July 13, 2012

Too much information: Uganda for Dummies

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There’s been so much going on over here in Uganda that I can’t even begin to put it into words and will probably have to wait until I get back home to be able to digest it all, having taken approximately 65 pages of notes.

But what have I learned so far? That on the one hand, there is a whole bunch of excruciating poverty here — I will never take running water for granted ever again! And the care and safety of children? NOT a given in this world of human trafficking and child soldiers.

But on the other hand, 35,000 students attend Makerere University in Kampala. That’s as big as U.C. Berkeley (but unlike Cal, Makerere University is not trying to buy a tank to intimidate its students with). Plus SO many people here really care about Uganda — and work their fingers to the bone to make it succeed. And so there is also much hope for Uganda’s future.

Am leaving soon to spend a night in the Doha airport. Then a night in the Singapore airport. Then three days in Jakarta visiting my friend Almira. Then a night in the Tokyo airport. And then home.

Wish me luck!

PS: If you think that the Ugandans have it hard and are struggling to hold on to their quality of life, just you wait until the spit hits the fan back in the USA. America’s corporate-owned government leaders are apparently scheming to turn us into a third world country too.

Just wait and see what happens to us once the Trans-Pacific Partnership is passed Then we too will be scrambling to have running water and safe children.


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