August 27, 2007

Barack Obama: Foxes, Scorpions, and the Twilight Zone

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From DonkeyDigest

You are about to enter another dimension, a dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind. A journey into a wondrous land of imagination. Next stop, the Twilight Zone… or the campaign of Barack Obama.

Trailing by double digits in national polls and in many primary state polls, Team Obama is denying reality with their latest line of attack against Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton. Obama’s top advisor, David Axelrod, said friday Clinton is obsessed “with what she calls the Republican attack machine.”

Come now, Mr. Obama, are you so confident in the blind loyalty of your supporters you think they’ve forgotten the history of the “Republican attack machine?” Well, let me refresh your memory.

The question everyone must ask of Barack Obama right now is why he feels the “Republican attack machine” should be taken lightly? Or does he feel he will be spared the smears because of his kumbaya approach to Republicans? An interesting piece from the Huffington Post takes on the latter question by listing several Republicans Obama has said he looks forward to working with – including Senator Tom Coburn, who Obama describes as a friend.

Who is Coburn, you might ask? Perhaps you know him by his words:

“The gay community has infiltrated the very centers of power in every area across this country, and they wield extreme power … That agenda is the greatest threat to our freedom that we face today. Why do you think we see the rationalization for abortion and multiple sexual partners? That’s a gay agenda.”

You may also recall Coburn denouncing ABC’s airing of Schindler’s list as smut and calling global warming “crap.” Why would Mr. Obama legitimize these people to the Democratic electorate?

A scorpion (the rightwing) was wandering along the bank of a river (the American electorate,) wondering how to get to the other side. (a 2008 election victory)

Suddenly he saw a fox (Barack Obama.) He asked the fox to take him across the river.

The fox said, “No. If I do that, you’ll sting me and I’ll drown.”

The scorpion assured him, “If I did that, we’d both drown.”

The fox thought about it and finally agreed. So the scorpion climbed up on his back and the fox began to swim. But halfway across the river, the scorpion stung him.

As the poison filled his veins, the fox turned to the scorpion and said, “Why did you do that? Now you’ll drown too.”

“I couldn’t help it,” said the scorpion. “It’s my nature.”

Somewhere in this great country, Michael Dukakis is shaking his head. Max Cleland is wiping away a tear. John Kerry is trembling in anger. And Bill Clinton has a wry smile on his face.

Superior judgement indeed, Mr. Obama.

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