August 24, 2017

Netroots Nation’s main message: Organize Organize Organize!

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I’m one of the most disorganized people I know. So imagine my shock when I arrived at a recent Netroots Nation convention in Atlanta, Georgia, and found myself in an auditorium filled with over a thousand Progressives, all of whom just love to organize stuff — everything from national politics to sock drawers.

I almost fled in panic.

However, guilt and the idea that I might actually learn something forced me hang around. That — and the prospect of free hors d’oeuvres. “Let’s unify, focus and organize!” said the first speaker. “And stop trying to be Republican-lite. Make your argument and make it unapologetically. Include conservatives in your vision. Be honest about what you believe. We gotta emphasize the idea of creating a true Public Good for all. And we gotta organize!”

The next speaker talked about money — and how to organize it too of course. “Our banks are bullying us into using our own money to violate our moral values,” he said. “And three out of four Americans are currently not in a position to handle any emergency situation the costs more than $700.” Flat tire on the freeway? We’re screwed. “Economic uncertainty is the one experience that unites us Americans. We gotta organize around that.”

The mayor of Tallahassee spoke next. Andrew Gillum. He is running for governor of Florida. “If you are not sitting at the political table, then you are on the menu,” he said. I’d vote for him — but then I’d have to move to Florida. Too hot.

Stacey Abrams, a candidate for the governor of Georgia, spoke next. “We believe in the power of the government to do good. And we have to build on that power to do good — from the ground up!” Guess that means that we gotta organize? Yep. Abrams herself is responsible for registering something like 250,000 voters. How organized is that!

Then my very own Congressional representative Barbara Lee spoke next. I’m still kinda mad at her for voting to support sanctions against Russia. Who do they think they are in Congress? Gods? America has sanction plans for Iran, Russia, Venezuela and who the freak knows where all else. Will China, the EU, Latin America and Africa be next? Who the freak are we gonna have left to trade with? Ourselves? Plus how come everyone is so hot to sanction Russia but hates sanctioning those creepy Israeli neo-cons who are human-rights violators on a horrific level? Now BDS is a no-no? Why?

“We need to apply street heat,” said Rep. Lee. “We need to organize!” Big ovation. She is definitely preaching to the choir. “My grandmother was raped by a White man and the only reason they let my mother into a segregated hospital to have an emergency C-section was because she was half White. And that baby who almost died was me.”

And then my sweet little point-and-shoot camera got lost and/or stolen so you won’t be able to see my selfie with the next speaker — Elizabeth Warren. And, please, Elizabeth. Don’t tell me to organize! I can’t even get my own camera under control.

“We are not going back to the days when Democrats were too chicken to fight Wall Street. And it’s not just Trump that is causing this crisis. When he is gone, the crisis will still be there. Clean water, no wars, campaign reform, women’s rights. We need to lead the Democratic party back from the wilderness. We can care about the White working class and Black Lives Matter too. They both have something in common. Their rights are both being ripped away!”

And how do we stop this? “Organize! The system is rigged against us and has been for a long, long time. But there are more of us than there are of them. And it’s also time to say that Democrats are on the side of American values.” Not constantly siding with the immoral values of Wall Street and War Street.

Al Gore spoke next — and of course he told us that we gotta organize around climate change too. “Not only is this a moral issue,” he said, “but Mother Nature is our biggest ally.” Holy cow. Now I gotta organize Mother Nature as well?

Then word came down about the Charlottesville tragedy. And, boom, just like that — within five minutes, over a thousand (mostly White and middle-class) convention attendees had organized themselves, created improvised signs in protest against fascism and marched through the streets of Atlanta all the way to City Hall. I’m telling you. When it comes to organizing, these Netroots Nation attendees were awesome!

So what else did I learn from this convention? That each of us Americans has to make a very important choice in the coming days: Either we join these idealistic organizers and, like them, work for the good of all Americans — or we turn to the Dark Side of selfishness, greed, bigotry and hate and break our country into pieces. To paraphrase Jerry Lee Lewis, “There’s going to be a whole lot of grassroots organizing going on!” when these most excellent organizers return home. Will we be with them or against them?

PS: I was very disappointed that there were almost no panels or discussions regarding the subject of “war” at this convention — especially since over 60% of America’s budget is wasted on stuff like greedy contractors, supporting al Qaeda and slaughtering babies in the Middle East for fun and profit. Americans need to organize around stopping America’s many evil “wars” as well.

PPS: America claims to be a “Christian” nation and yet acts like it has never even heard of either the Golden Rule or the holy Philosopher King who told us about it 2000 years ago. But next week I actually have a chance to visit the birthplace of this great Philosopher King — Bethlehem! Will let you know how that goes.

“Dear Jesus,” I will tell him, “America’s leaders today have systematically organized my poor corporate-dominated country to go against every single thing that you stand for. Good God, will you please do something about that!”


August 22, 2017

Racial justice in Atlanta: Gone with the wind?

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While in Georgia at the Netroots Nation convention last week and while in search of the real Atlanta, I went on a tour of the Margaret Mitchell Museum. Mitchell was the author of “Gone With the Wind”.

“Margaret herself was not a bigot,” one of the docents there told me. “She was simply trying to tell a story from Scarlett O’Hara’s point of view — and even Scarlett’s views changed toward the end of the book as she finally discovered who her true friends really were. But what’s most important about this book is that it is a story of survival, being told back in the 1930s, at a time when most Americans were suffering from the Great Depression. And Scarlett’s famous line, ‘As God is my witness, I will never go hungry again,’ struck a chord with most of the world back then — especially in China and, surprisingly, even at the Auschwitz concentration camp. Nazis immediately outlawed the book.”

“Yeah but…” I replied. “Even today, over a hundred and fifty years after slavery was abolished, Black people are still having a really tough time surviving — so why don’t they too love this book?”

“Good point,” replied the docent.

And here’s another “Yeah, but…” to consider. What if the Confederate States of America had actually won the 1860 war? And taking that thought to its logical conclusion, what if, approximately 150 years later, human beings of African decent are still being hideously whipped and branded daily in the Confederacy and slave children are still being sold off like cattle? And the only jobs poor Whites can get now are as overseers, slave catchers, sharecroppers and whores? And the world war that America’s “Greatest Generation” fought against Hitler would have also been fought against the CSA too — because the Confederacy would have easily sided with the Nazis against our very own fathers and grandfathers who risked their own lives to save freedom.…–Becky-O-Malley-

And if the South had won the Civil War, then the bloody floggings, lynchings and rapes of slaves will have continued to this day and even become a highlight of the CSA evening news — and 80% of the population of the Confederacy would be legally forbidden to learn how to read.

And the Confederacy would also have built a Wall to keep its slaves in.

A logical extension of Scarlett’s antebellum world would be a dystopian nightmare — far worse than Nazi Germany. Most White Southerners today should be glad that Davis and Lee lost the Civil War! But the Deep South’s modern-day 1%, its plantation owners? If their ancestors had won the “War of Succession”? Today they would be as happy as pigs in mud.

PS: Oh crap. I just found out that Atlanta is the place to be if you wanna be a zombie extra on “Walking Dead” — which has always been the pinnacle aspiration for my acting career. “We are looking for extras who are skinny, have big eyes, long necks and good bone structure,” says the casting director. Hey, that’s me! Looks like I just missed my chance. Rats.

PPS: Actually, I finally did find the heart of the real Atlanta — at the Greyhound bus depot, when I took a day-trip up to Chattanooga to visit my dear friends Joe and Glenda Thompson. There were all kinds of different races and ethnicities at the depot, all mixed together there in peace, all just trying to get a bus home.

And I also got to receive a blessing from a former meth-head born-again Christian on my trip back to Atlanta on the MegaBus. “I hold love in my heart for all races,” she told me — even though she no longer held any front teeth in her mouth. Bless her heart. I was impressed.


August 17, 2017

Gore, Carter & MLK: Moral giants of the Deep South

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Just when I had begun to think that the American Deep South had finally lost its moral compass completely, was contributing nothing to our culture except racists and neo-Nazis, was making a mockery of sacred Christian values and had stuck us with such modern-day carpetbaggers and moral mosquitoes as Nixon, Reagan, the Bushes, Clinton and Trump — then something monumental happened to change my mind. I took a trip to Atlanta, Georgia.

