November 23, 2008

Pirates of DC

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November 21, 2008

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Credit Crisis=Iraq, Paulson=Cheney, Goldman Sachs=Halliburton

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As the Credit Crisis morphs into the second great depression, there’s a big picture concept that a lot of people seem to be missing. I want to make a very simple point.

The Bush administration’s financial policy is exactly the same as its military policy. The people in Bush’s cabinet who are responsible for any given area are the people that used to be in charge of an industry leader in that area. The revolving door between big business and government is the same with bankers as it is with military contractors. The people in Bush’s cabinet represent the companies that they used to be in charge of, not the American people. They do what is best for their former companies, not for the country.

People have no problem understanding the connection between Dick Cheney and Halliburton in relation to the Iraq war. Cheney used his position of authority to funnel massive amounts of government money to the company that he was once the CEO of. The same thing is happening now with Henry Paulson in relation to Goldman Sachs, the company that he used to be the CEO of. Paulson, like Cheney, came through the revolving door between government and big business. Cheney became Vice President, Paulson became Secretary of the Treasury. Guess which company is benefitting most from the bailout? The man that Paulson appointed to administer the bailout program is Neel Kashkari. Guess who Kashkari used to work for?

In essence, the US Treasury has been privatized and its management has been handed to Goldman Sachs. Forgive the primitive graphics skills and allow me say this a little more clearly.

Goldman Sachs

I’ll repeat the headline at the top of this post; Credit Crisis=Iraq, Paulson=Cheney, Goldman Sachs=Halliburton. To carry this analogy forward, you can look at what happened in Iraq to get a sense of what is likely to happen next to the US economy.

November 20, 2008

The future.

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The Tattlesnake – Chickenhawk Squawk and Other Battle-Tattle Edition


You know those “Why did the chicken cross the road” jokes? Well, here are some with a slight twist. If you weren’t sick of them before, you will be now…

George W. Bush: To stay ahead of that Dan Rather lawsuit.

Dick Cheney: To get to Dubai before anybody else indicts him.

Karl Rove: Don’t interpret that chicken crossing that road as anything other than the eventual fulfillment of my subtle master plan for a permanent Republican majority!

Ed Rollins: Nixon’s chickens crossed that road while Rove was still not screwing cheerleaders.

Alberto Gonzales: I just don’t know anything. I was never informed of anything having to do with chickens or roads and, if I was at any time, I don’t remember it. That’s all I can say until my best-selling book comes out next year.

Clarence Thomas: Ask Scal or Alito about that; I’m heading out to lunch at Long John Silver’s today, and I might have a – ha, ha — Coke with my stuffed clams.

David Frum: To run screaming from Rich Lowry’s lurid masturbatory fantasies.

Norm Coleman: To avoid a legal state-mandated recount.

Ann Coulter: Quite obviously to stock up on vodka and gin for the next four years.

Michelle Malkin: To escape Obama’s secret plan to enslave America in a future of hope and change for the better!

Sarah Palin: To, ya know, get on over there and work on that other side of the pipeline with them bipartisan public servants like myself for the people’s business on that good health care and tax cuts and jobs ’cause that’s what they want us to do and see if God has any doors open for ya over there on that other side there for me to just plow right through there, ya know, even if I don’t drink, and even if it’s only cracked open a little teensy bit, and it’s not my fault the great war hero John McCain lost, unless it is, and then I’m sorry, ya know, but it’s not.

Saxby Chambliss: To see how low he can go.

Henry Paulson: Just give the chicken the $700 billion to take across the road with no questions asked.

Matt Drudge: Because no one takes him seriously on his own side of the road anymore.

Pat Buchanan: If Britain had just left Hitler alone after he crossed the road into Poland in 1939, there wouldn’t have been any World War II!

Newt Gingrich: To make sure the other side of the road wasn’t full of gay and secular fascists trying to take over the nation!

Lou Dobbs: That’s a Mexican chicken crossing that road to steal the eggs of an American chicken! My viewer poll says 97 percent are against Mexican chickens taking the eggs of patriotic American chickens! Why doesn’t Washington make policy exclusively based on the opinions of the people who watch my show?!

Rush Limbaugh: Dumb-ass liberal socialist Obama-loving chicken. If he were a smart conservative talk-show host chicken, he would have sent his maid across the road in his place.

