August 8, 2008


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People beginning to ask why a paranoid, delusional and obsessive scientist was allowed to work with, you know, ANTHRAX

Privacy concerns, bureaucracy, demands of case allowed Ivins to keep job

What a bunch of BS!  They can arrest and send elderly ladies to federal prison for being a couple feet onto government property while demonstrating for peace, or standing in front of a recruiting office with anti-war signs. They can arrest Iraqi children and “detain” them in Gitmo prison for years without legal representation and anyone else they choose for any or no reason.  Yet they claim they couldn’t arrest someone they claim is a nutcase who has made numerous death threats while working at a high security lab facility???  My kids could have told a better, more believable story than that when they were pre-teenagers.

The man was a scapegoat, murdered to cover some bushco criminal crony or cronies.  GK


WASHINGTON – What took so long?

Army scientist Bruce Ivins had a history of paranoia, obsession and delusional thinking. And newly unsealed court documents show he didn’t keep them to himself.


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