March 18, 2020

Mission Accomplished: How America has been slowly shutting down since 9-11

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     Are you planning to vote for Joe Biden?  Sure, why not, go for it.  Since 2001, you’ve already voted for Bush, Obama and Trump — so Joe is totally the logical next choice.  Like his three predecessors before him, Biden is totally willing to escort America’s oligarchs just one more giant step up their fabulous Stairway to Heaven.  Apparently Americans just love them some Deep State.
     “But what’s in it for me?” you might ask.  Boy do I have a list!
     1.  Since 9-11, our pension plans have slowly but surely been raided by Wall Street — with generous help from the Federal Reserve.  Sucks to be old.
     2.  Since 9-11, America has become a surveillance state.
     3.  Since 9-11, slowly but surely our economy has eroded — from our pockets to theirs.

     4.  Since 9-11, foreign misadventures have taken us to the cleaners.  Holy shite!  War profiteers have stolen $7,000,000,000,000 from us — protection money, they call it.  “Extortion” is a much better word.  And they’ve also gotten thousands of our sons and daughters killed in the process.  Shame on them.

     5.  Since 9-11, our….  Well, something to do with our infrastructure and healthcare slowly decaying and leaving us oh so vulnerable to COVID 19.  Are you in lock-down right now with no nurses to hold your hand if you are infected?  You shoulda thought of that years ago.  Somebody should have.
     6.  Since 9-11, has your rent gone up?  A lot? 
     7.  Since 9-11, far more of us are likely to go bankrupt than to be killed by either terrorists or a virus — not to mention how many of us have lost our homes and/or now pass our days sleeping in the backseats of cars. 

     8.  Since 9-11, America has lost its moral compass.  Our government pays for the slaughter of innocents in Palestine, Syria, Yemen, Iraq, Libya, Honduras.  Racism at home.  Children in cages.  White Supremacy.  What ever happened to the Ten Commandments?  Don’t bother to ask an American.
     I could go on.  But I don’t want to.  Don’t have the time.  Have to go risk my life buying toilet paper.
     “But, Jane,” you might say, “It’s the coronavirus’s fault.”  Always somebody else’s fault — never the Deep State’s.  Don’t bother me.  Go vote for Biden.  Or Trump.  But don’t complain when America continues to shut down like the Titanic.
PS:  When I was in Tijuana the other day, the director of an asylum-seekers’ shelter told me, “Who we are is not what we have.”  Not even toilet paper defines us.  “And we’d have a true revolution if everyone did just one kind deed a day.”

Trump & Biden: Neurological problems in the White House

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Joe Biden seems to be slowly sinking into dementia. Donald Trump appears to already be there. Who knew that 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue would turn into an assisted living facility.

What can we do about it? Nothing. The Deep State thrives on chaos — and what can possibly be more chaotic than if the Leader of the Free World can’t even tell fantasy from fact?

Oh. Right. A World War might be more chaotic. A stock market crash? Or a virus pandemic….

But is there really nothing we can do? “Do unto others as we would have others do unto us.” Behave ourselves on an individual level no matter what crazy things our leaders are up to. Chase chaos out of our own individual worlds.

“What? No more voting for crazy leaders in the White House? Where’s the fun in that!”


March 8, 2020

COVID-19: The joke’s on us

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American taxpayers are now expected to pay for yet another national budget boondoggle that happily commits two-thirds of our hard-earned money to “defense”. American taxpayers have been price-gouged for over seven trillion bucks in the past 19 years for “defense”. Yet has any of this mind-boggling amount of money kept us safe from a virus that is smaller than a pinhead?

The joke’s on us.

Our Congress just passed a law that will bail out big businesses and banksters who have “suffered” from the coronavirus. Poor dears. But will it help the average tax-paying schmuck on the street like you and me? Hell no.

The joke’s on us.

Our government spends billions on developing biological weapons — but not all that much on developing biological cures. We still don’t really know how to stop cancer and thousands of Americans die each year from not having healthcare.

The joke’s on us.

It seems that one of the reasons COVID-19 is so virulent in Wuhan is that this entire city is wired up the wazoo with 5G — which is known to weaken our immune systems. South Korea also is wired up the kazoo for 5G. So apparently is Seattle and the Grand Princess. How can it possibly matter that we will have more intelligent appliances if we are dead? And if this connection between 5G and low resistance to COVID-19 is factually true, then it makes perfect sense that the safest place we can possibly be these days is in a mud hut in the jungles of Africa — or down in Tijuana where I am going next week.

The joke’s on us.

The Chinese government has just discovered that chlorquinine relieves symptoms of COVID-19. That’s the same stuff that cures malaria. So while Big Pharma gets gifted with billions in a race to the bottom with yet another snake-oil vaccine, apparently all we really need in order to get ourselves cured is to drink lots of gin and tonic.

The joke’s on us.

PS: Why the freak is it up to me to explain the real truth about what is going on in the Middle East to millions of lazy Americans who fail to spend time on even the most basic Google research? What? I’m spozed to spend the rest of my life refuting obvious propaganda on FB — one misinformed person at a time? No thank you.