I’d gone there to attend the Netroots Nation’s annual convention, but also to have a little free time to look around and be a tourist.

First I visited the Ebenezer Baptist Church where Martin Luther King Jr. first took his courageous and world-shaking moral stand. “Make America moral again!” he told us. And we did. We stopped segregation. We stopped the slaughter in Vietnam. We stopped economic injustice. And we also tried to make the world a better place.

Next I visited the Jimmy Carter Presidential Library, thanks to the Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority’s most excellent #16 bus. Carter is another American moral giant with a strong vision for a better world. And guess what? He too is a product of the American Deep South.

And then there is Al Gore, a truly moral man who has almost single-handedly taken on the gigantic task of saving the entire human race from extinction — and not only from industrial pollution but from moral pollution as well. I just heard Gore speak in Atlanta at the Netroots Nation convention. “We must stop industries from using our skies as sewers,” he said. And what was the result of him giving us this extremely crucial warning? After he began telling us this inconvenient truth, America’s modern-day carpetbaggers stripped him of his presidency and forced some moral cretin upon us instead.

So now whenever I get down in the dumps about how the Deep South just keeps grinding out its multitudes of neo-carpetbaggers and moral lepers, I’m also going to remember that the Deep South also gave us such moral giants as Carter, Gore and MLK. And then I’m going to pray that the Deep South can finally continue to give us even more of these shining examples of moral courage as well — instead of just producing disgusting sewers of bigotry and hate.

Now is the time for all Americans to also become moral giants too — all of us. Now more than ever. Before morality disappears entirely from the country that we hold so dear.

But right now, morality no longer appears to be self-evident in America — and “The Charlottesville Horror” also seems to be playing in all too many theaters down South.

PS: Oh crap. Looks like “The Charlottesville Horror” is also coming to my home town Berkeley again — on August 27. Those neo-Nazi creeps really do need to get a life. Their mothers need to send them back to Bible school at the very least. Jesus taught tolerance, justice and love, not bigotry, violence and hatred.

PPS: President Trump sez that General Lee is in the same class as George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. No, he’s not. Lee is clearly in the same class as Aaron Burr. So where are all the Aaron Burr statues these days?


August 4, 2017

Stockholm Syndrome: Why Deep State carpetbaggers love the American South

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In less than a week I’ll be flying down to Atlanta, to spend a few days on Peachtree Street and attend a Netroots Nation convention there. Looks like I’m actually gonna be marching through Georgia too — but not as a carpetbagger. “And so they sang the chorus from Atlanta to the sea….”

It seems to me that if anyone in the world would be qualified to recognize a carpetbagger when they see one, you would think it would be someone from the American South. But no. Ever since Nixon developed his “Southern Strategy,” almost everyone south of the Mason-Dixon Line has been supporting Deep State carpetbaggers whenever they possibly can — and probably even hoping to become one of them too. It’s like Southerners were all suffering from the Stockholm Syndrome where victims begin to identify with their tormentors.

Or perhaps I am getting this all wrong?

Well, I’m about to find out.

If any of all y’all in any of the deep southern Red States want to stop by the convention and try to prove to me that Nixon wasn’t a carpetbagger, that Reagan wasn’t a carpetbagger, that both Bushes weren’t carpetbaggers, that Trump isn’t a carpetbagger — and that even Clinton and Obama weren’t carpetbagging their little hearts out for the Deep State as well, I’d be more than willing to listen to your side of the story.

Otherwise this is my side of the story and I’m sticking to it. Seems to me that the Deep State is joyfully singing the very same chorus from Atlanta to the sea that General Sherman did — as it and its local minions happily steal from the Southern salt of the earth in order to give to the Rockefellers, the Rothschilds, Citbank, Monsanto, Raytheon, Halliburton and Lockheed.

According to journalist Robert Parry, however, there actually is a way that Trump can actually stop being just another sleazy Deep State carpetbagger and start becoming an actual good prez — believe it or not. “But how could such a thing possibly happen?” you might ask. By him actually telling us the freaking truth about stuff that goes on in the Beltway! Then Trump could actually become the freaking hero of the day and actually represent us little guys in DC like he said that he would — sort of like “Mr. Trump goes to Washington” instead of the current “Mr. Trump is terrified of the Deep State and is constantly licking their boots”. Is Trump already suffering from Stockholm Syndrome too? Looks like it.

“But do I think any of this will happen?” asks Parry (and the rest of us too!) “Not really. Far more likely, the Trump presidency will remain mired in its ‘reality-TV’ squabbles with the sort of coarse language that would normally be bleeped out of network TV; the Democrats will continue substituting the Russia-gate blame-game for any serious soul-searching; the Republicans will press on with more tax cuts for the rich; and the Great American Experiment with Democracy will continue to flounder into chaos.”

PS: Talk about biting the hand that feeds you! Every single year, southern Red States simply hold out their hands and holler “Poor me!” until the compassionate, liberal and progressive Blue States in the north and the west pour billions of $$$ into said outstretched hands. And then these very same Red States turn around and show their undying gratitude by bad-mouthing and disrespecting the very liberals and progressives who feed them, clothe them, put food on their tables, give them jobs and educate their children.

That’s just wrong. And impolite too.

If the Blue States ever wised up enough to let the Red States slide, the American South would become a Third World country faster than Winchester rifles disappear at a Walmart two-for-one sale.

PPS: Various Deep State carpetbaggers over the years have also convinced a majority of voters in the mostly-Christian Red States that it is in their very best interests to spend our country’s patrimony on playing Herod in the Middle East by murdering multitudes of beautiful babies from Afghanistan to Yemen; on sending the South’s precious sons and daughters into harm’s way so that filthy-rich carpetbagging corporations can act like Pharisees; and on helping oil billionaires slink through the eye of a needle.

How the freak does all this murdering and maiming of The Innocents by the Deep State stack up to what Jesus has taught us? It doesn’t. Must be the Stockholm Syndrome at work here too.


July 28, 2017

Cameras, iPhones & Instagrams: Reshaping our worldview

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Yesterday I went to see the new Dorthea Lange exhibit at the Oakland museum and was pretty much left speechless by the raw power of her photographs. “She would expose a roll of film, send it off to Washington DC to be developed, and then wait for it to come back. Sometimes it was months before she could see how her photos turned out.”

Today we can see within seconds how our photos have turned out — and, thanks to FaceBook, Instagram and SnapChat, half the world can see how our photos turned out too.

This new and sudden flood of millions of images that wash over us daily might be both a good thing and a bad thing. It’s bad because individual photos have now lost the intense power and magic that came with the exceptional and stark rarity of a great photo such as ones that Lange took.

The gut-wrenching reality of Lange’s photos moved an entire generation to take immediate action to stop the horrors of the Great Depression. And the stoic and tragic faces of children in her photos of Japanese-Americans being forcefully dragged off to concentration camps like so many cattle also made Americans realize just how vulnerable all of us are and to move us as a nation to apologize for this injustice. “First they came for the….” And now they could come for us too.

Back in the day, Lange made everyone who saw her photographs suddenly realize how vulnerable we all are, and this effect of her photos is true even now — because even now, despite all our totally cool scientific developments and technological inventions since then, we still are as vulnerable. Lose a house? Lose a job? We could be dead within weeks — perhaps even within days. Lange’s haunting images of women and children on the brink of starvation and ruin remind us of this — that even White Americans back then could be so easily and completely betrayed by Deep State banksters and carpetbaggers. And that this vulnerability that Lange forced Americans to confront in the 1930s is true for her photos even now, 70 years later.

But the good news is that now Dorthea Lange isn’t the only one out there who is exposing us to the intense vulnerability of mankind, a vulnerability to all kinds of natural disasters and human-created assaults on both our here-and-now and on our future — day after day, year after year.

