January 25, 2007

Subject: Cindy and Hillary

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Diana says: On the day Hillary met Cindy, Hillary had already accumulated tens of years of experience meeting and talking to the most powerful people  in this world.  Experience in success and experience in failure.    Some think that Hillary is required by her most unique place in  history to use her experience for the advancement of  humanity …not to squander her experience by putting it in a box and not using it. 

Bart replies:
Look, it’s possible that the fastest way to end this war is to elect a Democrat to the White House. Maybe Cindy ought to put her personal needs on the back burner and help make that happen.

If Cindy is somehow successful at demonizing the Democratic front-runner, what will she say when President McCain commits even more troops to Bush’s bloody quagmire?

It’s my opinion that Cindy is fighting against her own best interests.
Who’s going to stoip this war sooner – President Clinton or President McCain? 



  1. I’m sorry but Diana seems self-contradictory.

    I still believe that Cindy wanted a Momma not a Senator if her comment about stone-faced is legitimate.

    A Momma would cry with another hurting Momma.

    A Senator will take the need of the consituent (well okay Cindy isn’t from new York is she?) and use it to direct her future actions.

    Not to run off and do exactly what the constiuent asks, but to take that into consideration with other information as let it all mix until the Senator knows what to do.

    Cindy tried to make a mockery of the Democratic ascension in the House by refusing to let the Democratic leadership talk about any other point.

    Cindy is a one issue “voter”. Just like the anti-abortion voters that vote for anti-abortion Republicans although they disagree on every other issue. Not a particularly good plan for actual improvements.

    Comment by zenferret — January 25, 2007 @ 6:58 pm

  2. I think it would be great to have Hillary and Nancy kicking Alpha male butt. Might get something done. Cindy did a great thing calling attention to Bush’s inhumanity. Now she need to go home and deal with her grief. I have seen no point to her recent antics.

    Comment by TEScott — January 26, 2007 @ 1:00 am

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