November 17, 2008

Ain’t No Marijuana

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Happy Monday! Welcome back to our show.

I see El Bart has posted one of his favorite rants, “The Marijuana Trick”. You’ll find it a fun read and a comprehensive catalogue of the uses of Hemp. For some really amazing stuff you should stop by “”, home page of The Hemp Industries Association. Find out that hemp seed porridge was called The Food of Kings and that hemp contains essential fatty acids (EFAs) that are important for brain cell development in unborn babies.

I would like to take this opportunity to point out that There Ain’t No Marijuana!

Cannabis, Hemp and Reefer

Prior to the great marijuana scares of the drug war there was no marijuana. Cannabis was available at the pharmacy. Hemp was paint products and canvas. People who smoked reefers were called Vipers. Marijuana makes you violently insane and addicts you for life.

There are things that will do these things to you. Alcohol has a history of violence, insanity and wretched addiction. Datura leaves can cause brain damage if you breathe the smoke from them. There is no such thing as marijuana.

The word “Marijuana” is derived from a derogatory ethnic slur that meant someone who wasted their time in indulgence. The nations leader in the drug war, Harry J Anslinger, told the US Congress in 1937 that “This marihuana causes white women to seek sexual relations with Negroes.” This is the essence of the drug war. Racism and Sexism.

The current leader of the drug war told the American media this last summer that Marijuana had no recognized medicinal uses under US policy. This does not, apparently, include Federal inmates receiving Marinol for AIDs and HepC. This statement is also strictly true in that the US Pharmacopoeia only listed uses for extracts of Cannabis until the listing was purged in the early 1940′s. There was no listing for marijuana because there ain’t no such thing.

When a medical marijuana initiative made it on to the ballet in South Dakota voters were informed that the Gulf War I vet (Tammy Duckworth) who was acting as spokesperson was just faking her 100% GI pension to justify smoking pot. Since she is causation perhaps she seeks to crave sex with Negroes.

“Enough!”, You must cry. We will no longer engage in a dialogue about something that does not exist. The word Marijuana exists for the sole purpose of eliciting fear. Any discussion of marijuana will be an emotional one.

If you were to say that Ben Franklin had a paper mill that used hemp instead of trees then there is room for rational discussion. Cannabinoids prevent Alzheimer’s and are easily obtained naturally from cannabis. The Nevada Police Union wants to license reefers in package stores. These are issues that can be discussed.

Do not be afraid to appear soft on drugs. It is, in fact, time to crack down on how America is being drugged. Does Rush Limbagh really need just a little more pain control than his doctor is allowed to dispense? Why is there a rule against buying drugs from Canadian suppliers if the product is made in America? Why have we let the Spanish get so far ahead of us in cannabinoid research? What will be done to close the gap?

Your neighbors and co-workers do not think about cannabis or hemp because it is not of their daily routine. You have to help them out. Say to them, “Well, you heard about what the Israelis are doing for arthritis with cannabinoids” if they complain about stiffness. It’s an easy step from Ethanol to. “Hemp produces more per acre than corn by a factor of 4 just with existing technology.” Them damn Canadians in Manitoba are getting rich from fiber and oil-seed crops. When do we see an American hemp crop? The good lotion at Wal-Mart comes from China!

In a battle of ideas words are your ammunition. We are being battered with “Marijuana”. It is time to respond with “Cannabis” and “Hemp”. Right after I smoke this reefer.

Obi Zen Folksinger (Texas Musicians For Medical Marijuana)

Texas Hemp Cultivators



  1. Peter McWilliams did a very good bit of research on this and other “consentual crimes” in his book, “Ain’t Nobody’s Business If You Do”, available to read for free online.

    Comment by Peregrin — November 18, 2008 @ 3:55 am

  2. Obi,another smashing good post and now with improved code.

    Here is a link to what I believe is an alternative the Eco-problems in producing an alternative energy car and You ask what has this to do with Marijuana?:

    Yep,Ben Franklin would be proud.
    I can imagine tooling around the local University campus in an electric version of this with Sublimes’ Magnum Opus I Smoke Two Joints with a fattie nestled between to digits.

    Lotus is the Shizznitt!

    Comment by Rainlander — November 18, 2008 @ 1:44 pm

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