Let’s hear it for Dorthea Lange of course — but let’s also hear it for all our modern iPhones, Instagram, FaceBook and digital camera users as well. Slowly but surely, we too are bringing a face to the troubles and woes assaulting human beings daily even now and, like Lange, we too are serving as the conscience of a nation, a nation of people who are just plain lucky to be as well-off as we are, a nation that needs to remember, “There but for fortune go you and I”.

PS: This September, I will be taking my trusty Canon PowerShot to the Middle East — and hope to capture some of the horrors of destabilization over there as a result of the American carpetbaggers and war-mongers who have turned that entire part of the globe into either a fiery inferno or a ravished hulk. Perhaps I too may in my own small way sway the American conscience into finally putting a stop to all the freaking bloody disasters that our very own Wall Street and War Street are causing over there — and that we, the American people, are ultimately responsible for and have paid for in blood money. “First they came for the Middle East…”

PPS: Photographers aren’t the only artists who force us to look at the vulnerability of humans. Writers do also — starting with those Biblical guys who wrote about the compassion of Jesus, something you really don’t see all that much in America any more, especially not in the Bible Belt.

During the Great Depression, John Steinbeck’s writings moved our parents and grandparents to tears. And now I am reading Jesmyn Ward’s tragic memoir “Men We Reaped” and my own eyes are filling with tears too. For many Americans, not all that much has changed since the Great Depression.


July 22, 2017

The Strange Case of the Zany Zionist

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“Please imagine that you are a poor defenseless elderly women, slight of frame and weighing only 103 pounds,” writes Dr. Watson. Sorry, can’t do that. In my own mind’s eye, I’m still only 15 years old and in prime physical shape. But what else do you got? “Next try to imagine that some lumbering 300-pound oaf with a dyed-orange hairdo suddenly grabs your forearm and starts to tighten and tighten his grip….” Yikes!

“And then imagine that all this manhandling is taking place in a courtroom — and that suddenly all eyes are upon this elder-abusing bully and he is forced to loosen his grip.” Wait a minute. Now this story is beginning to sound uncomfortably familiar. Perhaps that little old lady might actually be me after all.

But assuming that this powerful and dramatic court scene is the climax of Dr. Watson’s story, then where exactly did this strange case actually begin? Stand down, Dr. Watson. I can take it from here.

It all began back around 2003, even before I had joined a small California branch of the International Solidarity Movement, a non-violent group devoted to bringing peace and justice to Israel and Palestine. And the lumbering oaf in Dr. Watson’s courtroom drama appears to be the exact same guy who has devoted the last two decades of his life to stalking ISM members, bullying us, acting shady and generally giving Zionism a bad name.

14 years ago, this guy first turned up at one of our meetings disguised as a Pakistani — that is until his pancake makeup began to run.

Then in 2006, this zany Zionist made an appearance on the Bill O’Reilly show, telling every kook and nut watching it that ISM supported terrorists (which we don’t!) And then when even Bill O’Reilly seemed to think that perhaps this hulking oaf might be a bit extreme even for his show, this guy just kept re-publishing that same tired segment over and over again on his blog — for the next eleven years.

And then this hulking stalker-for-Zionism began falsely accusing us of being members of Hezbollah and fraternizing with Hamas (totally untrue!) He even started publishing photos of us on his website as if we were wanted criminals (including a rather flattering mugshot of me).

Then our zany Zionist stalker started becoming even more obsessive and sent in an “undercover agent” to secretly videotape our meetings (and to eat up our refreshments too). Are all Zionists as weird as this one? Now that’s a scary thought.

So. “How does this story finally end?” you might ask. “What was the final courtroom decision and who finally won the case?” Unfortunately it wasn’t me — but it wasn’t him either! The judge just shrugged and threw up her hands. “This case is too complex for me to try in this court,” she said. Okay. I agree. The judge then indicated that it was time for this overzealous and zany Zionist to be tried in a higher court instead. But which court? The Supreme Court? The Court of Public Opinion? Or an even Higher Court than that — one involving pearly gates vs. the Fires of Hell?

As the ancient Hebrew prophet Micah was fond of saying, “Men will be judged by whether or not they love justice, and whether or not they show mercy”. Or words to that effect. ISM passes these criteria with flying colors. But, unfortunately, the Zany Zionist does not. Case closed.

Or is it?

Apparently, our very own U.S. Congress has also become a nest of zany Zionists too. Good grief, now Congress wants to pass a bill that will make it a felony if someone like me demands justice in Israel in the same manner that Nelson Mandela demanded justice in South Africa back in the 1980s. If I keep on insisting on justice in Israel, I could also get stalked by zany Zionists in Congress too. Yikes!

PS: Just found out that I (and hopefully Dr. Watson too) will be going to Israel in early September as an ISM volunteer in Palestine — hopefully in Jenin.

PPS: Dr. Watson is currently busy writing up his latest adventure, the fascinating “Case of the Missing Grandchildren”. And I also hear that Dr. Phil is helping him write it too.

Wailing wall - Copy (2)

July 15, 2017

Clear & Present: SaudiGate, IsraelGate, Nixon & Reagan

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I’ve got some good news and some bad news.

The good news is that, for at least the next few months, several million Americans will live a little bit longer because they will still have affordable healthcare. Even though it’s not single-payer healthcare (which could save millions more American lives and cost billions of dollars less), it’s still better than Trump-Ryan-McConnell-Don’t-Care by a long shot. But then this isn’t really news at all, right? Just the same old story of our corporate-sponsored government vs. what Jesus would have done. Boring. Nothing to see here, folks. Let’s move on.

The bad news is that I just got into a big fight with a friend of mine over RussiaGate.

“The Trumps should be arrested,” my friend shouted at me, “for using Russia to influence the 2016 presidential election!”

“But what about the Clintons and their use of the Saudis and Israelis to influence the 2016 election?” I replied.

“But that’s completely different.”

Is it now? In exactly what way? Israelis have used the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) to rule our elections with an iron hand for the past four decades, and the Saudis have used the Clinton Foundation to influence our elections by donating all kinds of $$$$ to it. But nobody appears to be whining their little hearts out about that kind of stuff.

“Yeah, but…” countered my friend. “Both AIPAC and the Clinton Foundation are run by Americans, not foreign nationals.” And that makes it okay? Americans who are unregistered agents of foreign countries are supposed to declare themselves according to the Foreign Agents Registration Act, Section 22 et seq. Or perhaps these Americans are just committing treason?

Is my friend really actually trying to tell me that, “Treason is okay — just as long as it doesn’t involve Russia….”

Then I replied, “But AIPAC and Israel have tried to influence the outcome of almost every single American federal election in the past 50 years — and in the past few decades, almost no politician has been sent to Washington without AIPAC’s stamp of approval. Just ask former congresswoman Cynthia McKinney about that one.” Not to mention Israel’s grim influence in attempting to sink the USS Liberty 50 years ago today.

“But what about Barbara Lee?” answered my friend. Geez Louise. Bad example. Rep. Lee is what we call a PEP — Progressive Except for Palestine. In America, PEPs are elected all the time. Even Al Franken and Bernie Sanders are PEPs. But you never ever hear of any PER (Progressive Except for Russia) getting elected. In fact, according to spell-check, that isn’t even a word.

Nobody on The Hill dares to cross Israel or the Saudis — for fear of not getting re-elected. And yet almost everybody on The Hill feels free to bad-mouth Russia. I rest my case.

PS: No, wait. I don’t rest my case either. Have you ever gotten yourself into a debate and then gone home and told yourself, “Good grief, I shoulda said this…” Well. Perhaps what I should have also said to my friend is, “Donald Jr. talked with some Russian attorney? HELL, REAGAN KEPT AMERICANS HOSTAGE IN TEHRAN for months in order to get elected — and later even illegally sold weapons to Iran during the Iran-Contra scandal when our ally Iraq was at ‘war’ with Iran. But nobody complained about that. You never heard of ReaganGate. Of course you didn’t.”

