August 30, 2007

Smear Against The Fair Tax -Grim

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Be Fair to FairTax — Throw the Red Herrings Back in the Water
August 29, 2007; Page A13 of The Wall Street Journal

It is apparently getting so difficult to defend the current income tax system that its guardians must use smear tactics to slow down its best replacement. Bruce Bartlett (“FairTax, Flawed Tax,” editorial page, Aug. 25) is the latest status quo defender to use fiction to slander the FairTax plan.

The FairTax was developed many years ago, totally independently of any other proposal, group or movement. It is a product of more than $20 million of advanced economic research, as well as detailed conversations with citizens as to their preferences defining the best possible national tax system. Many groups and individuals have agitated to replace the deeply flawed income tax system, including, apparently, the Church of Scientology. As a founder of Americans For Fair Taxation, I can state categorically, however, that Scientology played no role in the founding, research or crafting of the legislation giving expression to the FairTax.

Mr. Bartlett is equally wrong about many other aspects of the FairTax. We are disappointed but hardly surprised by such distortions about it coming from the very economist who once opined that the income tax system just needed a little “tweaking.”

Leo Linbeck
Chairman and CEO
Americans for Fair Taxation


  1. Grimmy,

    Want to see why your “Fair Tax” is a scam?

    Go to Google. Type in “regressive taxation.”

    Are you wealthy or are you just another poor working stiff voting against your own best self interest?


    Comment by Volt — August 30, 2007 @ 5:19 pm

  2. Volt, thanks for the reply. Excellent response!
    It’s true that as a percentage of their total income the poor pay more in sales tax. But there is also an assumption in the article that the rich are paying “their fare share” of income tax. This is not true.
    However, your article is worth a thorough read. I have nicked it as a favorite and will do so.
    Seems I need to write something concerning the benefit to the poor concerning the FairTax.
    I’ll also do that. However, I’m a little queezy about this, as I’m not an expert. You guys will turn me into one if I keep this up however (hee, hee).
    Again, thanks for the reply. G

    Comment by grimgold — August 30, 2007 @ 10:05 pm

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