October 30, 2008

Pundits Face Pandemonium

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If Senator Obama wins the Presidential election it will mean the end of political punditry as it currently is practiced.

An Obama Presidency will be viewed by conservative talk show hosts with the same horror as if a combination of Malcolm X and Che Guevara had been sworn in and given access to the commander-in-chief’s office. 

Most likely, after an Obama inauguration, folks like Rush will begin to sound like the poor fellow who came apart while he was describing the Hindenburg tragedy as it was happening.

Liberal pundits will be very reluctant to say anything the least critical of a newly installed President Obama because any negativity would make they sound like Rush-clones and so they will leave any possible criticism for the conservatives to say. 

The conservative voices will come unhinged and the liberals will assume the cheerleader role for the new administration.

What’s will crabby old misanthropes have to say?  Maybe its time to turn to things like a review of a car museum in Sydney Australia? 

If the electronic voting machines give a landslide to Senator McCain, the Bush-bashers will have to continue their mission of trying to spread truth and the conservatives will continue to admire the Emperor’s new clothes.

Stay tuned . . .

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