October 23, 2007

Ye Olde Scribe Presents: Juniorland, USA- the Amusement Park

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Ye Olde Scribe’s News Report
“Because the Right Wing owned media won’t tell you, Scribe will.”

CBS, NBC and ABC this morning reported that New Orleans is flooded… AGAIN, and right after that they reported on Junior wanting another 46 billion to flush down the Iraq toilet. Wasn’t there supposed to be “money in the pipeline for New Orleans?” What, no funds to at least minimize the effect of flooding in a city below sea level? Is getting some citizens so pissed off they’re willing to take any action against the forces of brutal conquest so important that exploding innocent mothers and their babies doesn’t matter? Where IS the ever loud mouthed, foul mouthed crowd that calls themselves “Pro-Life?” Well, at least for the boy-King, Saint Junior, Scribe gets it: more corpses in Iraq, more in New Orleans. Double his pleasure, double his sadistic fun.

Now, Ye Olde Scribe offers a rather dark adventure called…

Juniorland, USA- the Amusement Park  


Giuliani Employs and Defends Priest Who Molested Teens

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Brian Ross and Avni Patel, ABC News, October 23, 2007

Presidential candidate Rudolph Giuliani hired a Catholic priest to work in his consulting firm months after the priest was accused of sexually molesting two former students and an altar boy and told by the church to stop performing his priestly duties.

The priest, Monsignor Alan Placa, a longtime friend of Giuliani and the priest who officiated at his second wedding to Donna Hanover, continues to work at Giuliani Partners in New York, to the outrage of some of his accusers and victims’ groups, which have begun to protest at Giuliani campaign events.

“This man did unjust things, and he’s being protected and employed and taken care of. It’s not a good thing,” said one of the accusers, Richard Tollner, who says Placa molested him repeatedly when he was a student at a Long Island, N.Y. Catholic boys high school in 1975.

At a campaign appearance in Milwaukee last week, Giuliani continued to defend Placa, who he described to reporters as a close friend for 39 years.

“I know the man; I know who he is, so I support him,” Giuliani said. “We give some of the worst people in our society the presumption of innocence and benefit of the doubt,” he said. “And, of course, I’m going to give that to one of my closest friends.”

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October 22, 2007

Oral Roberts Returns to Defend His Namesake School

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Kelly Kerr, The Tulsa World, October 22, 2007

Oral Roberts came to his namesake university for the first time in three years on Monday and told students and employees in a chapel service “the devil is not going to steal ORU.”

He said all allegations made in a lawsuit and an attached report are false. And he said Richard Roberts, who took a leave of absence as the school’s president last week, eventually will return to his position.

Oral Roberts also said he has moved back to Tulsa. The crowd gave him multiple standing ovations during the chapel service.

He said the university will begin mediation this week with the three former professors who sued them for allegedly wrongfully terminating them or forcing them to resign.

In the meantime, Oral Roberts said he is serving as co-interim president with Victory Christian Center pastor and ORU alumnus Billy Joe Daugherty.

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The Tattlesnake — No-Good Swift Gloat Rudy, More Craig Man-Booty, and Coulter’s No-Show Church Duty Edition

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Rudy the Smear Merchant: Giuliani swiped at Hillary Clinton by misrepresenting a quote of hers at the GOP debate Oct. 21, and even got the quote wrong:

“Giuliani said he agreed with one thing the former first lady said recently. ‘I have a million ideas America. Cannot afford them all,’ he quoted her as saying as laughter filled the debate hall. ‘I’m not making it up.’”
– From “Republicans clash: Who is most conservative?” AP, Oct. 21, 2007.

What the quote actually referred to was Clinton putting a check on the kind of flagrant deficit spending that has been a hallmark of the Bush Republicans for the last six years:


Mainstream Media and the Fairness Doctrine…

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Here’s a prediction: If a Democrat wins the White House, the “press” will suddenly re-discover the ability to ask the “tough” questions, with follow-ups. They’ll offer up the mea culpa that they don’t know what’s been wrong with them but they realize, now, that they have an important job to do policing the administration and they’ll promise not to make that mistake again. And they won’t, at least not until a Republican returns to the Oval Office. I base this prediction on my belief that the “press” is, by and large, owned by – and operated for the benefit of – large corporations. It’s no accident today’s mainstream media attacks liberals and sanctifies conservatives. In fact, it’s the plan.

After Watergate (the original scandal-name-gate), Republicans realized the most important impediment to their dream of perfect corporate hegemony was the free and independent press. If multi-national corporations were to seize effective control of the American political process, they would have to minimize interference from meddlesome, puny reporters. Enter Ronald Reagan…


Stopping the Re-THUGlicans in 2008 – Vote Giuliani

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Well, it appears the Christian “right” doesn’t like America’s Mayor Rudy Giuliani. No, it’s not because he’s just another utterly wrong candidate like all the rest. It’s because he has the audacity to be pro-choice and support gay rights. So let’s help him win the nomination!

