November 24, 2010

Protest the TSA: Go naked!

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If the TSA really wants to see us naked that badly, let’s just help them along. The next time you go through airport security and they tell you that in order to be allowed on your flight, you MUST let them either pat you down intimately or view your “junk in the trunk” on the screen, be supportive of their demands in an even more efficient manner — just strip off all your clothes!

I’m thinking that nothing will make the TSA re-think its new barbaric strip-search-by-proxy procedure than the sight of hundreds of old guys and fat ladies standing around a big airport naked.

And while we’re on the subject of protests, I just read where many Europeans are planning to pull all of their savings out of EU banks on December 7, 2010 — in protest of how banks there have been routinely using and abusing their customers for fun and profit. We could do that here too — and put our savings into credit unions instead. Credit unions do what banks are SUPPOSED to do, but without screwing us over.

PS: It’s probably not a good idea to withdraw your money from a bank while naked however — if for no other reason than that America’s top ten big-box banks have already striped many of us of everything already.


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