American operatives in the Middle East have joined forces with the Zionists, the Saudis, NATO and al Qaeda to commit all kinds of monstrous war crimes in Syria. I’ve been there myself. I know about this kind of stuff. Keep up, America. Did you learn nothing after being lied to about Vietnam, Afghanistan, Bolivia, Yugoslavia, Iraq, Palestine, Libya, Venezuela, Chile, Cambodia, Ukraine, Wounded Knee, etcetera etcetera etcetera? Apparently not.

The joke’s on us. Again.

So why aren’t I laughing?

And what can we do to stop ourselves from constantly being the pathetic brunt of all our military-industrial complex’s sordid jokes?


Stop Wall Street and War Street from destroying our world. And while you’re at it, please buy my books.


March 4, 2020

Demagogue: Portrait of an American president

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     I woke up this morning with the sniffles.  This is actually a good thing.  Someone just told me that having a runny nose doesn’t mean that you have COVID-19 — but only a slight cold.  Whew!  Apparently coronavirus symptoms consist of a cough, a fever and trouble breathing.

But as for all those poor innocent victims who actually do get COVID-19? “Sucks to be you.” Why? Because our demagogue President has ordered the CDC budget to be cut so that he’ll have more money to spend on foreign misadventures. Mussolini in Ethiopia comes to mind.

Next week I’m taking a trip to Mexico but I may have to stay there forever if our demagogue President orders America’s southern border to be closed. That sounds like something Chairman Mao used to do.

Election tampering in Venezuela and Bolivia by our very own demagogue President? Yeah. Not to mention how he’s done absolutely nothing to prevent election tampering here at home by Dark Money, Jim Crow, unverified voting machines and even the DNC. Shades of when Idi Amim simply elected himself president of Uganda.

And the American economy? It’s about to crash. Hard. But hopefully not as badly as when Marie Antoinette said, “Let them eat cake!”

Kids in cages? Overcrowded prisons? What if COVID-19 introduces itself into America’s gulags — and prisoners are trapped like passengers on the Titanic, with no place to escape? Or consider the ever-increasing number of homeless camps in America where no one can even safely wash their hands? Worst horror movies ever. “Worse than Joseph Stalin’s gulags in Siberia?” Maybe not. But close.

     Our demagogue President’s executive orders have attempted to exacerbate the climate crisis, muddy our waters, pollute our air, desecrate our national parks and contribute to burning down our forests.  Is he one of us Americans?  Or is he just one of the Boys from Brazil.
While posing as a holier-than-thou Christian, our demagogue President has been accused of raping women, using “escorts” and paying off prostitutes.  Even Mary Magdalene would be shocked.  Perhaps even Judas.

Corruption?  Pay for Play?  What really goes on down at Mar-a-lago?  Not even Bibi Netanyahu or Prince BnB appear to be this corrupt.

Then there’s the Democratic nominating convention in July and the Republican nominating convention in August. I’m going to both. Wearing a face mask of course. Nobody had to wear a face mask at Hitler’s Nuremberg rallies. I wonder if our demagogue President will have to wear one at his?


Stop Wall Street and War Street from destroying our world. And while you’re at it, please buy my books.

February 29, 2020

COVID 19, the stock market & me: No fear, culling the herd & Trump’s Katrina

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A friend of mine just said, “To be safe from this pandemic, take lots of vitamin C.” Okay. Why not. “At least one gram every four hours and you’ll be pretty much safe from COVID 19.” I can do that. Actually, I think that she’s right. And according to Gary Kohls, MD, there are other factors that are keeping us Americans safe from the corona virus — and they don’t involve avoiding trips to China or giving up chow mein.

According to Dr. Kohls, there is a short list of immune-system co-factors that make folks in Wuhan far more susceptible to this virus than us. What are they? Here’s the list:

1) The massive disease-producing, immune system polluting 5G networking that was recently inflicted on the Wuhan population just over the last months of 2019 or

2) The massive pollution of the air (and lack of sunlight — and therefore vitamin D) of urban cities like Wuhan or

3) The massive pollution of the water in urban Chinese cities like Wuhan or

4) The massive over-vaccinations of most Wuhan residents with aluminum adjuvants/mercury preservatives and other vaccine toxins that make vaccine recipients much more susceptible to many viral and bacterial illnesses and

5) The high incidence of smokers in many adult males in Wuhan.

So. Does this mean that I’m not going to get a deadly case of COVID 19 because I don’t smoke? That sounds about right. But. President Trump has just nullified a whole lot of America’s clean water protection and is happily working on destroying our air quality too. And he’s also just given those Pentagon ghouls a huge budget to pollute as much air and water as their little hearts desire — so forget about # 2 and # 3 on that list.
Plus Verizon and Sprint keep telling us on TV every night about how wonderful 5G is. Wonderful for who?

Plus Big Pharma has forced many of our legislative bodies to pass laws that legally require our kids to have sixty-two (62) different vaccines (complete with all kinds of additives, fillers and preservatives) jabbed into their little bodies. That’s a whole lot of formaldehyde, folks — but will it preserve us from corona? Probably not.