Evangelicals are threatening to back a third-party candidate if Rudy wins the nomination. Gee, that’d be really too bad. Some hyper-religious fuck like Brownback or Huckabee would be more to their liking I’m sure.

So I think we should help them really get the candidate they want. I propose we all register as Republicans (yes, hold your nose and go through with it) and then vote for Rudy in the primaries.

Let the backward-ass anti-evolution, anti-science, flat-earthers choose someone else to support and take votes from the GOP.

Powered by ScribeFire. Volume 2059 – War Ache

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In Today’s Tequila Treehouse…

Arrow Bush Spying Abroad HOT
Arrow Dodd Screws Up!! HOT
Arrow Corrupt Hastert Out
Arrow Allies Kill Post Reporter HOT
Arrow GOP retiring in droves
Arrow Stop Apologizing!!!!
Arrow Suicide is not Painless
Arrow The Clinton Surprise
Arrow Kristen Bell on Heroes

The Randi Rhodes “attack’

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First question: Is this any of our business?

Since Randi is arguably the best guy on our team, I’d say yes.
If she was attacked by a right-wing loon and we said, “This isn’t our concern,”
I think Randi would feel abandoned and betrayed, so in that context, yes.

To some degree, all lefty bloggers “have her back,” and when she sends a two sentence e-mail to AAR saying “I was mugged,” and then Joe Elliott says, “This wasn’t your ordinary knock-down, grab-her-purse mugging,” what else could we think?

But who knows what happened?


Sexiest woman currently on weekly TV

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 Evangeline Lily would be eligible, because Lost will be here in January,
 but Jamie Lynn Sigler would not be, because The Sopranos is in the past.
 Kelly Ripa would be eligible, because she’s on TV every weekday,
 but Alyssa Milano would not be, because she’s just a guest star on Earl.

 Who will you nominate?   

 You must be registered to reply – register at right under “Meta.” 

Paul Krugman: Gone Baby Gone

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Paul Krugman, The New York Times, October 22, 2007

Mr. Greenspan was wrong in 2004, when he sang the praises of adjustable-rate mortgages. He was wrong in 2005, when he dismissed the idea that there was a national housing bubble, suggesting that at most there was some “froth” in the market. He was wrong last fall, when he suggested that the worst of the housing slump was behind us. (Housing starts have fallen 30 percent since then.)

But his latest pronouncement — that the market rescue plan being pushed by Henry Paulson, the Treasury secretary, is likely to make things worse rather than better — looks all too accurate.

To understand why, we need to talk about the nature of the mess.

First of all, as I could have told you — actually, I did — there was indeed a huge national housing bubble.

What even those of us who realized that there was a bubble didn’t appreciate, however, was how much of a threat the bursting of that bubble would pose to financial markets.

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GOP’s Fred in the Box

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The Tattlesnake — Goodbye, Lizard of Oz and How’d Those Bricks Get So Yellow? Edition

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– A serious record drought has hit the Southeastern and Western United States, right in the Red State breadbasket. That’s a shame, but it got me to wondering why ditzoid holy roller Pat Robertson isn’t calling this a judgment from God for those areas voting Republican?

- Huckabee Horse-pucky: David “Dum-Dum” Brooks, writing in the NY Times yesterday, offers up this pile of piffle in his adoring take on Mike Huckabee: “He tells audiences that [he was so poor] the only soap his family could afford was the rough Lava soap, and that he was in college before he realized showering didn’t have to hurt. ‘There are people paying $150 for an exfoliation,’ he jokes. ‘I could just hand them a bar of Lava soap.’”

This is some homespun BS by Huckabee — back in the day, I used to buy Lava soap and you could find much cheaper brands at the store — Palmolive was less expensive, for example. For that matter, real poor people even made their own soap, cheaper yet. Why do politicians lie about this kind of stuff? And why don’t infatuated maroons like Brooks check on it? The shower probably hurt because any politician is in pain when they have to come clean.


Stephen Colbert: New Presidential Front-Runner?

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Since Stephen Colbert announced his candidacy for the Presidency on his show a few evenings ago, fans everywhere have been rejoicing. As of 6:45 pm on Oct. 20, the Facebook group “1,000,000 Strong for Stephen T. Colbert had 300,068 members. Even more impressive, my unscientific observation yesterday afternoon (involving sitting in front of the computer and hitting F5 to refresh the page about once a second) showed that there were between five and ten people joining the group per second. Maybe Colbert is the answer for the Democratic Party, if he can be convinced to run only as a Democrat instead of for both parties as he is attempting to do. His young fan base will bring the 18-24 year olds out to the polls, and the fact that he is not a Clinton may placate some of the older members of the party. Whether he’s joking or not, Colbert has connected with American voters.

October 21, 2007

Justice “Uncle” Thomas Attacks His Own Yale Law Degree

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John Christoffersen, The Associated Press, October 21, 2007

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas has a 15-cent price tag stuck to his Yale law degree, blaming the school’s affirmative action policies in the 1970s for his difficulty finding a job after he graduated.

