August 30, 2007

Thompson To Finally Announce Candidacy

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Former Senator Fred Thompson has finally decided to announce that he will run for president as a Republican in 2008. How nice to let us know that what he was doing over the last few months wasn’t running yet just kind of hanging out and talking about running and skirting election laws.

According to some Thompson people the announcement is set for September 6th. This timing allows Thompson to again skip a debate, in this case the Republican debate scheduled for September 5th in New Hampshire. You would think that Thompson, if he is confident that he is a viable candidate, would want to take part in the New Hampshire debate given its history of anointing presidents.

Many people believe that Thompson is a savior for Republicans who are stuck with Rudi Guiliani, Mitt Romney, Senator John McCain and the rest. Its unclear why Republicans think that Thompson is the one to carry the conservative banner.  After all,  Thompson was a sub par senator that did little in the way of substantial legislation and often complained that he had to “work too hard.” In addition, Thompson is and was a sub par actor that basically plays every character the same way every time. Now he wants to take on the role of president, a role he is definitely not qualified to play. Hey but wait there’s more. Thompson also was a lobbyist on K Street doing work for pro-abortion groups. Not exactly conservative credentials there.

Only time will tell if Thompson is a viable candidate or a media story that unfortunately came true. Whatever the case, there seems to be plenty of baggage in Thompson’s past to make the next few Republican debates kind of interesting. The more damage the Republicans do to each other the more the Democrats can use it against them later. It could be an interesting few months for Republicans.


  1. The other three you mentioned, Rudi Guiliani, Mitt Romney, Senator John McCain, are against the FairTax. This makes them toast. McCain was toast anyway by coming out for the Amnesty Bill.
    Thompson is for the FairTax according to sources. This helps his campaign.
    What do you think of your guy, Richardson? Seems to be a relatively honest, knowledgable man. I can actually stand listening to him.

    Comment by grimgold — August 30, 2007 @ 9:48 pm

  2. I don’t think the Fair Tax is going to fly right now. I think it has some benefits but I would rather a flat tax that would be equal for all regardless of purchases.

    As far as Richardson I like most of what he has said so far but he is unlikely to go anywhere. I think of the top three right now Edwards would be the most viable candidate although at this point I doubt any of the Republicans can beat any of the top three Dems.

    Comment by N — August 31, 2007 @ 12:14 pm

  3. So I see old windbag FREDERICK of HOLLYWOOD® is going to have his surgically-enhanced wife toss his hat into the ring. I find it amazing that the hard core assholes in the Gay Old Party who denounce “heathen Hollywood” just slobber at the sight of third rate tacky C-picture actors who cannot even get nominated for a RAZZIE®!!!!!!

    Comment by JosephEBacon — September 1, 2007 @ 9:49 am

  4. Bacon, very ugly writing. I hope your hatred is for your own amusement and not ingrained.

    Comment by grimgold — September 1, 2007 @ 3:19 pm

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