So there’s all that. Maybe we Americans should be afraid after all. Nah. I’m fearless. I gave up fear for Lent. Maybe you should too.

But then stock markets all over the world just took a humongous plunge. Should we be afraid of that too? Not if you’re wealthy. But. If you are just a normal middle-class American, your pension plan could be wiped out. Or your life savings. Too bad for you. Culling the herd. It’s hard to be brave when you’re living in a tent under the freeway.

Another friend of mine just said, “The corona virus could prove to be Trump’s Katrina if things do get really bad.” And how could they get any worse than they are now? Easy. Trump has just put that neo-con guy Pence in charge of saving America from this virus. Pence? The guy who doesn’t believe in science? Good luck with that one.

But “Medicare for All” might help keep this pandemic under control here in America and spare our herd from getting culled too badly. Unless of course you are a member of the herd who is actually looking forward to getting culled….

PS: American neo-cons are also busy “culling the herd” in the Middle East by sanctioning medications and dropping bombs on millions of women and children over there. And if neo-cons can gleefully do all this culling to Syrians, Iraqis, Yemenis, Iranians and Palestinians, what’s to keep them from doing it to us too?

What neo-cons clearly do not understand is that if they get rid of everyone but the uber-wealthy, then who is gonna shine their shoes?

PPS: I’ve been hired to be a poll-worker on SuperTuesday — and no, I won’t be competing with J.Lo.


Stop Wall Street and War Street from destroying our world. And while you’re at it, please buy my books.


February 23, 2020

Desperately seeking Tijuana: Does anyone know how to find asylum-seekers camps there?

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By Jane Stillwater

“Just say what you want and why you want it,” said my friend. Okay. Here goes.

“I plan to go to a book conference in San Diego in a few weeks and on March 11, 2020, I will have a free day and want to cross the border into Tijuana to try to find an asylum-seekers’ camp so I can write about what is going on down there.”

“Why in the freak would you want to do that?” replied my friend. “Children in cages. Starving and abused immigrants. We already know all that. We’ve been knowing that for years now. Zero tolerance. ‘Remain in Mexico’. The Wall. Poverty and horror. We’ve already been knowing all that. Problem solved. Old news. Stay home.”

“But I still want to know what is actually going on in the world — not just what they tell us on TV. And, even more important, if America hadn’t invaded and plundered so many Latin American countries over the years, none of this shite would even be happening. I want to find out those stories too.”

“Yeah, but….” replied my friend. “Do you even know anybody in Tijuana? How to get there? Who to see? What it will cost? How not to get robbed and beaten up?” Uh, no.

But maybe somebody reading this will know? Will get me across the border? Will find me a taxi? Will give me pesos and besos to give to little kids living in tents — if they are lucky enough to even have tents?

Somebody’s gotta do this kind of stuff. And keep doing it until it stops. Somebody in America has to finally start actually acting like a real Christian. “Might as well be me.” Or you.

So. Ask around. Let me know. Or even come with me. Thanks.


Stop Wall Street and War Street from destroying our world.

And while you’re at it, please buy my books:


February 12, 2020

Mortal Combat: 34 things that Americans really don’t want to hear about

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1. That America’s foreign policy basically consists of piracy, theft and murder;

2. That our dangerous obesity epidemic is caused by eating GMO wheat, high-fructose corn syrup, processed food, unstable amounts of sugar/sugar substitutes, fast food and pesticides;

3. That Julian Assange, Chelsea Manning and Edward Snowden deserve to be treated as Superheroes for trying to save our freedom — instead of being treated like Darth Vader and Joker;

4. That Trump may be bat-shite cray-cray but Pence has sold his soul to the Devil — and I know this because I met him personally in Iraq in 2007 as he positively gloried in all the evil murder and “war” going on over there;

5. That we are slowly but surely going back to the days of coat-hanger abortions. Is this really what we want for our wives and daughters? I would hope not;

6. That 5G will give us brain cancer as well as high speed;

7. That the human race’s basic survival just might be more important than driving our cars to work and fueling up our F-35s;

8. That the nasty preservatives and fillers in flu shots could be giving us Alzheimers at an alarming rate — but very few comparative studies on this subject are being done (and if they are, Google doesn’t list them);

9. That our country is currently twenty-two (22) trillion dollars in debt and almost none of that money was spent on you and me.   At this rate, America will be going bankrupt just like the old Soviet Union — and then we’ll have oligarchs feeding on America’s corpse too.  Someone needs to cut up America’s credit cards immediately.  Screw the Federal Reserve!  It’s more dangerous to us than Russia, China, Israel and Iran combined;

10. That our very own political parties, congress members and supreme court justices are willing to do whatever it takes to get war-criminal presidents into office — and I don’t just mean Donald Trump;

11. That the chances of our children and grandchildren getting good jobs, receiving a good education, avoiding taking up residence on our couches and living happily ever after are shrinking daily;

