July 30, 2007

Is the DLC Dead?

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Once a force in Democratic national politics, the Democratic Leadership Council is now struggling for relevance. At its annual conference over the weekend none of the eight Democrats vying for the White House attended. What is particularly striking to me about that is the fact that the DLC was Bill Clinton’s strategic jumping off point in becoming president and his candidate wife, Hillary Clinton, did not attend. Bill was there of course trying to keep the ideas of the DLC alive. However with an ever growing lefty base, the Democrats are no longer interested in being middle of the road. Still there were over 315 other politicians there from various levels of government to hear talks etc. by the likes of former president Bill Clinton. Still you can’t help but see that the DLC’s time has past. With both parties moving more to their extremes, the middle of both parties are becoming more and more marginalized. It will take some time to see if this is a bad thing, but for now Clinton, Obama and the rest have decided that for them, the DLC is dead as a strategic group in national politics.

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