September 22, 2009

Sibel Edmonds and the whistle that may be heard

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An exclusive interview with FBI whistleblower Sibel Edmonds by former CIA officer Philip Giraldi will appear in this week’s issue of The American Conservative.

Brad Friedman, who occassionally fills in for Mike Malloy on the Malloy show, has been on this one like stink on shit..or like Steven Jones and Kevin Barrett on the whole 9/11 thing. You can check out the BRAD BLOG here:

Read more here:

One may think this would be breaking news in the U.S. corporate media, but apparently stories about Kanye and Tom DeLay on Dancing with the Stars are more important information. Brad Friedman goes on to write:

Not much of a surprise by now. After all, what U.S. media would possibly care about members of the U.S. Congress (both Republican and Democratic) and high-ranking State and Defense Dept. officials taking bribes, being blackmailed, and enabling the theft and sale of U.S. nuclear secrets? Even if the allegations came under sworn and video-taped deposition by a former FBI translator who overheard such things first hand. Non-story, apparently.

Let’s hope that a conservative publication can force the “liberal media” to mention this one.

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