July 19, 2007

Wilco Find Wide Open Spaces With Sky Blue Sky

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Wilco has always been a band that has kept on moving their sound around while still staying true to front man Jeff Tweedy’s alt country heritage and Sky Blue Sky is no different. With this new record Wilco has added a touch of 70′s soft rock with hints of Steely Dan and James Taylor and a little Crazy Horse stomp thrown in for good measure.

Unlike Wilco’s last two records there is very little noise or distortion on Sky Blue Sky. Its peaceful on its surface but completely twisted in its lyrics. Tweedy has weather some interesting personal demons over the last few years and clearly has used those demons as inspiration for his songs. The most amazing song on the album is “Impossible Germany.” How Tweedy came up with this one is hard to say but he did and it is one of the best songs I have heard in 10 years. The song seems sweet and mellow in the beginning, but when Tweedy and guitar genius Nels Cline trade guitar solos it smacks you right in the face demanding attention.

Fans of the band’s Yankee Hotel Foxtrot and A Ghost is Born may be initially taken aback by the mellowness of Sky Blue Sky’s sound. However, after repeated listens even those fans will appreciate the understated beauty of the songs from the kick off of “Either Way” through “Impossible Germany” then the stomp”You Are My Face” sliding into the lilting “On and On and On.” Tweedy and company have hit their stride while giving a nod to their past, present and possible future. This is a record that any serious music fan should give many listens.

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