October 21, 2013

Murder mystery at the NY State Museum: A 9-11 whodunnit

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While I was in Albany, NY recently, I heard about a museum exhibit called “The Mystery of the Albany Mummies” and, according to the museum’s brochure, these two mummies have been put through every scientific test known to science so that we can now know everything about them that there is to know. Mystery solved.

And at the New York State Museum, also in Albany, there is also a huge exhibit regarding the World Trade Center and 9-11. But when I went to see that exhibit, I got more confused instead of being less confused. Two major questions immediately stood out in my mind. Or perhaps three. Or more.

First, one part of the exhibit stated that lots of personal items were found in the rubble — including jewelry, gold rings and even credit cards. Huh? Steel melted on 9-11-01 but credit cards didn’t?

Second, the exhibit made a big point about the Towers being held up by exterior steel beams, and also that the interior floors collapsed onto each other because of their weight. So the interiors of the buildings collapsed, according to the exhibit. But then why did the exterior steel girders collapse too? Under the pressure? Because they melted?

Then why didn’t the desks and toys and other paraphernalia at the exhibit collapse and melt too?

I’m confused.

Third, a lot of the items on exhibit were all covered by gray ash — but not the kind that results from burning office paper. So what kind of ash was it? The kind caused by thermite? We may never know. But some enterprising curator could solve this mystery for me in a New York minute — by just testing that freaking ash for traces of explosives. Sherlock Holmes would have done that. Or that guy from CSI. With all of those forensic crime-scene shows on TV, one would think that Americans would demand at least the same level of inquiry that Ted Danson would have delivered. But no.

Why haven’t the Twin Towers been put through the same rigorous scientific scrutiny as the Twin Mummies of Albany?

Darned if I know.

And also, if they had all those girders and fire trucks and photos on exhibit, why didn’t they also have the airplanes’ black boxes and the NORAD reports on exhibit too? And the NSA reports and the “chatter” from Dick Cheney’s war room? I wish they’d had a section devoted solely to “conspiracy theories”. And a section devoted to means, motive and opportunity as well! And why did this museum stick so closely to the “official story” even though the exhibits themselves contradicted each other?

There was also some verbiage at the exhibit about how the Twin Towers held up for an hour or so at first — until the heat from the fires melted the steel even though the jet fuel had immediately burned off. So the burning jet fuel didn’t cause the meltdown? Huh? What did I miss?

The museum’s graphic photos of the Twin Towers collapsing in on themselves showed what had to be a controlled demolition — because if even a few of the 237 steel girders holding up Towers 1 and 2 had melted even a fraction of a second faster than others, the WTC would have toppled over to one side like a child’s stack of blocks, possibly taking out the Wall Street stock exchange with it — or at least a bunch of churches, hotels, office buildings or banks. And we all know that didn’t happen.

And then there were those horrible photos of people falling from windows, windows that would had been impossible to open by human hands but which had possibly been blown out by the explosion of the airplane fuel, taking hundreds of unwilling human beings with them too. But how many more survivors of the original explosions had been blown out through even more usually-unopenable windows when Tower 1 and Tower 2 suddenly pancaked down, evenly and synchronistically destroying 237 steel girders per floor as they went?

By this time I was almost in tears.

I finally left the exhibit sorely saddened by all those lives that had been lost — but also scratching my head in confusion.

Next I’m going to go visit the Twin Mummies — where there are scientific methods at work that I can actually follow and understand.

PS: What the freak would be the motivation for creating a “Second Pearl Harbor” and then covering it up? Perhaps it was six TRILLION dollars? That’s the amount of money that war profiteers have made (so far) from the invasion of Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Gaza, Egypt, etc. Means, motive and opportunity. No mystery here.

That’s $75,000 that has been paid to War Street by every single man, woman and child in America. Sounds like a huge incentive to me. And oil companies’ motives? The oil fields of Iraq, Libya, Syria, etc? And the bees still all buzzing around the oil in Iran? With Kuwait and Saudi Arabia next?