12. That we need to use paper ballots and have our ballots counted only by Girl Scouts and nuns;

13. That primitive tribes in the Amazon jungle are much happier than we are;

14. That we currently spend multiple billions of $$$$ helping our Zionist “ally” create Greater Gaza in the Middle East — but sooner or later this wanton spending on gulags is gonna come back to bite us in the butt;

15. That our babies’ brains are too fragile to endure the onslaught of so many vaccinations at such a young age and thus really weird results are occurring such as gender confusion. Pretty soon a huge percentage of our kids may be gay, autistic, infertile or even dead. Yuck! “He was Murdered” – 13 Month Old Infant Dies 14 Hours After Receiving the Flu Shot

16. That evil warmongers, heartless drug companies, greedy banksters and huge corporations are not our friends — no matter what we are told by our televisions and SmartPhones; Trump Tax Cut Hands $32 Billion Windfall to America’s Top Banks

17. That racism will also come back to bite us in the butt too (again);

18. That Zionists and Saudis, not Russia or Iran, are happily stabbing us in the back daily — and Netanyahu and Prince BnB are not our BFFs either;

19. That America is anything but a Christian nation even despite all that dust-up about the unborn (don’t believe me? Go ask Jesus how He feels about compassion, charity, murder and mercy);

20. That since the “war” on Vietnam, Americans have become so increasingly afraid of their own shadows that 22,000 gun owners showed up at a rally in Virginia recently, many of them clutching ugly brutal military-grade weapons as if their very lives depended on possessing these monsters — just to prove how very very afraid that they actually are;

21. That our Congress is bought and paid for by huge corporations — and so is our Presidency and Supreme Court;

22. That the very next homeless person gasping for clean air, unemployed, dying without healthcare, eating out of dumpsters, being a hater and contemplating suicide could be you (or me);

23. That our elections are all stolen, rigged, gerrymandered, poll-taxed and/or hacked (and not by Russians either);

24. That FaceBook, Google, CNN, Fox News, the New York Times, etc. all happily censor our news and shamelessly lie to us; ‘Brazen disinformation’: Syria narrative managers defend Douma chemical weapon hoax as OPCW comes under attack

25. That human beings are wondrous creations. All human beings. Even women and children. Even socialists. Even poor people. But will the earth miss us when we have finally driven ourselves extinct? Not for a minute;

26. That by murdering so many people abroad, we are also sealing our own doom here at home. What goes around comes around;

27. That those aren’t “climate refugees” at our border. They are asylum-seekers fleeing America’s pirate foreign policy in Latin America. And those 5,000-plus babies we are currently keeping in cages? Words fail me. We don’t even treat puppies that badly;

28. That the Trump impeachment was just a tacky side-show meant to distract us from seeing what is really going on in the Big Top — where Wall Street and War Street perform in the center ring;

29. That America’s true artists and creators are forced to molder away in poverty like they were some unwanted outcasts starring in the opera La Boheme — starvation, attic garrets, tuberculosis and all;

30.  That Trump, like some weird horny guy who will say anything to get into our pants, told us all kinds of lies just to get elected — and has gone back on almost all of them.  For instance, Trump promised to lower taxes but when I went in to get my taxes done yesterday, I was told that a $4,000 earned income credit for low-income wage earners had been eliminated under Trump. 
     Trump also promised to reduce the national debt but just look at us now.  We’re more in debt now than we have ever been — and with much more debt to come.  He also promised to shrink the Federal Reserve.  Ha!

31.  That America is a top manufacturing giant — but only of weapons of mass destruction.  And these deadly weapons are being sold to the Saudis so that Prince BnB can massacre helpless Yemeni babies.  That’s embarrassingly shameful;
32.  That America claims to be a democracy.  Ha!  America is just one more sleazy top-down oligarchy.  Get used to it;
33.  That President Assad of Syria is actually a good guy and Syrians love him because he has become their High Noon hero who saved them from all those gun-toting American-Zionist-Saudi oil-mad dry-gulching propaganda-spewing rustlers — and also saved Syria from ISIS too.

34.  That life in America doesn’t have to be this way.  Unless we have a death wish.








Stop Wall Street and War Street from destroying our world. And while you’re at it, please buy my books.


February 8, 2020

Art of concealing the Real Deal: That Trump might not be healthy enough for a second term

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So. What was your main take-away from this year’s State of the Union speech? That the leader of the (theoretically) most enlightened and democratic country in the world is a liar, a bigot, a blasphemer and a war criminal? Or that Rep. Pelosi might have cajones after all? Well, sure, that too.

But for me, the most obvious thing drummed into my head that night, time after time in the space of two hours, was that our President is looking rather unhealthy.

Talking-head pundits keep trying to wrongly convince us that Bernie Sanders, the Energizer Bernie himself, might not be physically fit enough to serve out a four-year term in the White House. But. I’m totally willing to bet you a McDonald’s cheeseburger with fries and a milkshake that, if elected, Donald Trump won’t even make it to 2022 before his health fumbles — let alone survive the whole nine yards.

And I don’t make this prediction lightly.

