July 31, 2008


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 What next?  Throwing a few virgins down a well?  FOR GOD OF COURSE! 

Texas Supreme Court rules that it’s perfectly acceptable to pin an underage girl to the ground and beat the crap out of her as long as you’re doing it for religious reasons! Church exorcism protected by First Amendment

By Catherine Elsworth in Los Angeles

A woman who claims she was injured during an exorcism performed by a Texas church group is reportedly planning to take her case to the US Supreme Court after state judges ruled the actions of the church were protected by the First Amendment.

Laura Schubert Pearson’s lawsuit accusing members of the Pleasant Glade Assembly of God Church of subjecting her to a two-day exorcism ordeal in 1996 that left her so distressed she attempted suicide was dismissed by the Texas Supreme Court last month.

The judges overturned a lower court’s decision awarding her damages and ruled that because Mrs Schubert Pearson’s claims of injury amounted to a religious dispute over church doctrine it would be “unconstitutional” for the court to get involved.

Religious freedom campaigners say the case strikes at the heart of the US Constitution’s First Amendment, which prohibits government interference in the free exercise of religion, and were the US Supreme Court to rule in Mrs Schubert Pearson’s favour, it would signal “the end of church independence and religious freedom” in America.

Mrs Schubert Pearson, 29, claims she was left bruised and traumatised after members of her church group allegedly kept her captive for two days so they could perform an exorcism in which was pinned to the ground and “pummelled”.

The incident happened after fellow members of the church group became convinced she was possessed by demons. She was 17 at the time.

After the alleged ordeal, she dropped out of school and tried to slit her wrists.


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  1. This kind of behaviour sickens me, does this also mean that muslim honour killings cannot be prosecuted in the US? These amountot no more than murder for disobedience, in other words slavery.

    Comment by ThisIsOli — January 4, 2009 @ 8:53 am

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