August 26, 2007

Der Monkey’s Analogy Quagmire

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Bush entered risky rhetorical territory – likening the war in Iraq to Vietnam.
It’s an analogy Bush typically avoids, given how strongly Vietnam is associated in the national consciousness with the concept of quagmire — and with its lesson about the limits of American military power.

But Bush tried to turn the Vietnam analogy on its head, arguing that the U.S. withdrawal led to disaster there and emboldened American enemies around the globe. He even went so far as to argue that present-day terrorists like bin Laden are inspired by the turning of American public opinion against the war in Vietnam.

Bush’s speech was a big hit at the Kansas City VFW, but it’s hard to imagine that it will
go over nearly as well with a wider audience — not to mention with historians.

The obvious lesson of Vietnam is not that leaving a quagmire leads to disaster,
but that staying only makes things worse.
(And oh yes: that we shouldn’t get into them in the first place.)

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