August 27, 2007

TV writers are terrible

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We started watching The Closer this season and we liked it.

I’d say it’s in the Top Ten because it’s a cop show with brains. Kyra Sedgwick is “the closer,” meaning if she gets you in “the box,” she’ll coerce you or trick you or convince you to confess and we all know how badly the LA cops need to get the bad guys off the streets.

So why do they always fuck up a good show when they get the chance? Two weeks ago, our hero’s parents show up, and of course, they are nosey and over-bearing and bullying and they are exactly the thing the viewer is trying to excape when they turn on the goddamn TV, so why do they do that to us?

The parents were there last week, too, causing problems, broadcasting Kyra’s then-unknown wedding plans and forcing themslves on everyone at the cop house and being the type of relative you’d probably get probation for strangling – why, why, why?

Why do TV writers think the viewer wants to be tortured?
Why do they find the most obnoxious losers (but great actors) and have them invade a damn good show and cause trouble and ruin a perfectly good hour of entertainment?

Picture Angela Landsbury as Jack McCoy’s mother on Law & Order. Jack’s trying to close an important murder case, but his Mommy-bitch is running around causing trouble and everyone watching the show just wants the cantankerous old battle-ax to f-ing leave.

I realize there are bigger problems in this world, but at the end of a day, when Mrs Bart and I sit down to see who can solve the TV murder first, we hate to be subjected to the type of people that bricks were invented for to keep them out of our damn house!

…and this has been going of for 40 years – remember when Buddy & Pickles had a fight and he had to move in with Rob & Laura? Of course, he brought his German Shepherd which cried all night and the only way to get him to sleep was for Buddy to play his viola!
Oh, the laughs were non-stop!

When Gomer had a fight with Wally at the gas station, he moved in with Andy Griffith
so he could be a super-obnoxious pest and all you want is for Gomer to f-ing die slowly.
Hell, I’m so old I remember when Uncle Tanoose would come to stay with Danny
Thomas and it’s the same formula – take a bunch of people we like and make then as miserable as possible and we’ll call that “entertainment.”

We watch Medium, and now & then Alison’s super-obnoxious brother shows up to stay with them without notice and he goes thru the fridge bitching about their lack of beer, so the rest of that show turns to shit while we wait for the asshole to leave.


Send the writers to Gitmo, let them work on Al Qaeda.


  1. It’s even in the best shows of today, Bart. Janice Soprano springs to mind immediately, along with Dennis Leary’s ex-wife in Rescue Me, and Nancy’s brother-in-law on Weeds.

    Comment by Tom — August 28, 2007 @ 3:18 pm

  2. One of the themes in the show is what an emotional basket case she is. She is so strong in her job but sneaks chocolate like a drug and gets tummy aches when she thinks she is going to disappoint her parents.

    I think the parents showed up this season to show us why she is so screwed up. It was assumed (at least by me) that mom was the problem, but it looks like mom was more “normal” and dad was the one who made her crazy.

    IMHO. I’ve been watching it since the start.

    Saving Grace is also way cool. Tackles faith but in a very different way – lots of sex and drinking and Holly Hunter rocks.

    It seems like the best tee vee is on the cable channels these days.

    Comment by LuLu — August 30, 2007 @ 6:54 am

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