October 15, 2008

Palin called Troopergate guy 36 times


Which is 30 times more than you called

your ex last weekend

Alaska’s Legislative Council is currently meeting over the scandal known as “Troopergate” to determine if vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin did anything improper in firing public safety commissioner Walt Monegan. Critics say the firing was merely revenge for Monegan’s refusal to dismiss a trooper named Mike Wooten, with whom Palin’s sister had a rather acrimonious child custody battle two years earlier.

Seems that Sarah Palin was nothing if not persistent. New evidence in the case shows that Palin’s office contacted Monegan 36 times over 19 months in an effort to force Wooten’s dismissal. Even worse, only a handful of those calls were drunk dials.

What was discussed during those 36 phone calls? We’re not sure, but we can take a guess. After the jump, our own version of the telephone drama between Monegan and Sarah Palin.

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