October 15, 2008



Palin accused Obama of seeing America as so imperfect, that he was pallin around with a terrorist. Funny enough Palin for years was pallin around with a group of Alaskan radicals that saw America as imperfect enough that they wanted to secede from the union.


WATCH: Alaska planning war with U.S?

Is Alaska the 49th state, or a rogue state? Sarah Palin’s pals seem to be planning to secede or attack. We can’t tell, but the music makes that old Santa Claus guy appear more chilling than the bailout. Don’t forget, Palin commands an Army, according to her. One quick march through Canada, and they can seize Seattle.

Ever since we “won” in Iraq, the Axis of Evil has been short one member. Perhaps it’s time to add Alaska.

Interview With the Chairman of the AKIP on Palin’s Involvement.

Palin Pals Around With Radicals

By Casey Gane-McCalla October 6, 2008 9:52 am

Sarah Palin recently accused Obama of palling around with terrorists. This is funny because she has her own radical extremist connections that could be construed as terrorists as well.

Remains of Alaska Separatist Are Identified

EXCERPT  The picture above shows Palin with a document saying Con-Con Call. This is short for the Constituitional Convention, an AKIP event. <> I believe the man in the picture is Joe Vogler, the founder of the AKIP. According to the New York Times, Vogler was killed in a plastic explosives deal gone wrong. Why did he want plastic explosives?

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