August 16, 2011

Rick Perry’s Texas Jobs Miracle Illustrated


November 3, 2010

Getting used to the new reality: Cheap Labor

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This past election hasn’t been about protesting undocumented aliens who work for cheap.

This past election has been about getting YOU to work for cheap instead.

What are you going to do when the new Republican majority in Congress votes to eliminate Social Security, cut jobs, raise taxes and screw you (again) on both Wall Street and Main Street? You’re going to start looking for any kind of job you can get — any kind of income, any kind of salary, any kind of work.

And this past election also wasn’t about Repubs winning because they tinkered with our electronic voting machines either. Sure, those evil electronic voting machines may have stolen your votes once again — but does it really matter what happened if almost no one in America protests?

Americans voted with their feet in Florida in 2000 and in Ohio in 2004, when they accepted documented fraudulent voting results without hardly a whimper. Almost no one in America protested getting mugged by Diebold. “God bless President Bush,” they cried instead, as Republicans drove your jobs overseas, vacuumed out your savings accounts and foreclosed on your homes.

Every time Americans allow Republicans to take control of our country, it’s almost as if you are actually crying out, “Cut our salaries! Steal our pensions! Outsource our jobs! We WANT to be your new and convenient source of cheap labor!”

And Americans are getting what they appear to want really badly — the right to replace undocumented aliens with themselves.

(Photo is of me and one of my daughters posing in an old chair back in 1976 and looking very Dorthea Lange.  If the Repubs have their way, we’re going to get a chance to look that way again — but for real.  Sigh.)


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