September 17, 2009

Bill to audit the Fed now has veto-proof majority

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A bill in the House to audit the Federal Reserve, known as the Federal Reserve Transparency Act of 2009 (HR 1207), attained 289 co-sponsors yesterday. If you include its sponsor, Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX), that gives this bill the two-thirds majority required in the House in order to make it veto-proof

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In July, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke appeared before the House Financial Services Committee and was questioned by congressman Alan Grayson (D-FL) regarding $500 billion in government bailout money that cannot be accounted for ( Here’s a partial transcript:

Grayson: “So who got the money?”
Bernanke: “Financial institutions in Europe and other countries.”
Grayson: “Which ones?”
Bernanke: “I don’t know.”
Grayson: “Half a trillion dollars and you don’t know who got the money?”

Grayson later said, ” ‘I don’t know’ is not good enough when you’re talking about $500 billion.”

If you agree with that statement, then you probably agree that the government should have a legal right to audit the Federal Reserve.

Tales From the FOXholes, Part Three


September 15, 2009

What’s Wrong with South Carolina?


Wackin’ What?


Conservative media called out

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Here’s a nice one. The dittohead tea-baggers got some media coverage, but the corporate media hacks apparently did not know how to handle it. It took a blogger from St. Petersburg to call them out: tea_party_photo1

Right-wing looney sites such as Say Anything and Power Line, along with one of their corporate media hacks, Michelle Malkin, said the teabaggin’ crowd was between one and two million people. Many pathologically lying right-wingers used the photo above as proof of that on their BS sites. The truth is, they were lying their asses off. The photo was taken in 1997 at a completely different rally.

It’s not a coincidence that rallies protesting the war in Iraq or anything that the real fascist dogs did were “underestimated” and this one was given full-blown media hype. For more info. check out this one on my Examiner page:

Even Michelle Malkin had to update her twitter page when the shit hit the fan on this one. It’s about time people are catching up with the lies in the corporate media. Hey Michelle and all you right-wing liars…blow me! It’s about time people are waking up to the crap you smear all over the media in this country.

Thanks to Mike Malloy for bringing this one to my attention!

Btw, Malloy’s a BartCop fan too: malloyus11

September 14, 2009

Americans waking up to media BS

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Is there hope for Americans? Are we finally waking up to the fact that our corporate media is full of it? I know my bovine excrement meter has been maxed out and broken for about 10 years.

Here’s an article I posted on my Examiner page:




According to a poll released on Sunday by the Pew Research Center for the People & the Press, almost two-thirds of Americans think the news stories that they watch, read and hear are frequently inaccurate. According to the poll, “the public’s assessment of the accuracy of news stories is now at it’s lowest level in more than two decades of Pew research surveys, and Americans’ views of media bias and independence now match previous lows.”

Perhaps more than “dozens” of people have been reading Bartcop.

Secret Republican House Organ


September 13, 2009

GOP Playing with Teabag Racists Fire


September 12, 2009

Rep. Joe Wilson’s War Part Deux

Not quite done with this guy yet:


The Tattlesnake – Stossel Gets Foxed Up and ‘Lord’ Boustany Fizzles Edition

Plus: Obama’s Playing Health Care Reform Chess with the Death Party – and He’s Winning

It’s About Time: Pretend journalist and right-wing dipthong John Stossel and his gay-porn-star-mustache have joined Fox News, his ideological home for the past twenty years anyway. Actually, the AP article says he’ll have a regular show on the moribund Fox Business Channel – which has an audience of about 150 poor wretches employed by owner Rupert Murdoch – and pop up on Fox News occasionally. The story-behind-the-story? ABC News couldn’t wait to get rid of this strutting little pimple and they’ve been gently pushing him out the door for the better part of a decade. After years of bellowing the tiresome “Give me a break!” to the point where some of his viewers volunteered to administer one to his neck, Stossel is finally getting his – hee, hee — ‘big break’ on Fox. The spoiled Stossel’s lowest and most hilarious moment at ABC came when ‘Mr. Honest Libertarian’ admitted on-air that he had a luxury vacation beach house that had been flattened by a hurricane that he then had the evil government pay to rebuild through just the kind of program for rich idiots like himself that he railed against on a regular basis on ABC’s “20/20.” Hey, he didn’t like stealing the taxpayer’s money, but as long as the program was available, what the hell? And he’d do it again, too, he said, because he really loved that luxury beach house. Never occurred to his hypocritical ass to pay for it out of his own fat wallet. Give me a f*cking break indeed. Have a nice time working for Rupert and Roger Ailes, Johnny – maybe you they’ll let you trade quips with Glenn Beck and Orly Taitz about Obama’s birth certificate and do in-depth interviews with ‘morans’ at teabag rallies — you know, real news.