“But, Jane,” you might say, “Kuwait and Saudi Arabia are our allies. An attack on them would never happen.” You think not? Well. Saddam Hussein used to be War Street’s ally too and look what happened to him. And America used to be Big Oil’s ally as well but with six trillion dollars at stake, Big Oil clearly would have had no problems selling America out. It’s a dog-eat-dog world out there. Anything’s possible.

PPS: By asking just a few simple questions, Paul Craig Roberts does a much better job than the NY State Museum of describing what happened on 9/11/01:

Question 1: “The national security state was defeated by a few rag tag Muslims with box cutters and a sick old man dying from renal failure while holed up in a cave in Afghanistan, and no heads rolled.” Why wasn’t anyone in our government ever held accountable for this spectacular failure?

Question 2: “Do you know what temperature self-cleaning ovens reach?”

PPPS: According to investigative reporter Russ Baker, “George H. W. Bush may be one of the few Americans of his generation who cannot recall exactly where he was when John F. Kennedy was shot in Dallas on November 22, 1963.” And Poppy Bush had all kinds of reasons for wanting Kennedy dead. Plus Poppy Bush was working for the CIA at the time of Kennedy’s death. And the CIA hated JFK!

Baker also states in his articles that Grandpoppy Prescott Bush, that guy who chose being a cheerleader for the Nazis over cheering for America during WWII, also hated JFK.

So. If Grandpoppy Bush had no qualms about apparently siding with the Nazis over his own country, and Poppy Bush had no qualms about participating in the assassination of a sitting U.S. president in cold blood, what makes us think that Baby Bush would suddenly develop qualms about assassinating the Twin Towers for fun and profit? The apple never falls far from the tree.

PPPPS: So. Twelve years later, what are we Americans finally planning to do about all these clearly still-lingering and strong doubts and suspicions? Open a new and impartial 9-11 commission scientific investigation run by Ted Danson, one that is not afraid to ask the big questions no matter where the answers might lead? A truly unbiased investigation that would finally put all of our minds to rest? Or should we just continue to do nothing and merely be grateful that we each got to pony up $75,000 to War Street — and not even more than that?

September 23, 2011

My 9-11 detective novel: Investigating the broken chain of custody of evidence

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At the recent BoucherCon ( murder-mystery writers’ and fans convention held in St Louis this year, I’m still getting all fired up by the “Who Dun It” question.

When we first arrived, everyone who attended was given a ton of free books — nothing better than that. Then at one event I attended, they honored Robert Randisi, an excellent crime-novel writer who, among other things, has written 550 books. “At one point, I could finish an entire book in only three days,” he told me later, “but I’m getting older now and can only manage writing a couple of books a month.” The man wears out four keyboards a year, he types that fast. Genius.

Next, I went to an interview with Charmaine Harris, a gentle kindly well-mannered typical Southern lady — who also just happens to write vampire books. She is the creator of that hot new HBO series, “True Blood”. And she doesn’t feel bad about killing off any of her characters either, “because it’s fun to write death scenes.” But sometimes she resurrects them if she likes a particular character a lot. “In vampire mysteries, you can always do that.” Plus her kids now think that she’s actually cool.

Then I went to a panel discussion on how to write books in the post-9-11 era. That was interesting, sure, but I think perhaps that the panelists missed one very important point.

One author stated, “I’m British. We are used to terrorism in Britain. But Americans before 9-11 lived in LaLa Land.” Too true.

Another author said, “People have an arc to their lives and some of them who worked at the Twin Towers never finished that arc. And that’s one way of approaching a book on this subject. But whatever you write on this subject, someone is going to misinterpret it. No matter what you write, you will be in for a kicking by someone because 9-11 is still too fresh and too new. Like Vietnam, we have to distance ourselves from the event before it can be approached through literature unemotionally.”

