April 17, 2011

Murder in the Occupied Territories: First Juliano & then Vik….

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First Juliano Mer-Khamis and then Vittorio Arrigoni have been brutally murdered in the Occupied Territories. Why them? Why now? Two wonderful good guys, brutally killed by “Evil Palestinians”? What would Agatha Christie have to say about that?

My own personal theory is that these two senseless murders — assassinations if you will — are yet another publicity stunt designed to make Palestinians look like really mean evil thugs. This kind of red herring is really common in murder-mystery plots.

As Boycott-Divest-Sanction (BDS) policies toward Israeli corporatists become more effective and the Zionists’ image abroad becomes more and more tarnished due to their own slimy actions, perhaps some think-tanks in Tel Aviv might have been wondering, “What can we do to make Palestinians look really bad for a change — instead of us?”

“I know! Let’s hire some collaborators and have them kill off a few of the high-profile good guys who are using non-violent and positive strategies to improve life in the Occupied Territories — oops, I mean Sumeria and Judea? Let’s assassinate some of the ones that everyone loves — and then blame it on the Arabs.”

This cause of action makes sense to me. After all, “By deception thou shalt do war,” has been Mossad’s motto for the past 62 years, has it not?

And what doesn’t make sense to me is why anyone else would do it. Who would ever want to kill off a children’s theater director and a member of a respected non-violent protest group like ISM?

As a murder-mystery fan who is trying to figure out Who Dun It, I always look for three things: Means, motive and opportunity. Who has benefited here? And who has the means and the opportunity? We’ve already established the motive. But what about means and opportunity? Money can buy both of those — especially in Gaza, where there is very little money, very little medical care, very little sewage disposal, electricity, clean water, employment, food….

So. We now have a reasonable motive for these two brutal deaths. Now all we gotta do is look for who has the money to buy the means and opportunity….

Elementary, Watson!

Or, as Hercule might say, “Now we’ve cracked their M.O.” It’s all about the PR.

PS: Now that the game is apparently afoot, perhaps we should start looking for even more of this type of violent death among Palestinian good guys as well. Sigh.

PPS: Here’s a moving and intense video of an interview with Vittorio Arrigoni that was recently posted on Gilad Atzmon’s website. I wish that we all could be as idealistic as Vik. What a waste his death was.


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