November 15, 2012

EXTRA: Israel has just declared war on Gaza (and is hoping that no one will notice)

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Israel’s jingoistic prime minister Bibi Netanyahu, whose popularity as just sunk once again in the polls, is now trying to pull off another Hail-Mary play before the January elections — by once again unleashing massive “Cast Iron” death squads by land and by air onto the trapped and vulnerable people of Gaza.

Killing Iranians has its dangers.

Killing trapped and defenseless Palestinians, however, is like shooting fish in a barrel.

If Bibi’s poorly-thought-out actions should stir up a sudden guerrilla war in Israel/Palestine — as doomed and desperate Palestinians, following in the brave tradition of the Jewish Warsaw Ghetto resistance fighters before them, try to fight back even though it is hopeless — then Netanyahu will deserve what he gets: To go down in history as a bully, a sadist, a tyrant, and a pariah to all righteous men.

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