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America’s two major political parties have been having scads of sophomoric fun accusing the opposition of being carbon copies of the Nazis who ran Germany in the Thirties. The childish fun of trying to out shout the opposition with cries of “You are Nazis!” seems to be approaching a final decision in Wisconsin. An integral part of the Nazi strategy was to arrest the opposition and eliminate them from the contemporary political arena.

If the Democratic Party in Wisconsin can mount several successful recall drives in blitzkrieg time, then they can have a temporary majority with the possibility that if they can then win the available seats they will have a longer time period to be in the majority position.

If the Republicans manage to pull some legal maneuvers and actually arrest the elusive Democratic politicians, and also reconfigure the numbers necessary for having a quorum to be able to pass their massive cuts budget, then it will be obvious to future historians that they had no qualms about using Nazi political tactics and therefore they will win the honor of being labeled the stealth modern American version of the “my way or the highway” German Political party.

If the Democratic State Senators cave-in and return to legitimize the Republican union busting power grab, it will be comparable to the fall of Poland in 1939.

The Republicans may have to use some slick judicial movements with some legal cases. It may look like they rigged the deal by (hypothetically) having a referee in center field make the call for a tag at home plate, but as Vince Lombardi reportedly said: “Winning isn’t everything; it’s the only thing.”

If the anti-union advocates hold on and destroy folks’ right to collective bargaining, then precedence will have been set and the other freshman governors around the USA will be comparable to sharks that smell blood in the water and their eagerness to duplicate a union busting move in their state will increase at the “cubed” level.

The Germans sanctioned invasions and torture and at this stage in the War on Terror both a Republican and a Democratic President have approved those measures so the game is tied up. If the Republicans can start the resurrection of the Gleichschaltung strategy and begin to arrest inconvenient Democratic members of the Wisconsin legislature, then they will score (metaphorically speaking) a walk-off grand slam home run and be the obvious team that deserves to wear the neo-Nazi title in contemporary American society.

If the Democrats can recall enough Republicans in Wisconsin, rapidly enough, then they can be portrayed as poor sports who are unfairly wiping the opponents chess pieces off the playing board, like a petulant child and they may be vulnerable to the charge of being the Nazi clones.

It’s rather curious to note that President Obama seems to be a spectator with no interest or enthusiasm about the final result of the Wisconsin political battle. Perhaps, his place is secure as the First American President of Pan-African heritage and the need for a second term is not essential to his self image.

Is it possible that the President could use the Justice Department and some RICO (Racketter Influenced and Corrupt Organizations) investigations to shut down the Republican shenanigans? If it looks like gangster politics, doesn’t it deserve a RICO investigation? Do the Republicans in Wisconsin look like they belong to a corrupt organization? Just ask a union member.

If the Obama Administration is impotent to prevent major efforts to dismantle the New Deal achievements, then future Democrats will be rather severe in their assessments of his legacy.

If the union movement is permanently crippled or completely destroyed on Obama’s watch, then it will be ironic that the Republicans will not give him any praise or credit for the accomplishment.

It will be quite ironic if historians declare Obama the winner of the Nazi look-a-like contest because that German Political Party espoused the supremacy of the Nordic race and so it would be very, very ironic for Obama to be labeled as one of their modern reincarnations.

The rookie Wisconsin governor, Scott Walker, can firmly establish himself in the Republican Party if he succeeds in destroying unions and so he is quite likely to fight ferociously to achieve that goal.

On the other hand, he is playing with the budgets and therefore the lives of the union members, so they won’t give up easily and resign the game early. They will perceive the struggle as fighting for their lives and (presumably) push their effort to the limit. If the Democrats cave-in to the Republicans; it may seem like the surrender of Paris in 1940.

If neither side can or will quit, then it is a death match in the cage called Wisconsin and if the battle is for live or die stakes, then it won’t stop until one side is completely crushed by defeat.

If President Obama doesn’t give the Wisconsin unions ever bit of help he can muster, then he will be perceived as a weakling (a return of the “whimp” label?) and the far left Democrats disappointment in his response will be vitriolic in intensity.

If he throws all the help their way he can find, and the Republican Governor still manages to humiliate the sitting President, then the Republican strategy for the 2012 Presidential Campaign will be to offer voters the choice of more of the same “change” or a “change” that they can actually see? There should be no doubt that things will change if the unions are killed off like an extinct animal.

If President Obama sends all the help he can find, and manages to turn the tide, it will seem to both Parties that he met the challenge and came away with a win and therefore will be a formidable 2012 Candidate for reelection.

So far, he has seemed to be using the old Muhammad Ali “rope-a-dope” tactic and he better get into the fight fast or he will be presiding over the next Democratic Party election effort and it will resemble the evacuation at Dunkirk. If he waits too long it will be a Democratic Party disaster and not about winning. It will be a struggle for the Democrats to manage to be alive enough to regroup in 2013 after the humiliating defeat. Much like it was after the 2010 Elections.

One of boxing’s most famous quotes is: “I forgot to duck!” Obama might be saying that in February of 2013. It’s time for Obama to float like a butterfly and sting like a bee.

Now, the disk jockey will play “The Boxer,” “Stayin’ Alive,” and the William Tell overture. We have to go check on the progress (if any) being made by the football players union. Have a “finest hour” type week.

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