A third panel member said, “With all the coverage it has received, there is little to add to the actual event per se — but you can tell individual stories about people who were involved.” Another author was disgusted by the rampant commercialism of the recent tenth anniversary events.

One of the authors also said that, “As writers, we have chosen to make things up in order to put life events into perspective. So isn’t it our duty to write about 9-11? It is our job as writers to make sense of things that happen. And things have changed irrevocably after 9-11. It’s much darker now. For instance, we all had to go through security lines at the airports in order to get here. Writing has become much darker since then.”

Someone also commented that, “It is the job of a writer to take you where you cannot go in real life. The best example of this is still ‘All Quiet on the Western Front’. If you can’t be inside a war, this books shows you the absolute horrors of war. Your characters can bring these events to life and give your readers a better feel for what it was like on September 11, 2001.”

Another comment: “Detective novels are written at street level — which is why detective novels don’t work for big-themed events.”

And, “The real book waiting to be written is about how we now live in a world where there is always a war — where for young Americans, being a soldier is now a common career choice. And returning soldiers are now becoming a new under-class, violent, perhaps with drug problems. You could also write about what happens when the vets come back home.”

These are all good observations. But no one on the panel nailed it regarding what could possibly be the greatest detective story of all, the ultimate Who-Dun-It — who was really responsible for 9-11. For all too many thoughtful American citizens, this question has never been answered satisfactorily. So I started outlining my own detective novel on this subject.

“Jane Stillwater, hard-boiled NY private detective, was hired by a mysterious stranger to investigate what actually occurred on 9/11/01. Stillwater was dubious abut this assignment but started rounding up the usual suspects — the Saudis, Osama bin Laden, the CIA, Dick Cheney and George W. Bush.

“Stillwater, just another street-level down-on-her-luck gumshoe, had grudging taken on this difficult task for several reasons — her love of justice, her love of country, being patriotic as hell, and her burning desire to finally discover once and for all what actually had happened at the Twin Towers that day — but, most importantly, her rent was due and this huge new retainer would keep her landlord from throwing her out in the street.

“The first thing Stillwater did was check out the chain of custody of evidence: What kind of evidence was involved here and who had been in charge of it. ‘Time to start doing some legwork,’ she sighed, starting with obvious — the New York Stock Exchange. Who had bought up all those put-options on United and American stocks right before 9-11? The banks? Weapons dealers? Oil companies? The Saudis? The Cheney-Rumsfeld-Papa-Bush rat pack? Who had motive, means and opportunity? Dead end trail there. The chain of custody of evidence had been broken.

“Stillwater would have just loved to have grilled Osama bin Laden about 9-11, but the chain of custody trail was broken there too. Now the only ones who can give OBL the third-degree are some fishes.

“Next Stillwater went out to the landfill at Fresh Kills to see if she could find any evidence from the WTC building material itself. Clearly the chain of custody had been highly contaminated here. Burial in a landfill will do that. Plus how can one maintain a chain of custody of evidence after it has been hauled around Staten Island in a dump truck?

“‘What about all those airplane black boxes?’ Stillwater next asked herself. Maybe she could get her hands on a Black Box? But apparently American citizens’ right to know stops somewhere far short of the chain of custody of evidence here. And, frustrated, Stillwater couldn’t get a hold of any videotapes of a plane hitting the Pentagon either.

“But what about that L.A. Times report that Mohammed Ata and others had been training at U.S. military installations? That Saudis were flown out of the country after the attacks? Or the bizarrely-coincidental NORAD training exercises staged the very same day? Who even HAS the chain of custody there? And, since the chain has obviously been broken many times, then who broke it?

“Next, Stillwater tried to put a tail on Dick Cheney — but that trial led nowhere. That trail was as covered up as a Yeti in a snowstorm. That trail was cold. And unbeknownst to Congress, Cheney had already put a shadow government in place just hours after the attacks. How could Stillwater possibly shadow a government that was already a shadow itself?