Some of his black classmates say Thomas needs to get over his grudge because Yale opened the door to extraordinary opportunities.

Thomas’ new autobiography, “My Grandfather’s Son,” shows how the second black justice on the Supreme Court came to oppose affirmative action after his law school experience. He was one of about 10 blacks in a class of 160 who had arrived at Yale after the unrest of the 1960s, which culminated in a Black Panther Party trial in New Haven that nearly caused a large-scale riot.

The conservative justice says he initially considered his admission to Yale a dream, but soon felt he was there because of his race. He says he loaded up on tough courses to prove he was not inferior to his white classmates but considers the effort futile. He says he was repeatedly turned down in job interviews at law firms after his 1974 graduation.

“I learned the hard way that a law degree from Yale meant one thing for white graduates and another for blacks, no matter how much any one denied it,” Thomas writes. “I’d graduated from one of America’s top law schools, but racial preference had robbed my achievement of its true value.”

Thomas says he stores his Yale Law degree in his basement with a 15-cent sticker from a cigar package on the frame.

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Right Wing Indian Wins Louisiana Governor’s Race

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Melinda Deslatte, The Associated Press, October 20, 2007

BATON ROUGE, La. — U.S. Rep. Bobby Jindal won the Louisiana governor’s race Saturday, becoming the nation’s youngest governor and the first non-white to hold the state’s post since Reconstruction.

Jindal, the Republican 36-year-old son of Indian immigrants, carried more than half the vote against 11 opponents. With about 92 percent of the vote in, Jindal had 53 percent with 625,036 votes – more than enough to win outright and avoid a Nov. 17 runoff.

“Let’s give our homeland, the great state of Louisiana, a fresh start,” Jindal said to cheers and applause from a crowd that began chanting his name at his victory party.

His nearest competitors: Democrat Walter Boasso with 208,690 votes or 18 percent; Independent John Georges had 1167,477 votes or 14 percent; Democrat Foster Campbell had 151,101 or 13 percent. Eight candidates divided the rest.

“I’m asking all of our supporters to get behind our new governor,” Georges said in a concession speech.

The Oxford-educated Jindal had lost the governor’s race four years ago to Gov. Kathleen Blanco. He won a congressional seat in conservative suburban New Orleans a year later but was widely believed to have his eye on the governor’s mansion.

Blanco opted not to run for re-election after she was widely blamed for the state’s slow response to hurricanes Katrina and Rita in 2005.

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October 20, 2007

Frank Rich: Suicide Is Not Painless

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Frank Rich, The New York Times, October 21, 2007

It was one of those stories lost in the newspaper’s inside pages. Last week a man you’ve never heard of — Charles D. Riechers, 47, the second-highest-ranking procurement officer in the United States Air Force — killed himself by running his car’s engine in his suburban Virginia garage.

Mr. Riechers’s suicide occurred just two weeks after his appearance in a front-page exposé in The Washington Post. The Post reported that the Air Force had asked a defense contractor, Commonwealth Research Institute, to give him a job with no known duties while he waited for official clearance for his new Pentagon assignment. Mr. Riechers, a decorated Air Force officer earlier in his career, told The Post: “I really didn’t do anything for C.R.I. I got a paycheck from them.” The question, of course, was whether the contractor might expect favors in return once he arrived at the Pentagon last January.

Set against the epic corruption that has defined the war in Iraq, Mr. Riechers’s tragic tale is but a passing anecdote, his infraction at most a misdemeanor. The $26,788 he received for two months in a non-job doesn’t rise even to a rounding error in the Iraq-Afghanistan money pit. So far some $6 billion worth of contracts are being investigated for waste and fraud, however slowly, by the Pentagon and the Justice Department. That doesn’t include the unaccounted-for piles of cash, some $9 billion in Iraqi funds, that vanished during L. Paul Bremer’s short but disastrous reign in the Green Zone. Yet Mr. Riechers, not the first suicide connected to the war’s corruption scandals, is a window into the culture of the whole debacle.

Through his story you can see how America has routinely betrayed the very values of democratic governance that it hoped to export to Iraq. Look deeper and you can see how the wholesale corruption of government contracting sabotaged the crucial mission that might have enabled us to secure the country: the rebuilding of the Iraqi infrastructure, from electricity to hospitals. You can also see just why the heretofore press-shy Erik Prince, the owner of Blackwater USA, staged a rapid-fire media blitz a week ago, sitting down with Charlie Rose, Lara Logan, Lisa Myers and Wolf Blitzer.

Mr. Prince wasn’t trying to save his employees from legal culpability in the deaths of 17 innocent Iraqis mowed down on Sept. 16 in Baghdad. He knows that the legal loopholes granted contractors by Mr. Bremer back in 2004 amount to a get-out-of-jail-free card. He knows that Americans will forget about another 17 Iraqi casualties as soon as Blackwater gets some wrist-slapping punishment.

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