Not to mention that Nixon totally screwed the Paris peace talks with Vietnam in order to get elected, causing the grim and unnecessary deaths of hundreds of American soldiers. Where’s the anger about that? Plus the Bushes, the Clintons, Obama, etc. all regularly chatted it up with Saudi princes and Israeli neo-colonialists in order to get elected too. Hypocrites. All of them.” syria-a-civil-war-supported- by-washington-and-its-allies- us-wants-to-partition-and- reconfigure-the-middle-east/ 5598841

And, duh, I also should have told my friend about how I myself have lived through the grim and useless 1950s First Cold War, deliberately started by the Dulles brothers — and that it was a miserable, scary, McCarthyism-laden time that I wouldn’t wish on a dog. And that Putin is no Stalin. And that Trump, Netanyahu, Prince What’s-his-Name and Mitch McConnell are not John and Bobby Kennedy either.


Stop Wall Street and War Street from destroying our world. And while you’re at it, please buy my books!

Plus here’s a sneak preview of my latest book, a thrilling murder mystery entitled “Road Trip to Damascus,” hopefully coming out by the end of 2017:

July 9, 2017

America supplies the Taliban’s weapons? What!

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For the last 16 (sixteen) long miserable years, America has been at war with the Taliban in Afghanistan, right? And so I’m starting to feel rather foolish because, after all these 16 (sixteen) long miserable years, I’m only now just beginning to ask myself, “Who the freak is financing the Taliban? And who is supplying all their weapons?”

And don’t try to tell me that the Talibs are still using those rusty old guns and RPGs that the Soviets left lying around in the 1980s or the ones that the Americans used to arm bin Laden and al Qaeda back in the 1990s. That is so yesterday. Let’s move on.

Even an American fourth-grader could eventually have figured this out — that the Taliban have just got to be using sophisticated and up-to-date weaponry. Why? Because they are still in the mix — even after 16 (sixteen) long miserable years of battling America, Canada, Europe, NATO, the UN, whatever. The most weaponized countries in the world have skin in this game — and yet they are still losing this “war”.

For instance, just look at Palestine. Palestinians use rocks and stones and the occasional bottle-rocket in order to defend themselves from their brutal occupiers who use the most advanced arsenal there is. Plus the IDF now claims that Palestinians have also escalated their weapons arsenal to knives but those are probably just throw-downs. Perhaps the Palestinians use knives. Perhaps not. But see how far stone-age weaponry has gotten them — they basically live in concentration camps. Their rocks (and even knives) are a joke.

And don’t even get me started on the Yemenis — who appear to be fighting off the entire Saudi air force, army and killer drones only by the grace of slingshots and the willingness to become corpses rather than submit to tyranny. “Give me liberty or give me death!” they cry from behind their pea-shooters and BB guns.

So. I wrote to a friend of mine who works for the Afghan government and asked her, “Who finances the Taliban and supplies them with weapons? Surely they aren’t manufacturing RPGs inside their caves?” Here is her answer.

“Yes, you are correct to ask this. The continued persistence of the Taliban is really important, a question that has been sitting out there in plain sight that American media and scholars tend not to ask. This is not just a question of financing; but also the fact that Americans have probably killed more Taliban insurgents since 2001 than the total number of Taliban in 2001.

“Funding seems to come from two sources. First, the opium trade. Last I checked, Helmand Province had gone from negligible production before 2001 to producing 70% of the world’s opium by 2010.

“The second major source of funding is charitable organizations in the Gulf, channeled through Pakistan and contributed to by Pakistan. Not sure of the proportion of this funding compared to the narcotics trade. Yep. Our ‘allies’ in the Gulf seem to be major supporters of the Taliban.”

What? The Taliban buys arms with money from opium sales? And who, exactly, buys up most of their opium? Americans do, yeah duh. But let’s move on. Again.

The Gulf States supply the Taliban’s weapons? And where exactly do the Saudis and them even get any weapons to supply the Taliban with? Hell, even I know the answer to that one. From America!

What the freak do you think that the Saudis are going to do with all the 130 billion dollars worth of weapons that America just contracted to sell them? Give them out as party favors at weddings? Yeah right.

PS: This constant river of weapons sales to both sides of the Afghan conflict is really working out well for US weapons manufacturers, ya think? They sell to the Taliban and they also sell to the Marines. What could be a better way to turn a profit? This is almost exactly the same deal that the weapons manufacturers had going for themselves during the Iran-Iraq “war”. They sold weapons to the Pentagon who sold or gave them to their buddy Saddam Hussein — and then American entrepreneurs turned around and sold weapons to Iran too. Remember Ollie North and the Iran-Contra scandal? “It’s just business.”

These weapons manufacturers really need to be put in check before even more US Marines get murdered.

PPS: America’s current fairy-tale-generating propaganda machine has just gotten even the freaking NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC involved in its evil schemes to swamp us with even more blatant advertisements for “war”. WMD consumerism? Exactly how many more deadly weapons do we need?

How many deadly weapons does it take to destroy the entire Earth? To slaughter all seven billion of us humans? Apparently we still don’t have enough WMDs. Apparently we gotta keep making (and using) even more and more! And as the flood of propaganda lies about Syria continue to drown us, even the freaking National Geographic has jumped into the lucrative business of lying. Yikes!

Stop Wall Street and War Street from destroying our world. And while you’re at it, please buy my books!

Plus here’s a sneak preview of my latest book, a thrilling murder mystery entitled “Road Trip to Damascus,” hopefully coming out by the end of 2017:


July 3, 2017

Carpetbagger: What I resent most about Donald Trump

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Could it be Trump’s weird bad-hair-day approach to grooming that I resent most? No, not really. He’s actually been getting his hair to behave itself lately.

Is it that The Donald is an even worse president than George W. Bush? Nah, it’s not that — even though Trump seems to be trying really hard to be the absolute worst American president ev-ah. But at least DJT actually did get legally elected (sort of, if you ignore our country’s new Jim Crow voting laws, that electoral college nonsense, blatant electronic vote tampering and Citizens United). Bush definitely did not get elected. GWB bought the 2000 election straight up.

Is it because Trump (like Johnson, Bush, Clinton, Bush 2, Reagan and Obama) lied us into yet another phony act of “war”? Nope, that seems to be what American presidents do these days — make sure that weapons contractors (not us) get all the taxpayers’ money. It’s part of the job description as far as I can tell.

Is it because Trump lies through his teeth about almost everything else? No, almost all politicians lie through their teeth — with the exception of Senator Al Franken (please read his new book “Giant of the Senate”). I’ve come to expect constant waterfalls of lies from DC and try to work around them.

Is it because Trump kisses the arse of the evil Deep State? Nope, almost everyone in Washington does that (see below regarding HRC). Why just single out Trump?

Is it because Trump promised us that he would end the freaking illegal and criminal “war” on Syria? That he even pinky-swore that he would stop the Pentagon and CIA’s traitorous funneling of blood money to ISIS and al Qaeda in Syria and Iraq — but yet under Trump’s watch there are still blatant American ratlines to these disgusting terrorist groups who only Syria’s President Assad and the Russians are actually fighting against? No. Trump lied and I fell for it. That one’s on me.

Is it because Trump generates hate between Americans everywhere he goes, blaming immigrants and Blacks and Muslims for all the troubles that the Deep State has systematically caused? Uh-uh. Wall Street and War Street have been screwing Americans for decades, centuries even. If Americans are still falling for this shite, it’s not Trump’s fault. This one’s on the Americans who elected him. To get at the real truth, all Americans have to do is just occasionally read my blog!

Is it because Trump has shamelessly disrespected the skilled and vital immigrant labor force that is currently re-building America in the 21st century and doing it under almost slave-labor conditions — in the same manner that African slaves built America in the 18th century, and that 19th-century America was built by cheap labor supplied by Chinese coolies, immigrants from impoverished European serf classes and America’s own exploited and wage-enslaved white factory workers and miners? Well, that too — but this isn’t the main Trump yucky grossness that I resent.

No, what I really resent about Trump is that he’s always asking his grassroots base for money — sending out several lie-filled emails a day, trying to nickel-and-dime America’s poor sweet misguided grandmas and grandpas to death. Trump always makes it sound like a national emergency if Junior doesn’t cough up his lunch money for Trump.

That’s what irritates me most.