Let’s just look at the obvious. The man is obese. He appears to have high blood pressure. We know from his weird 3:00 am Tweets that he doesn’t sleep well at night. He’s famous for his sniffles and snorts. He’s got a nasty temper. His health history for the past 50 years shows us that he didn’t take care of himself all that well — was a party animal, substance abuser, purveyor of prostitutes and close friend of Jeffry Epstein. And at the State of the Union event, Trump almost made even Rush Limbaugh look healthy.

What are the actual chances of this obviously-unwell septuagenarian lasting another four years? He could possibly drop dead of a stroke at any minute, bless his heart. What would an actuarial table tell us? “No deal.”

So let’s take these highly significant factors into consideration when casting our ballots next November. Do we really want the President of the United States of America to end up in a rest home or on life-support because of us? Let’s just quietly retire him to Mar-a-Lago before it’s too late and he suffers the Big One because of us.

PS: Perhaps what President Trump really needs is MediCare for All!


February 2, 2020

Immigration’s third wave: “What goes around comes around…”

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I’m currently reading Benjamin Madley’s lengthy and obviously well-documented tome, An American Genocide. This book is truly a hard slog. I can only stand to read four or five pages a day. Its appendices and footnotes alone take up 326 pages. Good grief.

     However, the simple gist of the book is only this:  “When the California gold rush began, immigrant American miners streamed into our Golden State by the thousands and then systematically slaughtered, exterminated and/or murdered almost every California Native in the state.  In cold blood.”  It was a true bloodbath. 
     American vigilantes and militiamen shot, hung, drowned, scalped, burned alive and/or hacked to death every single California Indian they could find.  The elderly?  Women, children and babies?  Didn’t matter.  They were all murdered in their beds.  Or bonfires were made of still-living babies — who obviously burned faster and brighter.
      And if that wasn’t horror enough, our very own federal and state governments happily paid for the ammunition and matches for all this heartless slaughter as well.  And we even paid for this second wave of vigilante immigrants’ horses, wages and supplies too.
     California Natives comprised the first wave of immigrants to arrive on these golden shores.  For over 6,000 years, hundreds of thousands of them lived peacefully here.  And yet there are almost no American Natives left in California today.  Did you ever wonder why?  Now you know.
      And now there’s a third wave of immigrants coming here as well.  But are they also going to slaughter all of us who are already here — like the gold miners did to the California Natives?  No.  This third wave of immigrants is not like the gold-mining second wave.  We got lucky.  They just want to be Americans too.
     But what’s the alternative to peaceful immigration?  That we Americans today will also become just like those heartlessly evil, baby-slaying and un-Christian gold rush miners — murderers and pond scum with black marks on their souls and rotting in Hell at the end of the day?  (Having descended from seven generations of Methodist ministers, I recognize Hell-fire and brimstone when I see it!)      And with Americans already putting babies in cages at our border, conducting vicious ICE raids, gearing up concentration camps where people are already dying, and running a cruel “Remain in Mexico” policy for legal asylum-seekers, Americans today, just like our gold-mining ancestors, are also on the royal road to Hell.     Our planet has gotten so much smaller these days.  We are all now immigrants on this big blue marble.  Isn’t it finally time to start making nice?
PS:  I’m going to San Diego to attend a book conference during the second week in March, and will have a few free days there before it begins.
     During that time, I would love to go down to the US border at Tijuana and see what our modern-day gold-mining evil-doers are up to with their deplorable “Remain in Mexico” concentration camps now.  Does anybody have any contacts in these camps so that I could go see them and then report back?  If so, please let me know.  Thanks.
PPS:  Immigration’s fourth wave?  Not gonna be pretty.  If Americans blatantly continue murdering, bombing, torturing, pirating and farting around with the rest of the world’s treasures, food supply, freedom, people, ecosystems and oil, those of us who will still be alive here after our made-in-America World War 3 are gonna have all sorts of Visigoths and Barbarians at our gates — and boy, are they really gonna be pissed off!

     “What goes around comes around.”  We Americans can do better than this coronavirus infection of murderous hatred.  Much better.

January 26, 2020

America’s pyramid Ponzi scheme: Republi-Dems at the top, us at the bottom

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In 1963, Hannah Arendt wrote a 368-page book called On Revolution. It is a hard slog to get through but basically boils down to one sentence. “It takes a village to raise a democracy.”

And yet here we are, in America, almost 70 years later — and only allowed to have our say once every four years, for perhaps 30 seconds spent in electronic voting booths that are rigged — if we are even allowed to vote at all.

Professor Arendt, you were living in dreamland. In America today, our much-touted yeoman citizen-voice of freedom simply doesn’t exist.  Republicans tell us to vote for Ken dolls.  Democrats tell us to vote for anyone who isn’t Bernie, Elizabeth or Tulsi.

Instead, we gots numerous public relations firms, endless commercials and whole bunches of media-savvy billionaire pundits telling us how to vote and even what to think. “Vote for me,” the guys at the top always tell us. “We will stop abortion, stop gay marriage, stop affirmative action.” Seriously? Those three agenda items were Jesus’s major concerns? Give me a break.