Sean Hannity: I’ll only answer this question if the chicken was crossing from the left to the right side of the road.

Glenn Beck: He crossed the road and now nobody pays any attention to him on the other side; he’s lost in the shuffle.

Bill O’Reilly: Roger, is it time for a War on Chickens or a War on Roads?

Roger Ailes: Stop bothering me with dumb questions, O’Reilly. Just check your fax machine for your talking points, as usual.

Lewis ‘Scooter’ Libby: To get a full pardon from Bush come January.

David Addington: Whatever the president wants to do with that chicken or that road is entirely within his constitutional powers in time of war, and I’ll ruin you if you dare disagree with me.

John Yoo: I had no idea when I wrote those memos that actual chickens might be tortured.

Samuel Joseph ‘Joe the Plumber’ Wurzelbacher: To buy a business for $250,000 that I still can’t afford on the chicken feed my 15 minutes of fame nets.


“My concern has been the atrocities there in Darfur and the relevance to me with that issue as we spoke about Africa and some of the countries there that were kind of the people succumbing to the dictators and the corruption of some collapsed governments on the continent, the relevance was Alaska’s investment in Darfur with some of our permanent fund dollars.”
Gov. Sarah Palin, in her best former beauty pageant contestant form.


“There’s no such thing as same sex marriage.
After marriage, sex is NEVER the same…”
– Phil’s Phunny Phacts, from Phil Proctor’s Planet Proctor, 2008-22, Nov. 19, 2008.

Accepting defeat gracefully

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November 19, 2008

GOP Looking for a Bailout

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Under New Management

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pun kit

November 18, 2008

The Tattlesnake – Big Media Hillary Silly Season in Full Swing Edition

Secretary of State Clinton? Much A Doo-Doo About Nothing

If it hasn’t been foreclosed on yet, don’t bet the family ranch that Hillary Clinton will be the next Secretary of State, nor even have a cabinet post in the Obama Administration.

With the long, slow political-junkie orgasm of the presidential campaign fading in the rearview mirror, the ‘Pundints’ now have little to talk about; certainly they don’t find the baffling Bush Boy’s latest incoherence on the economy – “I continue to support the neocon free market policies that caused this horrible financial meltdown!” – worth examining – to do so might remind the audience of how much the Big Media Cognoscenti had to do with leading the lemmings off the cliff; the Palin Reality TV show – “Who Wants to Be a President!” also has its limits – how long before even avid dupes of Little Debbie Shortcake begin wondering why she hauls that baby around to every public appearance and detect that her political ideas are mostly an ungrammatical noun, an opportunistic verb, ‘Nothing’s my fault,’ ‘You betcha!’ and ‘God’s gonna show me the door’?

Even the three undetermined US Senate races don’t hold the BM Short Attention Span long – the vituperation back and forth is good for a brief goose, but those complicated state voting laws! The crashing economy was respectable breathless stand-up fodder for a while – “Melanie Blandstick, reporting from Wall Street, Ground Zero of our money crisis!” – but the pampered Lads and Lasses of the Golden Corporate Microphone are not employed for their intimate knowledge of the financial markets, nor much else, and there are only so many interviews you can do with ill-kempt and boring hustlers from the Heritage Foundation or the American Enterprise Institute, still pushing Milt Friedman’s Cap’n Capitalist Crunch cereal after the product has poisoned the country, and who’s Ayn Rand anyhow – wasn’t she the wife in “Father Knows Best”? Iraq? Afghanistan? Iran? Whoa, dude, you’re bumming my trip!

So, of course, with little they consider ‘real news’ going on, they retreat into their favorite past time – endless speculation based on sketchy evidence, as shouted through a megaphone in the Grand Canyon to insure every Big Media Mouthpiece is regurgitating the same dull incantations.

The latest prime example of this is NBC’s Andrea “Mrs. Greenspan” Mitchell floating an anonymously-sourced story last week that Obama would offer the position of Secretary of State to Hillary Clinton, when the only thing that has thus far been confirmed was that Hillary flew to Chicago for a meeting with the President-Elect. For days since, the Punditrocracy has been foaming at the mouth, leaving no entrails unturned in their white-hot desire to tiresomely discuss to death the possibility of Hillary as the top national diplomat.