Isn’t it enough that Trump is stripping his grassroots base of their medical care, their jobs, their emergency back-up food supplies, their chance at a good education, their soldier-boy sons (who will now come back in a box after fighting his senseless “wars” for him), their chances of having a real home and all their hopes of becoming part of the middle-class American Dream? Now Trump’s going after their life-savings too?

Because so many of Trump’s supporters come from the Red-State South, one would think that his supporters in those states — with their intense love of dwelling on the past — would be able to immediately spot a Northern carpetbagger when they see one. But apparently not.

And speaking of Northerners, here’s the next episode of my recent adventure in New York City, wherein Hillary Clinton tells all. But what I don’t understand is why Red-State voters recognize Clinton as the carpetbagger that she is at heart — but don’t seem to catch on that Donald Trump is one too. Huh?

New York City, Day Three, Part Two: Here’s one of my favorite things to do in NYC — go eat rice pudding at B&H Dairy on Second Avenue. Met a friend there and we talked. The 14th Street cross-town bus took forever to get there. I could have walked faster. At B&H, I told my friend about all the latest soap opera back in Berkeley and she caught me up on Lower East Side news.

“There’s a lot of construction going on here in Manhattan right now,” she said, “and also all over the world. There’s a lot of money-laundering out there apparently and building construction is the best way to do it. Even in Ramallah, buildings are going up like crazy.” Even in Berkeley. 10,000 units of housing. They build it and then sell it off to the Saudis or else to the Chinese.” I just gotta write a blog post about that!

My friend looked great by the way. What’s her secret?

“There was a big explosion next to the B&H last year and B&H was shut down as a result. The whole neighborhood rallied, even started a Go-Fund-Me site and saved B&H!” So there I was, still eating B&H rice pudding thanks to my friend and the neighborhood. The owners needed the money to rewire their gas lines before they could reopen.

Then I dealt with the subway and transferred two times without getting lost. Boo-yah! Aster Place to 14th Street to 34th Street and Eighth Avenue.

Next? A panel discussion at the Book Expo on how to sell one’s book to Hollywood. I asked them, “How do I sell my book to Studio Ghibli in Japan?” Nobody on the panel even knew who Studio Ghibli was. Humph.

Now I’m waiting in line with the rest of the media to get into see Hillary Rodham Clinton. There are about 50 of us. We’ve already been sniffed by bomb-sniffing dogs. Now it’s just wait and see. There are hundreds of people here who actually came (and actually paid good money) to see Killery explain all those dead babies who were murdered on her watch. Gross. But I’m not going to say anything — at least not until I get home to blog my heart out. Trump may be hitting America over the head with a hammer — but Hillary and her Deep State friends would have us die slowly by a thousand (budget) cuts.

Someone just handed me a glass of white wine. I wonder if they will serve food. I wonder if there are any press people here that I know. Probably not. I wonder if the Secret Service is here too. And then the crowd starts moving and I’m inside the auditorium, in the front but off to the side. No food.

Tomorrow Senator Al Franken is going to speak. Should I get up early enough to go to the children’s authors’ breakfast too? Nah. No free food that I can eat.

Carolyn Reedy of Simon and Schuster was the introducer. “She’s a major best-selling author. She’s published all five of her books with us — and a new one is coming soon. Cheryl Strayed, an author in her own right, will interview her. Remember that 65,000,000 people voted for Hillary Clinton and if only a small percentage of those buy her book….”

HRC came out. She got an actual standing ovation — except for from me. “Do you know how much we love you?” Not me. Not after the slaughter in Libya and Syria. She talked about the re-publications of “It Takes a Village”.

“I never know what they are attacking me for,” regarding the Republicans. Her other new book is “a personal deep experience and catharsis”. It’s a book of sayings and quotations. “People shared their own stories with me. Moments when people grab your hand and tell you their stories. That was incredibly meaningful to me.” Did Kaddafi grab your hand and tell you his story before you murdered him? “The courage to get back up when you’ve been knocked down. It was incredibly painful.” The book doesn’t have a title yet.

“Writing it was cathartic. Resilience is a great gift.” Tell that to the Syrians, why don’t you? “Whatever gives you that faith to keep going. The extraordinary capacity to keep going.” Like the dead people in Libya, Ukraine, Syria, etc. all have?

“One person told me how he was struck down by the landing gear of the plane on 9-11.” And lived to tell about it? And why exactly was the landing gear down? “There are challenges every step of the way. A lot are rooted in family and friends but a lot is my own determination and resilience. One foot in front of another. For the part that is larger than myself. I work in the little farmhouse we have.” You mean the 5,600-square-foot 2.5 million-dollar cottage with the swimming pool and guest house on acres of land just outside of Brooklyn?

She’s going a lot farther in her new book than she had. “This is my truth, no matter what others say. How I saw it, felt and thought. You cannot make up what happened! This is how I experienced it. Pulling the curtain back on running for president. You will find out.” She also said something about America’s need to come to grips with the future. I definitely agree with her on that one.

The hardest part for HRC was understanding what she didn’t do well or what would have worked better. “The more you understand what happened, the more we understand what we need to know. Russia. Russia’s interference. I am worried about my country. The way this White House is behaving is deeply troubling. The lies. What happened that was totally unprecedented.” The foreign country that actually interfered in our elections? What about Israel and Saudi Arabia? Or the lies she told about Libya? Gag me with a spoon. If she hadn’t lied and murdered her way through the world as Secretary of State, then perhaps people would have voted for her instead of Bernie or The Donald or Jill Stein. But then that’s just me.

“I’m fine as a person after this election but I’m worried as an American. Being an American was important when I was growing up. It was an open time. The world was out there waiting for us.” She then names Kennedy, Eisenhower. “That’s how we were raised. And I always loved reading. Nancy Drew, a girl who thought for herself.” Literature as inspiration and also distraction. She likes murder mysteries too so she can’t be all bad.

Hope? Is she hopeful? Yes, but hope needs to be linked to strategy, kindness. She was deeply troubled by the white racist in Portland — breaking through the veneer of civilization. A level of behavior should be expected of everyone. To unleash a level of vitriol is dangerous — and yet that’s exactly what she did with regard to Russia, Syria, Ukraine, Libya, etc.

“As Secretary of State, Senator and First Lady, I’ve traveled and it doesn’t take much to rip off the level of civilization. I’ve seen it in Bosnia and Rwanda. Find your role. Get involved. People of reason — there’s been a deliberate assault on Truth and Reason.” God I wish she’d shut up.

Advice to the first woman president? “Read my book! Plus our system is the most difficult in the world. We don’t have a parliamentary system where peers, colleagues and constituents know you first. Here you have to raise a lot of money and run a gauntlet. It’s the hardest job in the world — at least it used to be.” Plus women also have the double standard. I’ve experienced it.”

She is now reading “Jersey Brothers” which has authentic dialogue. And she loves independent booksellers. Of course she does. She’s talking to an audience full of them. Then she made some snarky remarks about Trump and then asked “How can we be kinder?” Stop bombing countries all over the world? “We are now very divided in America, harder to cross over between each side, the Big Sort. Take it out of politics and put it in the realm of citizenship. Fund more opportunities for conversations like this one.”

Then she stated that she was going to do everything she could to support The Resistance, from the ground level up. School boards, county commissions, etc. “I’m going to be active. That’s who I am. That’s my DNA.” Standing ovation, Queen Elizabeth wave.

Then I had a nice walk home to The Jane hotel, ate take-away dinner at the corner deli, showered, popped into bed, watched TV and read some more of Colin Cotterill’s new book.


June 27, 2017

Urban Shield: Doing unto us what we did to Iraq, Syria, etc.

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How many Americans even remember America’s brutal and unnecessary “war” on Vietnam? Even though 50,000 (fifty thousand) of our sons and daughters died in that conflict? And that said “war” went very badly for us when a bunch of determined farmers in black pajamas kicked our butts?

How many Americans even know that our military-industrial complex financed, encouraged and promoted Saddam Hussein’s “war” on Iran in the 1980s — even though that brutal and uncalled-for attack lasted ten long bloody years? And that Iraq, even though it was working hand-in-hand with both America and Israel and probably most of Europe too, couldn’t even manage to defeat puny Iran?