Meanwhile the guys at the top of the American pyramid scheme are stealing our money, our jobs and our values — while laughing all the way to the bank as millions die in Yemen, Syria, Afghanistan, the slums of Mumbai and Brazil, and the homeless camps on the fringes of San Francisco, Chicago, Dallas and Washington DC.

You don’t have to read Hannah Arendt to know which way the wind blows in America right now — but her major premise is still spot-on even today. Democracy can only truly exist at the village level. We’ve been conned. Democracy in America hasn’t existed in over a century.


Professor Arendt’s ideal of the citizen-democrat might still be a possibility, even in this modern age of billionaire politicians, mega-corporate lobbyists and electoral pyramid schemes. We might still be able to demand “government by the people, of the people and for the people” — governent by individual town-hall meetings like she advocated for, where everyone has his or her say and we aren’t kicked around by power-mad leaders in a top-down Ponzi scheme where we at the bottom lose all.

But if that is ever going to happen, we gotta start organizing locally. Join a union. Join a town-hall meeting. Speak up. Participate. Join the freaking PTA!

And perhaps our town hall meetings could also be electronic. Don’t laugh. Perhaps this new utopia could be called “FaceBook”. Or “Twitter”. If only. If only FaceBook and Twitter weren’t part of the current top-down pyramid scheme too.

What do you think?

PS:  Professor Arendt also went on to say that freedom is a really big deal — even more important than food or shelter.  And yet RepublDems tamper with our freedom even more than they tamper with our food and our shelter.  Forget that.  Why can’t we have all three?

     Some of us are sick and tired of being at the bottom of America’s pyramid Ponzi schemes.



January 10, 2020

American democracy: We also vote with our feet

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According to Gayle Greene in her excellent book Insomniac, sleep is very important. According to me, I do my very best thinking in my sleep. So when I went over to the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco recently to hear a lecture by Peter Dale Scott, I couldn’t really understand what he was talking about — until I slept on it.

Scott said that American history has been composed largely of various social movements. Even the American Revolution was more of a social movement than a war. “For instance, when the majority of Americans finally got fed up with all that wealth disparity during the Gilded Age, they initiated the graduated income tax back in 1909.”

This tax was originally designed to cut wealthy Robber Barons down to size — except that now it has become graduated in the opposite direction. You and I pay more. Billionaires pay less.

And after a good night’s sleep last night, another idea just dawned on me with regard to current social movements here in America. Let’s take a look at our current voting system for instance. What do you think about that? America’s wealthy elite have hacked our voting machines, smothered us with commercials paid for by Citizens United, gerrymandered us like pretzels, bought off Congress, stacked the Supreme Court, put a yes-man in the White House and even physically crossed a whole bunch of us off the voters’ rolls.

And yet.

Even despite all these vote-suppression tactics, Americans still arise from the ground up to vote with our feet. We march. We sign petitions. We boycott. We picket. We strike. We turn to alternative news sources. We even sometimes begin to think for ourselves. Yikes!

And another social movement that is developing here in America is a new anti-war surge. “You know you want it,” our leaders tell us. “That war on Iran is gonna be even better than Christmas morning!” No, it’s not. We Americans are finally becoming sick and tired of having our money spent on oil-baron piracy in the Middle East and our kids coming home in a box. And so an anti-war social movement is gradually building up again too.

According to Scott, however, the biggest American social movement of all is about to happen and is now in the works. Consensus is about to be reached here — no matter what the pundits tell us or Washington decides.

“And what movement is that?” you might ask. The climate crisis movement. Apparently when all our forests burn down, we can no longer breathe safely and our toes curl up from the heat, Americans are finally going to reach a consensus and join together in a movement that will cross political, regional, religious, class and even racial lines. And then Americans are going to truly vote with their feet.


Stop Wall Street and War Street from destroying our world. And while you’re at it, please buy my books.




January 8, 2020

Soleimani, Iran’s General Washington. Trump, America’s mad King George

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Boy howdy, Trump has truly pissed off the Arab world this time. “It’s as if, back in 1776, that crazy King George III of England had somehow managed to pop a cap on General George Washington,” said a friend of mine yesterday. “People are furious in the Middle East right now. There’s no do-overs here. The colonists are truly up in arms now!”

That bad? “Yeah.”

It seems that Iranians are sick and tired of “Taxation without Representation” when it comes to their freedom (and their oil too, of course). Who can blame them? John Hancock would have also hated sanctions. If some crazy monarch on the other side of the ocean had murdered Hancock’s top general and sanctioned all his tea, he too would have left Valley Forge and crossed the Strait of Hormuz.

But enough about analogies. You get the point. It has been absolute insanity for Trump to piss off the entire Middle East (and Russia, China and the rest of the world as well) by murdering General Soleimani in cold blood — especially considering America’s own history of demanding self-rule.

And now Trump has got almost everyone in West Asia shouting “Give me liberty or give me death!”

And this new colonial Revolution east of Suez is also bad news for you and me too. Why? Because Trump hasn’t even considered the fact that his monarchy has now driven America twenty-two (22) trillion dollars into debt — and Trump simply doesn’t have the budget to go around murdering everyone in the Middle East without sanctioning us Americans right down to our teabags as well.


