December 25, 2009

Another Fox viewer strikes

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Warren Taylor, the alleged gunman accused of taking three people hostage in a Virginia post office, was angry “about the government taking over the right to bear arms … he was angry at the government over taxing us,” and railed against President Obama, according to hostage Jimmy Oliver, who spoke to the Associated Press.

From where could Taylor have possibly gotten that misinformation?

Although Taylor popped off a few rounds, thankfully, no one was hurt or killed and the hostages were peacefully released – this time. The three police officers that were murdered by Richard Paplowski, who was led to believe that Obama would be taking away his guns were not that lucky. Nor were the two killed and seven injured by Jim David Adkisson at a Knoxville, TN church shooting because he “wanted to kill…every democrat in the Senate and House, the 100 people in Bernard Goldberg’s book,” entitled 100 People Who Are Screwing Up America. Nor was Dr. George Tiller, shot in the head and killed in church after Bill O’Reilly spent 29 episodes of his show on Fox News describing him as “Tiller the Baby Killer” who will “kill your baby for any reason.”

It is unlikely that these seemingly random acts of violence are not connected in some way, considering that the motives cited by the alleged perpetrators are so similar. It is likely, however, that the sources of information behind the motives are the same irresponsible media personalities that have people believing that taxes will be increased, death panels will be created, Obama was born in Kenya and “they’re” coming to get your guns. What’s next Fox News, revolution?

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