And journalist Steve Fournier also asks the same question about Russia. “Would you entrust a war to an army that couldn’t defeat some of the weakest nations on earth? The armed forces of the United States have been engaged for over a generation in warfare against governments in Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, Libya, Yemen and Syria. They have managed to destroy lives and property in abundance and have extinguished entire ancient cultures, but they have accomplished no discernible mission. Typically facing poorly-armed and undernourished enemies, they have been unable to record a victory since 1945. Should we trust them to take on Russia?”

And then there were all those bloody and unnecessary “wars” on Nicaragua, Guatemala, Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, Palestine (by proxy), Syria, Yemen, Chile, Korea (twice so far) and so on — all of them now conveniently forgotten.

Hell, Americans can’t even remember any of the centuries of “wars” on poorly-armed American Indians or even the three or four centuries of brutal and cowardly attacks on defenseless Black people, conveniently referred to as either “slavery” or “Jim Crow”.

And now the same folks who brought us all those stupid and shameful “wars” abroad are now trying to bring these same stupid and shameful “wars” home here too. Does your local police department really need a tank? Seriously? Urban Shield sounds pretty much like Iraqi Shield or Afghan Shield or Syrian Shield, all of which ended badly for the civilians of those countries. Bad news for them — and now almost certainly bad news for us too.

But great news for the military-industrial complex!

And speaking of urban stuff, here’s the next chapter of my recent adventures in New York City:

Day Three, Part 1: One would think that I would have fallen asleep easily last night after taking the red-eye from SFO — but no. Maybe I got a few hours of primo sleep. But whether or not sleep was involved, my wake-up call still came at 6:15 am.

And then I discovered Hudson Street Park. 20 blocks of lovely waterfront walkways going directly from The Jane hotel to the Javits Center. Birds actually sang!

Then I got in free to the Book Expo’s authors’ breakfast on my press pass. Karmic reward! Sweet. But shoulda known that the breakfast was not going to be gluten-free. Not even oatmeal or fruit cups were involved. Just orange juice and cream cheese for me.

Damn, there’s a lot of people here — and at $70 a pop. Who’s going to speak? Stephen King. Anyway, here I am, sitting right next to the Random House/Penguin VIP table. There must be at least a thousand people here. 150 tables of ten, plus a bunch of seating for groundlings in the back.

Oliver King, Stephen’s son, spoke first. “Our family sat around and pitched one-line story lines to each other at the dinner table. One of those story lines was about a world without women. Our new book ‘Sleeping Beauty’ resulted.”

Stephen King said, “I used to be a latchkey kid back before there were even latchkey kids — back in the 1950s. And my mom used to say, ‘If there’s no ring around the toilet bowl, you know that a woman is around’. Men just don’t do things like that. Women are the cooling factor in society when men run too hot.” Surely Stephen King didn’t just say that, that all women are good for is cleaning the toilet. I’m sure he meant something else. Will have to read the book to find out.

Whitney Cummings spoke next. “I wanted to write something that will last forever. Books are permanent. I’m an unapologetic book nerd. They don’t bombard you with visual chaos like social media does.” She’s funny as hell, is a screenwriter for “Two Broke Girls”.

“It’s totally hard to write a book. I thought it would be fun and sexy like when Cary Bradshaw did it on TV. But it was actually pretty frustrating. And then there’s fact-checkers. They should go over to Fox News. Fox News needs fact-checkers. Leave me alone!”

She used to be crazy. “You can’t just magically stop being crazy. I went into therapy. I was co-dependent, couldn’t say no. Busy but unfulfilled. Needing the approval of others.” She gave a really humorous presentation. Made all this terrible stuff sound laugh-out-loud funny. “Ambian and wine is not a sustainable combination.”

Her book is a manual about how to change your brain. “People only show their good sides on social media but a lot of people really are in pain. But people do want to change and grow. This book will hopefully provide healing laughs.”

Claire Messud spoke next. “My novel, The Burning Girl, is about two young girls and their close friendship as they pass through the storm of adolescence. We all remember middle school. When something doesn’t make sense just think, ‘Picture this as happening in middle school,’ and then it will make perfect sense. A week can contain a year’s worth of emotions.”

We all put together stories to make sense of our lives, Messud told us. “We fill in the blanks. Many elements are familiar, universal — what we give up to become adults, from only pieces of what actually goes on. But a state of uncertainty between knowing and unknowing is what makes us human.”

Scott Kelly spoke next. 520 days in space, 340 of them consecutively. He wrote a book called “Endurance”. When he was a kid, he read a book called “The Right Stuff” and immediately decided to become an astronaut. “It surprised even me that I did this, and my book is the story of how I got there. Today is a critical day in our nation’s future. I have looked at the earth from space. You don’t see a lot of rain forests down there anymore. You can actually see the pollution. Plus all the cooperation between people and countries regarding space programs shows that we can do anything if we have dreams.”

Then Jessmyn Ward spoke about her new book, “Sing, Unburied, Sing”. “Faulkner once said, ‘To understand the world you must first understand Mississippi’. My mother was a domestic and my father was a factory worker. I never thought I would become a writer. Mississippi will hug you before it smothers you.” Mississippi also has some of the best bookstores there is. Jackson, Tupelo, Oxford. “The past bears down especially hard on the present in Mississippi. Why? It was heavily invested in slavery and then later in Jim Crow and Parchman Farm. How does the past live in the present? That’s the question I constantly ask myself. Writing is my attempt to answer this question.”

She tells us that, “Mississippi is the foundation and walls. America is the roof. Your home fails you, murders you. There is terror — and there is hope.”

Pete Souza then spoke about his new book, “Obama”. He was the White House photographer during Obama’s presidency. “So. I miss this guy. I took two million photos in eight years.” A nice selection of his photos were projected onto a big screen, and that was the end of the authors’ breakfast.

Then it was off to the main exhibit hall to see who was giving away free pens. Nobody was! I only scored three or four pens. Bummer.

But at the Soho Press booth I scored the new Colin Cotterill book! And a pre-publication copy at that! Not to mention a new Timothy Hallinan book, “The Widows of Malabar Hill” and a few others as well.

I also got a copy of the new Joe Ide book, “Righteous,” and some free macadamia nuts — but paid three whole dollars for a tiny bag of potato chips. Had to. By that time I was starving.

Bought a deli salad after leaving Javits Center and then took the 9th Avenue bus back home to The Jane. Am going back tonight to attend the Hillary Clinton School of Lies but that will be about it for the BEA for today. I think.

To be continued…


June 23, 2017

Are Americans even good people any more?

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Today’s proverb from my Franklin Planner says, “A people that values its privileges above its principles soon loses both.” Dwight D. Eisenhower said that.

America is spozed to be a Christian nation and yet its military has murdered hundreds of thousands of women and children randomly in almost half the countries of the world — and done it for fun but mostly for profit. American “wars” on Vietnam, Iraq, Syria, Libya, the former Yugoslavia, Ukraine, Afghanistan, Yemen, Palestine, Honduras, Panama, the Philippines, Cuba (the list goes on and on) have been criminally-shameful and illegal rapes and slaughters of much weaker countries, based solely on American cruelty and greed. What would Jesus do? Certainly not this!

And here at home, we Americans fight hard for our right to have guns so that we can protect ourselves against robbers and The Government, but only end up mostly killing our children by accident and committing hate crimes on purpose. How Christian is that?

Americans are spozed to love liberty yet we have Urban Shield and the NSA and the Patriot Act at home and the CIA and “Special Forces” assassination teams abroad, ones that support the worse kind of dictators such as the Saudi un-Muslim mafia, the Ukraine un-Christian neo-Nazis, the Israeli un-Jewish apartheid neo-colonalists and those brutal butchers in ISIS and al Qaeda.

