April 30, 2009

Bush set to learn the “Paybacks are hell” lesson?

Filed under: Guest Comment — Tags: , , , — Bob Patterson @ 8:21 pm

Is time for some plea bargaining rapidly approaching?  If members of the military sent memos objecting to torture to the President, and if they were adept enough at bureaucratic gamesmanship to keep copies, will they accept a chance to do some plea bargaining in return for copies of those memos and their testimony against the President or is it likely that they will all decline the offer and display the  “take the bullet” attitude to protect a man who apparently bullied them into submission?  Sure he was able to make them follow orders they found objectionable then but, now, isn’t it soon going to be time for the former President to learn the truth behind the street wisdom that holds:  “Paybacks are hell!”?

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