March 9, 2008

The Lineup

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  1. France’s electricity needs are 70% supplied by nuclear power.
    The Cubans and Chinese, among others, are drilling for oil off our southeast coast. Yet we aren’t allowed to.
    No gasoline refining plant has been built in the USA since the ’70′s.
    ANWR might have more oil than the Saudis.
    It’s thanks to the far left’s victories on the environmental front that we have $107.00 per barrel oil and are importers of gasoline today.
    We could explore for and take oil and nuclear in a safe and environmentally good manner, but no. We can’t do that.
    So all together now, lets whine and complain impotently, as we watch our economy slide into the shitcan partly because of high oil prices.

    Comment by grimgold — March 10, 2008 @ 4:54 pm

  2. 1)No new refining plants have been built since the 70s because US oil production had already peaked back then, so it was neither necessary nor desirable;
    2)The idea of ANWR having huge amounts of oil is a total fiction. We have tech right now that can detect oil far underground, however, no new major oil fields have been found anywhere in the world since the late 60s. ANWR has at best a six-month-to-one-year supply of oil at current US needs, according to all credible experts;
    3) It’s thanks the geology of oil and the war in Iraq that we have such high oil prices – if not for the left’s environmental victories we’d have even less green energy to fall back on and oil prices would be even higher;
    4) Nuclear is not the answer for several reasons:
    a) it’s too vulnerable to terrorism – we would have to guard every plant, every fuel shipment, every waste storage facility, every waste shipment – even the locations of shut-down plants and waste sites – indefinitely (remember the theft of waste from Iraq’s storage depot? That can be used to make dirty bombs, and even – if the uranium and plutonium are extracted from it, leaving still-radioactive material behind – regular nuclear bombs);
    b) we still don’t know what to do with the waste;
    c) the time and cost of building the plants is many multiples of their green equivalents – $10 billion and 10 years per plant – which cost would all be wasted, since;
    c) the geology of uranium tells us that at the *present* rate of consumption, all easily-reachable uranium will be gone in 50 years, and Earth’s total supply will be gone in 150-200 years…divide that by 10 if we go 100% nuclear, in other words, we spend trilions and in a few decades they all shut down;
    d) the chances of a major accident may be low, but when that would kill several states’ full of people – in the 60′s we came within a hair’s breath of wiping out everyone in the 400 miles east of Detroit – even a very low chance is too much of a chance to take, especially since ;
    e) it’s unnecessary: There is enough wind energy in the Dakotas alone to provide the US will the electricity it needs – 300% if we use all the available eco-friendly sources of it – and further, if we exploited all of our eco-friendly renewable sources, we would have 85 times our present energy needs (in other words, we could supply the entire world population with the proportional amount of electricity our 4.5% uses and still be at less than one-third capacity) even using the new PV shingles by themselves would provide 80% of locales in the US with 100% of their electricity needs, and 80% of the remaining 20%.


    Comment by Zeke — March 10, 2008 @ 7:45 pm

  3. Grim,Zeke,
    The Tesla goes into production on St.Patty’s Day
    The 2008′s are sold out but Tesla is taking pre-orders on the 2009.
    The next gen car slated to arrive in 2010 will be a four door coupe and is expected to go 400
    miles at a cost of .02 per mile.
    2012 Tesla expects to produce its economy model
    for around 15,000 dollars and none will burn a drop of gasoline.
    There has been a lot of denial from the Exxon/Mobile thinktanks with the baldfaced lie that its just trading pollution sources from the car to powerstations.
    Tesla is in negotiations with major automotive manufacturers to licence its technology for pure electrics and very long range hybrids currently,so to speak.
    So if You have 80,000 and a zest for a supra high performance sport car,visit
    and pre-order before the 2009′s are history.
    Now I need a teddybear and a blanket and go to bed.

    Comment by Rainlander — March 11, 2008 @ 2:02 am

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