March 25, 2010

GOP’s Split-Personality is Going to Tear Them Apart


“Federal Govt. Involved in Raids on [RNC] Protestors”
– Glenn Greenwald, Aug. 31, 2008,

“Framing the RNC 8″
– Sam Stoker, In These Times, Oct. 8, 2008

“Meet the RNC Eight: Are They Terrorists?”
– Sharon Schmickle,, April 6, 2009

March 22, 2010

GOP Blundered Big Time on Health Care Reform Bill

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March 18, 2010

2010 Astroturf Teabaggers Just 2000 Brooks Brothers Rioters Redux


Rachel Maddow video: Reviewing the History of Fake Conservative Protests

“Bush’s Conspiracy to Riot”
– Robert Parry, Consortium News, Aug. 5, 2002, updated Aug. 5, 2009.

“Brooks Brothers Riot”
– Wikipedia

February 27, 2010

Republican-Style HC Reform

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December 22, 2009

Reform, Deform — What’s the Big Difference?


December 20, 2009

Lieberman the Great Compromiser

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U.S. Sen. Lieberman Says He Would Have Compromised on Slavery

Cites economic costs of American Civil War

By Woody Nichols
Staff Writer
The London Daily Advocate
December 19, 2009

In an interview with the Hartford Courant newspaper to be published Monday, Sen. Joseph I. Lieberman, the controversial independent from Connecticut who has been criticized by some Americans for delaying health care reform in that country, said that if he had been a member of the U.S. Congress during the era before the American Civil War, he would have voted to compromise with the southern states rather than risk conflict over the issue of slavery.

After stressing his “long record of accomplishment” on civil rights legislation, Sen. Lieberman said, “I know this may be an unpopular opinion, but I believe that the Civil War had a terrible impact on the economy of that time, increasing the national debt and unfairly imposing the government on our profitable textile businesses, and so it was not morally justifiable on that basis. I would have sought a compromise rather than subject our nation to that war.”

The 2000 Democratic Party vice presidential candidate added, “But I would have imposed some regulations on the slaveholders, such as insuring that the slaves were fed and clothed adequately by local standards and that slave families were kept intact when possible. I would have also guaranteed each working slave a half-hour daily lunch break.”

Sen. Lieberman concluded the interview by saying that he thought slavery would have passed away eventually “by natural processes,” although he admitted it might have taken another 50 or 60 years. “But look at the money that would have been saved if there had not been a Civil War,” he summarized.

Asked about U.S. health care reform, Sen. Lieberman offered, “I don’t believe our economy can afford health care for everyone right now without unfairly impacting our profitable insurance companies in a negative way, but someday I’m sure we’ll have a better system, perhaps by 2060 or 2070.”

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December 18, 2009

Harry Reid’s Chamber of Horrors


December 17, 2009

The Health Care Grapes of Graft


October 27, 2009

Beltway Conventional Wisdom Wrong Again


October 13, 2009

America’s Health Care Nightmare


October 9, 2009

So You Think You Have Great Health Insurance…


October 8, 2009

Hijacking Health Care Reform

Art by Dick Giordano and Vince Alascia

October 7, 2009

Cap’n Max Baucus of the Blue Dog Dem Navy


October 1, 2009

Tales from the FOXholes Part 7


Senate Panel Rejects Gov’t-Run Insurance Option
– David Espo, AP, Sept. 29, 2009.

Bad News for Public Option?
– Nate Silver,, Sept. 29, 2009.

Prospects for Public Option Dim in Senate
– Shailagh Murray & Lori Montgomery, Washington Post, Sept. 30, 2009.

September 29, 2009

Tales from the FOXholes, Part 6


September 28, 2009

Companies Love Health Care Misery


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