“Next Stillwater tried to check out the air traffic controller interviews right after the attacks. Broken chain of custody of evidence there too. They’d disappeared without a trace.”

So. How is my new 9-11 crime novel going to end? Can’t tell you that! Because if I did, I would be instantly labeled a conspiracy theory nutcase instead of the next Dashiell Hammett. Or else I would have to be killed. So you’re just gonna have to wait until after my new book comes out (if I can ever find a publisher, that is.)

No wonder nobody ever writes murder-mystery novels about 9-11!

PS: The next exciting and wonderful BoucherCon convention is going to be held in Cleveland, Ohio, in 2012. See you there! And maybe we’ll be able to see Cleveland’s congressional representative Dennis Kucinich there too. He’d fit right in at BoucherCon — because Rep. Kucinich is absolutely the best crime detective in the U.S. House of Representatives today — or ever!


April 29, 2010

Oswald’s miracle marksmanship: Dallas 47 years after

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Almost everyone in America today remembers exactly where they were at the moment when they first heard about 9-11. I was at the dentist. And almost everyone from the baby-boomer generation also remembers exactly where they were at the moment when they first heard that President Kennedy was shot. For the baby-boomer generation, Kennedy’s assassination was like what 9-11 is to Americans today — in the sense that things have never been the same since either event.

In 1963 I was a junior in college, sitting in the front row of Professor James Pratt’s political science class and listening to his lecture on Eisenhower’s warning about the military-industrial complex. And who would have guessed back then that 47 years later I would finally actually get a chance to actually go visit Dallas, to actually go inside the Texas Book Depository and to actually stand right there on the Grassy Knoll, looking down on the exact spot where Kennedy was shot. Not me!

Here’s how it happened: I was down in Belize City and about to catch a plane home after having visited almost every Mayan ruin in a four-country radius (see for details), when it was announced over the loudspeaker that my flight was delayed. Rats. “Now I’ll never make my connection at DFW!”

“Not to worry,” said the gate person. “We’ll put you up at a hotel in Dallas and you can fly out to SFO the next day.” And American Airlines did just that, bless its heart. And that is how I actually got to spend a whole day in Dallas.

And what does one do when one goes to Dallas? Go to a Cowboys game? No! One visits the Grassy Knoll!

And gets to be amazed.

First I was amazed that, 47 years after Kennedy’s tragic death, the place where he was brutally assassinated was still a major tourist attraction. There were still tourists coming to that spot. And the sixth floor room where Oswald allegedly shot Kennedy is now a museum.

The second thing that amazed me was that I actually got to stand on the exact spot where Kennedy received his tragically-fatal shot to the head.

But the thing that amazed me most was that, after all this huge hype that’s been shoved down our throats for the past 47 years that Oswald, acting alone, killed Kennedy by firing just three shots, is really actually sort of hard to believe when you are actually there at the actual spot. Even the greenest kindergartner, standing where I stood 47 long years after the fatal event, could immediately see that, despite all the hype and the commission reports to the contrary, that it would have taken a miracle of marksmanship and accuracy for Oswald to have made those three direct hits. A freaking miracle!

Was Oswald that good of a marksman? Hardly. But if he was, then he must have been intensively well-trained by the best.

If, however, someone had made the shot that killed Kennedy from the Grassy Knoll, where eye-witnesses originally said that the shots came from, it would have been a relatively easy shot.

“But, Jane,” you might say, “if the shots had been fired from the Grassy Knoll, wouldn’t they have entered Kennedy’s body from a different angle and even injured Jackie as well?” Hmmm…

So I did some research. And according to autopsy photos at, we can clearly see that one bullet entered Kennedy’s head from the right — and one entered at the middle of his back. And a third one entered his neck from the FRONT. What’s with that? Oswald really did fire a miracle shot! Or else Kennedy was shot as he approached the Grassy Knoll, passed in front of it and was driven away from the shooter(s)?

