January 26, 2007

Groups Step Up Antiwar Drive

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Tens of thousands of demonstrators are set to arrive in the capital this weekend for a major antiwar march, staging the first of several protests intended to persuade the new Democratic-controlled Congress to do more than simply speak against President Bush’s Iraq policy.

But do not look for senators to be standing among the protesters on the Mall on Saturday. Despite a consensus building around a Senate resolution to oppose sending more troops to Iraq, even the most liberal Democratic senators do not appear eager to align themselves with a traditional antiwar protest.


  1. Take a look at my post on DU. This was our local protest movement. We made the local press. Lot’s of angry Jim Webb ballsy Democrats and sincere Christians as well.×4937

    Comment by demnan — January 30, 2007 @ 9:01 pm

  2. My letter to the Washington Post:

    The Right Wing Racial Attack on Barak Obama

    I don’t know that much about Barak Obama. I know he is an American. He speaks well and obviously has a profound love for this country. Whatever his parentage, if I were his mother I would be insanely proud. Here is a man who has stood up, and has been ambitious in the right way to serve his country.

    Insane lies have been fabricated to try and destroy his bid for the Presidency. Why? Is the right wing so decrepit that they can’t even confront a freshman Senator and ask him his opinions to discern his experience on the issues? Are they so failed themselves that the threat of an inexperienced but sincere contender is such a threat that they have to resort to the most outrageous lies about him? Then they are so cowardly that they blame their indecent probing on the other major contender, Hillary Clinton. This tells us more about them than it does about Barak Obama or Hillary Clinton. The odious character destroyers of the right wing are afoot. They would make a coward out of a war hero, they would make a liar out of an honest man, and they would make a devil out of any angel if that angel were a Democrat standing in their way.

    I will vote for any Democrat who manages to survive this insane media fest from the right wing.


    Comment by demnan — January 30, 2007 @ 9:06 pm

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