The GOP Sleep Doctor: Why did the GOP pick a potato-headed southern doctor in a bad suit who resembles a Hicksville undertaker to give the Republican response to Obama’s health care speech? Easy, they knew they didn’t have anyone with the firepower to outdo BHO, so they went the other way and dredged up this boring drone named Charles “Lord” Boustany who by some cosmic accident was elected to a Congressional seat from Louisiana. Well, at least the Republicans avoided the embarrassment of another humiliating pratfall by a Bobby “Big Checks!” Jindal, the lame Louisiana governor who is now running around the state taking credit for Obama’s stimulus money that he once indignantly said he would refuse. Most viewers probably ignored Boustany, the same way you’d turn away at a whiff of formaldehyde, but he was actually entertaining, in a demented GOP way – the Republican’s puny rant was obviously written before Obama addressed Congress, so Lord B. was getting pissy over things Obama had already clarified in his speech. Not that truth has ever been any hindrance to GOP BS, but seeing it in such stark contrast to what Obama had just said a quarter-hour before was hilarious.


September 11, 2009


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if only they didn't shoot all of us

Rep. Joe Wilson’s War


CORRECTION UPDATE: According to Open, Rep. Joe Wilson’s second-highest campaign contributor during his eight years in Congress is the financial, real estate and insurance sector at $455,129; corporate for-profit health care is third at $414,246. ‘Misc Business’ is number one at $481,252.

The Day Before 9/11

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THIS IS NOT AN ACTUAL LETTER! It’s just indicative of the attitude of Republicans like Dick Armey on the day before the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks.

September 10, 2009


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sharing a brain and no heart at all

The Tattlesnake – Obama Saves the Democrats (and Himself) Edition

In his speech to a joint session of Congress last night, did President Obama ‘hit it out of the park’ to use a dog-eared Big Media cliché? For the most part, he did. It was especially refreshing to hear someone in Washington say the word ‘lie’ as Obama did when he called out the Republicans for pushing their ‘Death Panel’ buncombe, and there were a few other ‘right on’ air pumping moments as well. He also clearly outlined what he wants in a health care bill, including a public option, a good first step to universal single-payer coverage, which is what we really need. As Keith Olbermann said on MSNBC post-speech, the most important thing was what Obama didn’t say – if Congress passes his plan, for-profit health insurers will finally be accountable to the elected government of We the People. Last night, President Obama came to work and earned his pay – now it’s time for the Democrats in Congress to do the same.

“I will not back down…we will provide you with a choice.”
– President Barack Obama in his speech to Congress on health care reform September 9, 2009, endorsing a public option.

“It will provide more security and stability to those who have health insurance. It will provide insurance to those who don’t. And it will lower the cost of health care for our families, our businesses, and our government.”
– President Barack Obama in his speech to Congress on health care reform September 9, 2009, speaking about his health care plan.

BTW, I think you’re going to see a quick uptick in Obama’s approval ratings – America saw a real adult president in action last night, quite a change (you can believe in) after eight years of the Bumbling Bush Boy.

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September 9, 2009

The Tattlesnake – Obama Must Stand Up, Van Goes Down, and Comedy King Beck Edition

“If you tell the same story five times, it’s true.”
– Larry Speakes, Ronald Reagan’s White House Press Secretary.

It’s a Given: President Obama must strongly stick up for a public option in his health care speech tonight or the game’s over. The Dems will lose big in 2010, maybe even a majority in the Senate, while Obama himself will be marginalized by the right, abandoned by his progressive base, and become a one-term president, battered into a cartoonish wimp by right-wing lies and smears. We’re begging you BHO – bring out your inner FDR; boil the corporate moonshiners in some salty Truman oil. Even if you don’t manage to pass a health care reform bill, at least stand up for yourself and those who supported you!

Camp Whiggy-Watchee: Howsomever, knees are knocking at Republican HQ these days at the idea that the GOP will be heading into the 2010 election without a solid trusted leader of the party and dragging the chock-full-o-nuts baggage of the screwy-squirrel teabaggers with them. While the shouters and doubters are good public theater for astroturf airtime to dilute health care reform, independent and MOR voters – most of us, in other words – are put off by these nattering ninnies yelling ‘Nazi’ at anybody who dares disagree with them. The TV shots of men armed with rifles and handguns at the various ‘protests’ didn’t help improve the GOP image of maturity and stability either. (White Ex-Republican Soccer Mom: “How can you trust Republicans when they cater to people like that?”) Outside of Old Dixie, how do you get Congress-Creatures and other GOP detritus elected without the moderates tossing in some votes? The Repos, to their distress, are about to find out the answer – you can’t, at least not without the help of quivering Democrats.

(Speaking of Teabaggers, Here’s Some Free Advice: Dip yourselves in boiling water for ten minutes, then add sugar or lemon to taste.)

Bell Curve to Hell-Care Reform: The Dems will also feel the pain in 2010 if they don’t smarten up their act on health care reform. The unions, as well as many progressive groups, have already said ‘nada’ to putting the ‘GO’ in GOTV in the next election, if a public option isn’t in the final bill. Some (alleged) Dems central to the health care issue – Max Baucus, Harry Reid and their mealy-mouthed, corporate cash compadres – may also feel the heat from the left as real progressives challenge their nominations. Sure, they might still win, but it would cost them a bundle and leave a residue of ill-will, making them easy pickings for the GOP. If somebody like a Gov. Brian Schweitzer challenged Baucus for the Dem nomination, I think Montana primary voters would dump Max in a mixed-cliche New York heartbeat.


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