I haven’t read all the voluminous literature regarding JFK and Oswald, but it seems to me from the perspective of a naive tourist just visiting the Grassy Knoll for a few minutes that If Oswald actually was the sole shooter, then he would have had to have started shooting Kennedy at least a half-football-field sooner than he did — if he was going to get in both his front and side shot.

And where was the Secret Service after the first shot was fired? Aren’t they spozed to throw themselves in front of the President at the first sign of trouble and protect him with their lives? Which brings up that old question of why weren’t Secret Service agents riding on the Cadillac’s rear bumper? Which they clearly were not. No wonder poor sweet Jackie got blood all over her pink suit and Caroline and John-John had to go fatherless!

“But, Jane,” you might remind me rather forcibly at this point, “all these are just conspiracy theories.” Yeah, well, tell that to the kindergartners — and us tourists at the Grassy Knoll.

Here’s a video I made of the scene of the crime:

PS: It also seems to me that lurking behind the scenes during every major war and disaster in America since 1930 (or even actually on the scene), there has always been a member of the Bush family — with the possible exception of Korea. Prescott Bush was there egging on Hitler. George H.W. Bush was a high-ranking CIA official when Kennedy was murdered, thus paving the way for Vietnam. Then there was the Gulf War, invented almost singlehandedly by George Senior. And 9-11? According to George W. Bush’s terrorism adviser, Richard Clarke, GWB was warned about the possibility of that tragic attack at least a month before it happened — and yet Bush did nothing.

And how about Iraq and Afghanistan? Was a Bush behind those wars too? Yep.

And just think for a moment about how all these past 80 years of American “wars” have been very, very good for the Bush family — causing their stock in the weapons trade to zoom up. Which leaves me wondering which Bush will get us into America’s next war — in order to give the next generation of young Bushes a leg up in the family business?

Professor Pratt and President Eisenhower were right back in the day. “Beware of the military-industrial complex.” And nothing’s changed since — except for the worse. And while misguided Teabaggers are currently fretting their little hearts out over our government’s relatively minor healthcare expenditures, munitions manufacturers like the Bush family are still happily hijacking what is left of our treasury — and our souls.

PPS: Oh crap. I’m so tired of hearing about how Teabaggers, the NRA and “Christian” militias are out buying deadly weapons, arming themselves and then complaining that they need even MORE assess to weapons. If those people all want unlimited access to guns and warfare so badly, then they need to move to the Democratic Republic of Congo ASAP. They’d be much, much happier in the DRC. There’s no gun control there. You can shoot at people indiscriminately and nobody can stop you. Teabaggers could even own their own tanks!

PPPS: The bastards who killed Kennedy may still be feeling all smug with themselves that they got clean away with it and that they will never be caught. But all too many Americans know what really happened back then. You think not? Just go to YouTube, enter a search for “Kennedy Assassination” and watch how many VIDEOS come up. 7,880 videos come up. That’s videos, not hits (one video alone had 3,157,243 hits). Type in “Kennedy assassination conspiracy” and over TEN THOUSAND more videos will pop up.

Now take a few hours and watch some of those videos yourself. “You can fool some of the people all of the time….” Despite the fact that the perps outwardly seem to be getting away with their cover-up, they are not. Not really. Even 47 years after this tragic event, people are still not letting this issue fade.

Perhaps there is hope for America yet.


Here’s a home video taken in 2009, showing how tourists are still swarming the Grassy Knoll even now. According to this video, there was also a tree in the way of Oswald’s shot back in 1963.


More than three bullets were shot? This video says yes:


Here’s a video of an eye-witness who heard many shots. “The shots came from the [Grassy Knoll] and I saw a man running.”


Here’s the famous video of the Secret Service stand-down in Dallas:


And here’s a photo of George H.W. Bush at the Texas Book Depository after the shooting:

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