCain’s ‘surge’ in Iraq had been right and Obama had been wrong. Obama wouldn’t play their game and correctly attributed the current less violent conditions in Iraq to many factors, so they pouted that he was evading the question. As Eric Alterman at Media Matters wrote the other day, “Why is the surge being reported as an undeniable success when it still has not accomplished most of the things it was promised to do and has likely accomplished nothing that will last once its unsustainable numbers are drawn down?” But that’s the kind of question that our infatuated Big Media somehow never gets around to asking McCain. Gee, it’s a good thing we have a liberal media – imagine what they would do to Obama if they were really McCain sympathizers at heart?

Speaking of St. Ronnie: McCain’s ideal VP choice, and perhaps the only thing that can save him now, is former President Ronald Reagan. Okay, I realize Reagan’s dead and gone, and he wasn’t doing so well in his last years, but there’s nothing in the Constitution that says the Veep has to be a LIVING US citizen. (Hell, Cheney’s been a zombie for years.) For the practical purposes of the campaign trail, McCain can hire a Reagan impersonator to rehash all of Ronnie’s old jokes and speeches. (He’d only have to update ‘communism’ to ‘terrorism.’) ‘McCain/Reagan ’08′ could be the only road to the White House this year for Blinky, although I’d hire a food taster if I were John-Boy – Ronnie still has a lot of fans in the GOP who think he’d make a better president the way he is than the decrepit McCain.


  1. And did you catch the second stop that day for McCain? London, West Virginia. Now he only has the go to Bagdad, Louisiana and Rome, Georgia.

    Comment by greyhawk — July 27, 2008 @ 7:16 pm

  2. I was thinking more Blue Balls, PA or Gaylord, MI. (Both real towns, BTW.)

    Comment by RS Janes — July 29, 2008 @ 5:31 pm

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