America is spozed to be the Robin Hood of the free world and yet we constantly take from the Poor and give to the Rich. Counting the jobless, the homeless, those without healthcare, soldiers sacrificed to defend corporate profits, victims of yucky drinking water, victims of infrastructure failure, your aging parents, your friends and mine, etc., it looks like many more than a million Americans will die far before their time in this coming year because of the Koch brothers, the Deep State, Citizens United, the Wall Street casino where the House always wins, media “war” propaganda lies in order to sell WMDs, and the souls of the corrupt legislators that have been have been bought and paid for by these ill-gotten gains. To say nothing of shameful Jim-Crow-style election fraud by the GOP and also gross interference in our elections by, wait for it, Israel and Saudi Arabia — of which both Republicans and Democrats are blatant receivers of whole boxcars full of untraceable cash.

“Among a people generally corrupt, liberty does not exist,” my Planner goes on to tell me. Edmund Burke said that. And he was right too.

Are Americans only getting the corrupt and cruel leaders that they deserve? It certainly does look that way. And are Americans even good people any more — to have let all this evil corruption go on for so long? I don’t even want to think about the answer to that question. Let’s think about something more pleasant instead. Here’s a report on my first two days in NYC:

“Everything’s like a dream in New York City” — especially its book-publishing industry, its celebrity personalities, its amazing museums, its outstanding people-watching opportunities and its vibrant street life.

Day One: I leave for New York in six short hours and guess what? Just finished going through my usual heavy-duty pre-travel panic attacks — including the usual “I could just stay home and lose my airfare money and I would be okay with that” phase, followed closely by the “OMG, I’m so hungry and there is nothing to eat!” phase, and then followed by the “I’m gonna hide under the bed in denial” phase. And yet here I am aboard a BART train that goes to the San Francisco airport and I’m actually okay with that — and even excited.

Heading off to New York City? Who would not be excited about that? Museums and books. Museums and books. Museums and books. And hopefully not bedbugs.

And now I’m on the JetBlue red-eye flight with no problems. The service is great but the free inflight movies all seem to be at least five years old. Mrs. Doubtfire? Really? Moneyball? I played a game-watching extra in that one at least five years ago. The Sound of Music? Huh? Finally settled on 27 Dresses which was entertaining and cute.

Day Two: Well, apparently I must have slept on the plane because there are clearly two hours unaccounted for on that flight. But can’t remember falling asleep. But so what. I got to JFK airport, took the subway (the E train) to 8th Avenue and 14th Street, dragged my suitcase for seven blocks and voila. Here I am at The Jane hotel — in the world’s smallest hotel room. Even the one I had at the Tokyo airport was bigger. We shall see.

They don’t call these rooms “cabins” for nothing. Built in 1907, The Jane used to be a seaman’s hotel for when sailors were ashore. But, hey, the rate is really cheap, the staff is really nice and they don’t have bedbugs. That’s what counts. Plus I’m right near the shared bathroom. Good to know in the middle of the night. Plus the bathroom is really clean. And the cabins are wood-lined and cute.

Today was a day for walking my legs off. 30 blocks up to the Javits Center, and another 30 or 40 blocks wandering around what used to be Hell’s Kitchen and now appears to be Yuppies’ Kitchen instead. And the highlight of the day? Stopping by Soho Crime publishing house on lower Broadway and meeting one of its editors again. Seeing all those excellent books. Wow and double-wow! Plus Soho is located right around the corner from a Whole Foods market. Two birds with one stone. Mental stimulation and dinner.

“Got any recommendations for a good Chinese restaurant?” I asked the editor — the question that Henry Chang’s main character in his latest Soho murder-mystery, “Lucky,” hates to be asked.

“Sure,” answered the editor. “Anything on Doyer Street is great. Nam Wah, Tasty Hint, all of it’s good.” Maybe I’ll go there on Friday because tomorrow is going to be jammed — starting with getting up at 6:15 am in order to go see Stephen King and Owen King talk about their new book “Sleeping Beauties”. Apparently its a story about the consequences of having a world without women. Then I’m meeting a friend at 3:00 pm for rice pudding at B&H Dairy on Second Avenue, and then going to a talk by Killary Clinton at 6:00 pm. So much fun.

Bottom line: Walking around the streets of New York is a whole tourist treat all in itself and boy did I do that today!

To be continued….


June 15, 2017

Whatever happened to Freedom of Speech ?

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While fact checking the marijuana renaissance we found a cannabis oriented magazine featuring a pot advocate described as a transgender woman and featured on the cover.


Transgender is not the same as transsexual and a friend who has had the medical procedures has proclaimed, “If you haven’t gone through it you shouldn’t speak about what you don’t know”.


If the cover subject hasn’t had the operation then that person is just a cross dresser and should celebrate Father’s Day this Sunday.


Missing information about transsexuals is rampant in the mainstream media. Media urban legend stories imply that the sex-change procedure is reversible.


Completely untrue according to the transsexual pioneer we asked.


Are kids being accurately informed on this topic or are they being duped?


Even this columnist confuses the two terms. A transgender is just a cross dresser who may or may not be taking hormones.


If they are misinformed shouldn’t people who want a chance to offer the truth to youngsters be given a way to express their particular point of view?


If a concerted effort is made to stifle criticism is it accurate to proclaim that freedom of speech still exists in the USA?


When harsh criticism is eliminated from the debate, isn’t a one-sided argument too prejudicial?


Since transgenders are getting so much coverage, shouldn’t an opposing opinion be sought out by the mainstream media that allegedly wants to present both sides of the issue?


If a M-F can’t bear children and if F-M people can’t father a child, won’t the medias’ fascination with sex-changes eventually mean that the proponents will die out?


If a man in his late 60’s has a sex-change operation will the patient expect to attract a virile young man for a lifelong relationship or is it just a blatant example of self-deception?


In a world full of fake news isn’t the abundance of sex-change journalism stories proof that sensationalism is out of control in most of the mainstream media?


For this year’s Father’s Day, on behalf of our friend, we call on all of America’s managing editors to make an effort to learn the ghastly truth about this trend before publishing any related fake news.


As much as we would like to see quality journalism about this trending topic, we won’t hold our breath nor will we ever believe the “it’s a reversible”change” propaganda.


Have a Happy Father’s Day to all who passed the paternity test.

June 11, 2017

The real estate boom in NYC: Money-laundering’s finest hour

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What! You say that you’ve already been to New York City dozens of times and yet you’ve never eaten rice pudding at B&H Dairy on Second Avenue? Well. That is a fatal lapse in your education. Fix it immediately or else.

Back in 1965 when I was a poverty-stricken idealist living in an apartment on the Lower East Side that rented for $28 a month and when LSD was still legal, I used to save up my pennies and treat myself to a bowl of B&H’s fabulous rice pudding every few months. So when I went back to NYC for the Book Expo recently, I met up with an old friend at B&H and we talked.

“There is new construction going on in Manhattan everywhere you look these days,” she said. “Everyone wants to invest in real estate in New York City.”

“And in Berkeley too,” I replied. “There are currently 10,000 new high-rise apartment units going up in my home town as well.”–Becky-O-Malley

“Actually, it’s happening all over the world,” said my friend. “Even in the Middle East, construction is going on like crazy.” Humph. That’s just so not fair. Look at me and look at you. Can any of us average Americans afford to run out and build high-rise condos worth billions of bucks? Hardly. It’s all we can do to keep from being homeless.

So where are all these billions — trillions — of construction dollars coming from? “War profits, drug money, oil barons and sheiks. Hedge funds. Shadow banks.” Shadow banks? Now there’s a scary thought. Aren’t our regular banks shadowy enough as it is?

PS: From my vantage point up on the High Line Park the other day, I counted 24 different new high-rises going up. And from the top floor of the Whitney Museum I counted five more.

Ah, the Whitney. Its Biannual Exhibit was amazing. And one whole section was devoted to works by artists who were deeply in debt. That’s scary too. No condo-high-rise ownership for them. Seems like you either gotta murder babies in the Middle East, pollute the world with oil emissions and/or sell drugs to school children in order to play at being Bob the Builder in New York. Being creative in America will only smash you headlong into debt.

