April 10, 2010

YOS Productions Presents: Pop Quiz

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“If you flunk this one, go back to nursery school.”

Barack Obama is about to nominate a Supreme Court Justice. Extreme Right-tards, like Beckus Schmeckus, Handjob Hannity, the mentally deficient Michelle twins Muckup Malkin or BLEECH Bachmann will declare him/her to be…

1. A socialist, commie or Nazi
2. Extreme left wing
3. Will destroy the nation
4. Immoral
5. A respectable choice, though they still oppose them on principle
6. All of the above except #5

Barack Obama will appoint…

1. A moderate, at best
2. Someone more like a liberal Republican than a Democrat
3. Someone who he thinks will satisfy the Right, but won’t
4. Someone who he thinks should offend no one
5. A fire breathing lefty
6. All of the above, except #5

Note: if you answered #5 to any of the above, get a brain, Scarecrow. If you passed, then Pop says, “Go ahead and dance!”

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