January 23, 2007 Volume 1915 – Viscosity

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  • Bush drops to 28%
  • GOP opposition grows
  • Why I hate Hillary
  • Afraid of comedians
  • Replace Bill Kristol
  • Lying Like It’s 2003
  • The world hates us
  • Bush’s sellout to oil
  • Supermodel Natalia Poly

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  1. Re: The article about the Marine kids camp.

    Okay Bart you gotta let some things slide. Not every camp where people learn respect, discipline, etc, is a slip and slide pathway right into the “Iraq Bush Meat Grinder.”

    I think any program that gets kids to turn off the tv, put down the Xbox, learn some manner and respect and god forbid get exercise is inherently good.

    This isnt WW2 where 16 year olds were lying about their age to enlist. These kids are not compelled to enlist. Damn, they’re friggin 8-12 or so. I know “if you dont go to skool you end up in irak” but these kids arent being issued rifles and being told to salute Bush hitler style complete with swastikas and roadmaps to auschwitz and english-german-skull and bones translation guides.

    Some of the kids in the article state they want to enlist when theyre of age. Nobody compels these kids to participate in the program (some 50 years old apparently) and nobody forces them to enlist. Still no draft.

    So lay off the military when they try to help kids learn discipline. Less lazy punks = good.

    Comment by OMGbearisdriving — January 24, 2007 @ 12:48 pm

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