November 3, 2008

E-day, D-day, Keep the Home-fires Burnin’ !

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Election day, November 4th! It’s going to be D-day, deliverance day from the insane neo-con nightmare of the last eight years.

The moon is in Aquarius on election day, that’s gonna be some kind of revolution there for sure. I think we really have a chance to turf out the incumbents, and replace them with actual living ,breathing, and, most importantly, thinking beings. Right now it’s looking up to be a landslide for Obama, but the Rethug-dirty-trick-vote-suppressing-vote-flipping-central-counting-computer-techno-chad-fiasco-machine is still active, and waiting in the wings to take a stake in how it all shakes down. I must say, however, that it actually looks like we-the-people are on the move. Stay tuned, stay awake folks, and don’t go to sleep now. ALL HANDS ON DECK!

We need a landslide for Obama, a clear mandate against monkey-business-as-usual. We need a clear mandate against the rape of our commonwealth. Obama, and the rest of America, have done a heck of a job getting out the vote. We the people need to follow through, and exercise our democratic mandate. We can’t stop there though, we have to make sure our votes are counted and counted correctly.

Back in the bad old days when they were stealing the second election for dubya, I about dropped my jaw to my knees when I heard some politician quote, just prior to the election, on national TV, (in front of the white-house no less!) “it doesn’t matter who votes, it matters who counts it.” I thought for sure the media would pick it up then, but apparently Cheney had all their kids in his undisclosed location or something, because we never heard a peep about it until the mighty blog-o-sphere started adding up all the bits and pieces of the coup. So remember this, and make your vote count; check in with your neighbors, and make their vote count. Then check in with the county, and then the state. Keep watching, and keep them honest.

Don’t take no for an answer. Don’t believe them when they say the election is too close. It’s really not. I’ve heard things in the last couple of days from dyed in the wool red-necks, lumberjacks, loggers, farmers, housewives, business people, gas station workers, waitresses, you name it, everyone is talking about it. I’ve had life-long republicans say to me I can’t vote for McCain Palin, I don’t know who else to vote for, so I’ll vote Obama. People are tired of politics as usual, and they are voting for change. Let’s see that they get it.

Democracy isn’t a one day event, folks. First we have to get the vote out, get it counted, and get Washington to stick to it. That’s why we need that landslide on November fourth. But then we have to make sure Obama takes office. Someone’s gotta get Cheney outta that bunker. I don’t care if you believe in the invisible cloud being or not, I figure we should all utilize our powers of visualization, and visualize Obama taking office. (Is it too much to ask for to have the thugs indicted on the way out of office?)

Obama was not my first choice for president. But he’s our only choice right now, so after we get him into office, we gotta hold his feet to the fire. We need him to act, not to shift the war over the border, but to shift to war over, and bring the troops home. Let’s hold his feet to the fire over the bailout, just so he can pass it on to wall street. Trickle down economics is some Republican bathroom humor, so tell Obama not to let the corporations piss all over us. If we’re going to have welfare for the rich, then Obama needs to take away their non-essential toys. Let’s give the taxpayers the golden parachutes, and tell the greedy CEOs to go to hell, or, better yet, to get a job.

We’re going to have to do our part as citizens and voters, and make our mandate heard. We are America, of, for, and by the people. And you know what? We the people have a chance to take our country back. So, Obama? We’re holding your feet to the fire. We don’t mind sacrifice, so long as everybody makes one. We don’t mind working for the common good. But we aren’t going to take politics as usual, ’cause we’ve got no place left to go, our backs are against the wall. So, stay in it folks. Vote, make your voice heard, make it stick and keep the President’s (and Congress’s) feet to the fire. Democracy is both a participatory and a contact sport. Place your bets, and take your places!

Astrologically, this election’s all about revolution. These are exciting days— E-day, D-day, let’s go get ‘em!

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