February 23, 2007

Why I Don’t Hate Her by KE

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Hey Bart,

Man, does EVERYBODY hate Hillary, or are those just the only letters you’re printing? This is like the letters you were getting about hating the military — unreal.

Here’s my problem — I know that the primaries start up in only a short 300+ days, so I should hitch my wagon to someone’s star immediately, but I haven’t done it yet. I like Hillary, and Obama, and Edwards, and Richardson, and I strongly supported Clark in 2004 and hope that he runs again. Our field of candidates is awesome.

And after all the balloons and confetti are on the floor in Denver next summer, our candidate deserves and needs our total support. I’m not going to go around telling my family and friends that Hillary is the devil incarnate and then expect them to listen to me next November when I plead the case for her to be the next President of the United States.

Why do we always do this shit?

- karateexplosions


Bart Here: The activists are the squeakist wheels.  People who don’t pay much attention know that She’d be better than a Republican and they plan to vote for her.





  1. 300+ days and you can’t watch a newscast or read a paper or scan a blog without running into blather with some Democratic candidate or folderol concerning Republican hopefuls.
    Do you have any idea how neurotic we’re all going to be in 300+ days?
    It’s times like these you start hoping for a nice natural disaster; something to distract the MSM and get these non-stories off the front page.

    Comment by jje — February 24, 2007 @ 2:21 am

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