January 3, 2020

Almost like a death in the family: Thoughts on letting my little red car die peacefully

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“You gotta pass the smog test!” the department of motor vehicles screams at me. So I obediently drive my sweet little red 1990 Toyota Tercel down to the local gas station — and it passes the emissions test with flying colors.

Good job, little car!

But then the “check engine” light won’t turn off. Defective part. “Sorry but they don’t make that part any more,” sez my mechanic. So my car fails the smog test after all. But am I really ready to let my little red car die? Just like that? After 30 long loyal years of faithful service? What would Greta Thunberg do?

Of course the right thing to do is to give up my little red car — and help save the human race. But then I look around me. No one else is giving up any of their cars.

And no one else is giving up their “wars” either. War is the number-one polluter and cause of climate crisis on the planet today — but I don’t see anyone in Washington DC volunteering to give up their F-35s.

Perhaps we should make it a mandatory requirement that all those thousands and thousands of gas-guzzling toxin-emitting made-in-America tanks, bomber jets, air-craft carriers, drones, space-force launchers, nuclear missiles, etc. be forced to take a smog test too!

    And speaking of whether or not to die peacefully, we Americans are not being given that choice — but Medicare-for-all would go a long way toward solving that problem, right?

     And speaking of all those toxic, smog-emitting tanks, bomber jets, nuclear missiles and other gross weapons of death?  They have all been out there on the front lines both here and abroad, faithfully winning all sorts of “wars”.  They have won various “wars” on Afghans, Vietnamese, Iraqis, Central Americans, Syrians, Americans, Palestinians and Yemenis — just to name a few.  The only catch to all these victories is that the winners have only been the greedy and shameless war-profiteers who started them for fun and profit in the first place.

     It’s only average Americans like you and me who have lost all these wars.


December 31, 2019

Madam Jane predicts: World Peace in ten years!

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Don’t you just hate being lied to? Apparently not. We Americans all get systematically lied to every single time we turn on the TV — and yet nobody seems to mind. “Pharmaceutical side effects are worth it, the climate crisis is a myth, Zionists have every right to murder Palestinians, banksters are our BFFs, the chemical attacks on Syria weren’t staged, there are new well-paying jobs springing up like mushrooms….” Whatever.

“But I’m not lying!” Madam Jane told me this morning. “I’d never lie to you!” Yeah, right. “There really will be world peace in ten years!”

Sorry but I just gotta call bull-dookie here. “You really have the nerve to tell me that after Americans just spent seven trillion dollars on all kinds of deadly weapons, nuclear bombs, chemical warfare, drones, aircraft carriers and even hand guns, I’m supposed to believe the human race is actually going to get its shite together and suddenly become peaceful in the next 3650 days?”

That there’s no climate crisis hovering over us, that America’s brutal attacks on Iraqi, Syrian and Iranian oilfields will suddenly come to an end, that Americans will actually give up their fossil fuel cars? That Big Pharma’s pricey little white pills are going to miraculously cure us? Dream on.

“Are you really trying to convince me that we now live in a perfectly peaceful world? That assault rifles are an absolute fashion-accessory must-have? That there are oodles and oodles of affordable housing units available here, that homelessness doesn’t exist, that America is a democracy, that mega-corporations pay their fair share and that our current President, various Congressional legislators and members of our Supreme Court all love women (but in a good way)?”

The list of lies they tell us goes on and on. “Coke Zero is good for you. Our infrastructure is safe. We can’t allow big banks to fail. Corporations don’t need to pay taxes like the rest of us. Al Qaeda’s White Helmets are good guys.” And that America’s so-called wars and proxy wars on Vietnam, Korea, Chile, Afghanistan, Russia, Honduras, Cuba, Bolivia, Libya, Guatemala, Iraq, Venezuela, Syria, Palestine, Ukraine, Yugoslavia and Yemen are necessary to keep America strong?

And now Madam Jane is telling me that I’m spozed to believe that America, the greatest war-mongering liar in history, will suddenly want to start acting like Mother Theresa in just ten short years? That male White Nationalists will suddenly come to Jesus and no longer want to shoot you and me? That the climate crisis will suddenly be averted and that even our two-year-olds will all get along and never ever fight over toys ever again?

“No No No!” said Madam Jane. “I stick with my prediction. In ten years there really will be world peace…because…in ten years…the entire human race will have killed itself all off.” Oh.

Happy New Year, everyone! It’s now 2020. We only have ten more years left. What can we do to prove Madam Jane wrong?


December 26, 2019

Christmas Day in America: To be old, hungry and Black….

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Christmas Day was a truly grim eye-opener for me this year. “How many starving, homeless and desperate people existed in Jerusalem back when Jesus was alive?” I asked myself. “And were there as many lonely desperate outcasts to be found in Bethlehem 2019 years ago such as the ones I had just seen standing in line and patiently waiting for food in front of Glide Memorial Church in San Francisco on this current December 25th?”