PPS: Here’s a quote from Larry Fink that I stole off the artists’ wall at the Whitney: “The two greatest stores of wealth internationally today are contemporary art and apartments in Manhattan.” Fink is the head of Black Rock. Black Rock is the world’s largest shadow bank, is worth 5.1 trillion dollars and is almost personally responsible for the 2008 financial crisis with its mortgage-backed security scam. But, hey, at least Fink is supporting the arts.

PPPS:  The media is always talking about RussiaGate. But what about SaudiGate, IsraeliGate and GlobalCorporationGate — the guys who launder money by buying property in Washington DC, primarily on Capital Hill and Pennsylvania Avenue.


June 4, 2017

Hillary Clinton’s BEA speech: Gettin’ jiggy wit’ it

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I recently saw HRC speak to a sold-out audience of over 1,000 at the BEA Book Expo at the Javits Center in NYC — and she looked downright jiggy. Jiggy? “What the freak does it mean to look jiggy?” you might ask.

There are several definitions of the word. “Well-dressed. Sexy. Nervous.” First, let’s eliminate “sexy”. Even I gotta admit that Clinton was looking good but she’s a US Senator for Chrissakes. “Sexy” is out. So that just leaves “well-dressed” and “nervous”. But she was actually sort of well-dressed — and thankfully not in a pants-suit. Jiggy outfit? Check.

But was Clinton nervous? That depends. She actually came across as being casual, comfortable, well-spoken, in control and actually even nice — not bad for someone who was personally responsible for murdering approximately a million people in Libya and Syria — people who would be alive today if it wasn’t for her.

But was HRC nervous about being personally responsible for giving us Donald J. Trump? Not so that you’d notice. So was Hillary nervous about anything at all? Yeah. She as jiggy about Russia. “I find it outrageous that a foreign country could actually interfere with American elections!” And she actually said that with a straight face! She must have been hecka nervous to say something like that.

Here’s the truth. Israeli neocolonialists have been interfering with American elections for the past 25 years — and no one in America except me has ever given a flying freak about that. No one in Washington has ever been elected during this time without explicit permission from AIPAC, the neo-colonialists’ right arm. And Clinton is right in their pocket. No wonder she’s jiggy about Russia. Russia didn’t do it. Hillary did.

Or perhaps Clinton is jiggy about Saudi Arabia and all the big bucks she received from them. But HRC didn’t mention the House of Saud either. Only Russia. That seems hecka jiggy there too.

All and all, it was a sweet friendly intimate evening with Hillary Clinton — and she was definitely jiggy wit’ it. Me too.


May 27, 2017

The US freed Libya. So why can’t I go there?

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In 2001, all we ever heard about in the media was how America was going to “free Afghanistan for democracy.” Sixteen years and several trillion dollars later, Afghanistan should be as free as a bird now, right?

So I went to and clicked on “flight + hotel” to Kabul. Nothing came up. Afghanistan is so very free these days that American tourists can’t even go there. Hell, even war correspondents can’t get in there either. Hmmm.

But what about Iraq, the country that America spent approximately five trillion dollars freeing from that evil dictator what’s-his-name. Plus when I was a kid, I had always dreamed about being an archeologist when I grew up and going to see places like Babylon and Ur. Now was my chance!

So I went on and clicked on “flight + hotel” to Baghdad. Sorry but American tourists aren’t free to travel to Iraq either.

Libya? Same old story. America spent a trillion or so dollars on liberating Libya from Qaddafi “for humanitarian reasons”. Well, things are so humane over there right now that not even can get you a “flight + hotel” to Tripoli.

Where else has America been liberating stuff? Ukraine? Let’s plug that one into and see what comes up. Nope, Nothing there either.

Yemen? America just sold the Saudis billions and billions of dollars worth of deadly weapons in order to “liberate” Yemen’s oil. But wouldn’t touch Yemen with a ten-foot pole. The Saudis have already dropped 90,000 bombs on Yemen so far. Yemenis are resisting the Saudis’ offer of “freedom” just as hard as George Washington resisted the British during the American Revolution. But then King George III hadn’t dropped 90,000 bombs on Betsy Ross’s head either. No nice hotel in Sanaa for me.

How about Palestine? America is paying 30 billion bucks a year to help Israeli neo-colonialists “free” Gaza. But if you type “Gaza” into, your whole computer might just blow up. No freedom in Gaza either. They are not even letting reporters into Gaza. “Closed military zone.” Being a war correspondent sucks eggs these days — let alone being a tourist.

Syria? Let’s click on The only place we can safely go there is to Damascus and Aleppo, where Syria’s so-called “evil dictator” is still in charge. But no one can go to the parts of Syria freed up by the freedom-loving USA and their allies ISIS and al Qaeda.

And now the American Deep State and its puppets in Washington are talking about “liberating” Russia, China, North Korea and Venezuela. Pretty soon American tourists will consider themselves lucky if they can even safely travel to Tijuana.

PS: According to William Engdahl’s new book, The Gods of Money, World War I and World War II were welcomed and even encouraged by the US corporatocracy in order to weaken Europe. “American leading circles around the Rockefellers and Wall Street had resolved among themselves that all potential European rivals for power would have to grind themselves down in a mutual slaughter.”

Now that same corporatocracy is currently plotting World War 3 in order to weaken Russia and China. “Hey, it worked before. Let’s try it again.” And you know what this means, don’t you? After Russia and China are finally as “free” as Iraq, Afghanistan, Gaza, Honduras, Somalia and Libya, there will be no more trips on the Orient Express railway for American tourists either.

PPS: I’m going to be an American tourist myself this week — going to New York City, staying at the legendary Jane Hotel, eating rice pudding at B&H Dairy on Second Avenue and attending the 2017 BEA Book Expo.

And guess who will be speaking at the Book Expo? Hillary Rodham Clinton! Yes, the darling of the Deep State herself will be telling us in her very own words about how “free” Libya became on her watch and just how much she would love to bomb Russia.


May 23, 2017

Thoughts on suddenly becoming part Cherokee

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So here’s the story: I went to Tahlequah in Oklahoma, drove up to the Cherokee Heritage Center, plunked down my thirty dollars and had my genealogy done. Bingo!

“You are 1/32 Cherokee on your father’s side and your great great grandfather was George Ballard, and he and his father James Ballard and his father’s father John Yates Ballard all walked the Trail of Tears.”

Tears also came to my eyes upon hearing this. All those old family legends are true. I really am part Cherokee! However, what exactly does all this new and specific information actually mean to me personally? How am I gonna integrate all this new information into the other parts of my actual life?

In Tahlequah, I talked with one Cherokee man who claimed that Cherokees are actually the Lost Tribe of Israel. Does this mean that I should move off to Tel Aviv in search of my roots? Perhaps open a nightclub there with a Cherokee theme?

I grew up in a typical American suburb and now live in Berkeley, an annex of Silicon Valley. How can I fit being a native American into that cultural heritage? And is being only 1/32 Cherokee enough to change the way that I live, how I think, who I actually am?

Where exactly do I fit into the American reality?

Most Americans go along with the idea that murdering babies in the Middle East, Africa, Latin America, Europe and Asia for fun and profit is a good thing, and that losing our freedom after 9-11 was the truly patriotic thing to do. I don’t buy that at all. It’s illegal, immoral and probably fattening too. And I can’t worship big banksters, Big Pharma or Big Brother either.

So. How do I fit into today’s American patchwork quilt? Or do I? How do Blacks, Latinos and Asians manage to do it? I should ask them for some tips.

And now that I’m a Cherokee too, what place-marker does that now hold in my life? What does it mean to be an American?

PS: Back in the day, white people were allowed by law to commit all sorts of heinous crimes in Cherokee territory and not get punished. That’s why so many famous American outlaws had their hide-outs and robbers’ roosts located there — including Jesse James, Belle Starr, the Dalton Gang and Bonnie and Clyde just to name a few. It was unfair and unjust to the Cherokee people — a nightmare come true.

And the same thing is happening now to Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank. Israeli neo-colonialist settlers, rustlers and claim-jumpers are allowed by law to commit all sorts of heinous crimes in Palestine and not get punished. What? Don’t Israeli neo-colonialists know that the Palestinians are the real Lost Tribe of Israel?


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