May 1, 2012

May Day Photo Report for Occupy Oakland

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Police prepare demonstrator for arrest.
Photogs scramble to record Police vs. Protester scuffle

Police in riot gear cordon off Broadway in Oakland, Tuesday morning, after first arrests were made.

The Noon May Day rally at Frank Ogawa Plaza in Oakland CA was marred by a scuffle between Police and Demonstrators.

The World’s Laziest Journalist has learned a thing or two about photo editing and we realize that the photos taken early on May 1st in Oakland aren’t strong candidates for winning any of the press photographer clip contests for this month, but after putting in time to get to the event, get images, edit them, and then get to the Public Library to post them, we figured: “What the heck, they are better than no images at all.”

Specific details were lacking in the initial news reports on Bay Area media. The World’s Laziest Journalist will include more details in Friday’s Week in Review Column.

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