It’s two millennia later. Here in America. The land of the free and the home of the brave. 2019 years after Herod. After 2000 years of so-called hope and progress? And yet there they all were on Christmas Day 2019, hundreds of them, stretching far down the block and around the corner, cold and hungry and homeless and desperate. And most of them were old and Black, having been systematically ground down to the nub by America’s racism — from the day they were born in their mangers.

I was so very shocked to my core to see so many hungry desperate people all in one place. On Christmas Day. In a land claiming to be “Christian”.

All I could do was go home to my cozy little apartment and try to block out these dreadful images with eggnog. Eggnog didn’t work. I had just seen the ghost of America’s Christmas future and it had terrified me — a future where, if Americans don’t finally start acting more Christ-like, we too, sooner or later, will all end up like the desperate people I saw yesterday — and there will be no “Joy to the World” for any of us ever again.

Let us hope that this horror never happens — and then let’s all go out and make sure that it doesn’t. It’s time that we take Christmas back from the corporate billionaires, the war-mongers and the haters!


December 24, 2019

Michael Bloomberg at the AGU: Was gonna write a hit piece on him but…

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Front and center at a recent Michael Bloomberg event in San Francisco? Seated within mere feet from an actual billionaire? Hey, that’s me! Somehow I managed to score the absolutely best seat in a room that held 3,000 people. Is karma my bitch or what! Maybe I should play the lottery too, I’m feeling that lucky. We were all waiting to hear Jerry Brown and Michael Bloomberg talk about the current climate crisis.

Then a science guy from the Midwest in the seat next to me started man-splaining about how climate-crisis-denying politicians in the pay of huge corporations are constantly battling to prevent any sort of effort to stave off extinction of the human race. “At first they denied it was even happening at all but now they just tell us that solar power will give us cancer.” Uh, no. It won’t. “All you need is to use one-tenth of one percent of Michigan’s farmland to solar-power the entire state.” Our fossil-fuel warlords don’t want us to know that.

Then Brown and Bloomberg walked onstage. Damn it, I forgot my camera. They were only 12 feet away. But there’s still the old-school option of pen and ink, right? So I’m sitting here in the front row, totally ready to write a hit-piece on Bloomberg, the billionaire who has suddenly switched from being a neo-con Repub to being a climate-protecting Man of the People. Humph.

“No one in the Midwest has even heard of Michael Bloomberg,” said the man seated to my right. And does Bloomberg have a facelift? I wish I look that good at his age.

But then Bloomberg speaks. Oh, crap. He’s really actually into this climate crisis stuff, has been since the 1990s, puts his money where his mouth is. There goes my dream of an actual hit piece.

“This is the most important time to be working in science,” he tells the 3,000 science nerds who are avidly listening. “And we desperately need politicians who are not purveyors of ‘alternative facts’ at this crucial time.”

Yeah, we do need them. Desperately. Sometimes we Americans get so thoroughly involved in our own current soap operas that we forget the very real dangers of the Big Picture when we pull the levers of our (highly tampered with) voting machines.

“Ending the climate crisis is not a scientific problem. We can do this. It is a political problem.” Oh. That’s probably why he is running for prez — not for fame and glory? Hmmm. “Climate-change deniers have gone from saying ‘It doesn’t exist’ to ‘It’s a commie plot’ to ‘It may exist — but it wasn’t caused by me!’ Climate capture is our only viable solution. And we need educated people to save the world.”

Tell that to the current administration. America is currently # 22 in science education. There are currently twenty-one other countries who are both smarter than us and have more science nerds in the pipeline. That’s just scary.

“But this is a world-wide problem and it needs a world-wide solution. We need China and India onboard with this too.” This is no time to go picking a trade-war with China. “We need China to join us in this fight. The trade war isn’t helping here.”

Altogether Bloomberg gave a very impressive speech. However, like the guy next to me just commented, “If he really wanted to get his message across, he should just spend all this money on simply buying Fox News.”

But still and all, I was impressed with the new “Mike” Bloomberg. Why? Because the climate crisis is really a big deal for me. I gots grandchildren. I would like to see them survive the next twenty years. And Bloomberg is still far better than what we are stuck with in Washington now.

PS: Neither Bloomberg nor Brown mentioned the greatest polluter of all — war-mongering. Imperialism. “Humanitarian intervention”. Afghanistan. Libya. Iraq. Yemen. Korea. Palestine. Bolivia. Chile. Bosnia. Vietnam. Honduras. Guatemala. Ukraine. Syria. Bombs that go bump in the night — and calculated slaughter of women and children by the millions. Imperial “wars” that are murdering our climate too. And us as well.

Let’s face it, guys. We Americans aren’t never gonna give up our cars. We’re like those lung-cancer patients who smoke til it kills us. But…. I think that Americans may finally be willing to give up on “war”.

Bloody imperialism since 9-11 has been a really bad seven-trillion-dollar consumer decision. We coulda bought solar-powered cars instead. And perhaps in the future we Americans may finally wake up and chose American values and Jesus’ teachings (and sustainable energy) here at home — instead of the wholesale murder of babies abroad.

Hey, it could happen.

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