Using the same superior detective skills that in the past led them to deduce that the 2008 election would be about national security; that Republicans just loved Rudy Giuliani, that McCain would inevitably pick either Mitt Romney or Tim Pawlenty as his running mate; that Obama had to choose Hillary Clinton as his Veep or lose the election; that American women would mindlessly flock to the GOP after Sarah Palin’s unveiling; that Obama would have a tough time attracting working class voters in Rust Belt states; and that the Dem presidential ticket would, maybe, possibly, eke out a tiny victory in the Electoral College in a very tight race because, after all, this was basically a conservative nation – in spite of this dismal record of comic prognostication, they forge ahead, this time with the latest vapid gasper of Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State.

Lost in most of their circuitous gossip is any sort of common-sense analysis: Why would Hillary give up her powerful senate seat, and an excellent chance to be Senate Majority Leader, to serve as a peripatetic foreign service factotum in Obama’s government? The appointment would also proscribe her from criticizing him should things go sour, thereby tainting her bid for the 2012 nomination. Quick, name the last five Secretaries of State before Condi and look at what has happened to them. I think it’s fair to say the energetic Sen. Clinton doesn’t desire to live out her days lounging in academia, playing golf, or filling space on the board of some think tank or corporation, publishing occasional knotted-brow op-ed pieces in The New York Times.


November 17, 2008

Ain’t No Marijuana

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Happy Monday! Welcome back to our show.

I see El Bart has posted one of his favorite rants, “The Marijuana Trick”. You’ll find it a fun read and a comprehensive catalogue of the uses of Hemp. For some really amazing stuff you should stop by “”, home page of The Hemp Industries Association. Find out that hemp seed porridge was called The Food of Kings and that hemp contains essential fatty acids (EFAs) that are important for brain cell development in unborn babies.

I would like to take this opportunity to point out that There Ain’t No Marijuana!

Cannabis, Hemp and Reefer

Prior to the great marijuana scares of the drug war there was no marijuana. Cannabis was available at the pharmacy. Hemp was paint products and canvas. People who smoked reefers were called Vipers. Marijuana makes you violently insane and addicts you for life.

There are things that will do these things to you. Alcohol has a history of violence, insanity and wretched addiction. Datura leaves can cause brain damage if you breathe the smoke from them. There is no such thing as marijuana.


YOS Production’s Presents: Another Edition of Scribe’s Smorg Ass Borg

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Once upon a thin dime there was a Borg named Smorg in a galaxy far, far away from the Ford Galaxy, named Hardlycanafford. He didn’t quite fit into the collective so he wound up taking a long vacation in his mini-cube. He was a very short Borg, part of the Martin collective. (Hence that’s why his phone number is listed under Martin, Short.)

This was way back when a phone call only cost a thin dime, far cheaper than a fat nickel dime bag. Besides, getting all that pot down the slot makes a mess.

Well Smorg was a smartass Borg, and decided dedicate the rest of his Borg-ish mechanical life; or 100 zillion light years: whichever came first, life to helping an elderly curmudgeon compose his columns when he DOESN’T KNOW WHAT THE HELL TO WRITE ABOUT.

Hence this week’s burnt offerings, a hodgepodge of tasty and disgusting delights, better known as…

Scribe’s Smorg Ass Borg
“Filling up satirical plates since who the %$#@ knows when.”

Our first offering…


November 16, 2008


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Seriously?  Can we GET RID OF HIM?

Consumer confidence

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I’m confident that it won’t get better this year.

New World Financial Order

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This weekend could be one for the history books. A major meeting, the outcome of which could greatly impact all of our lives for the next few decades, is about to take place in Washington. Still-President George Bush has summoned world leaders to spend the weekend deciding on how to reorganize the world’s financial system. This is a desperate effort by world leaders to protect their economies as the pyramid-scheme known as modern banking collapses around them. Some are referencing this weekend as the start of “Bretton Woods Two.” I’m having a hard time understanding just what that is supposed to mean. My eyes glaze over as I try to make sense of documents written in economist jargon and bureaucratese. I don’t know what the leaders are going to come up with, or what it is going to mean for the rest of us. I can hope that the meetings bring about fair and just monetary reform that improves the lives of people. I suspect however, that the politicians will do everything they can to prop up the status quo. It is probable that they will fight for the interests of the coalition of criminal-syndicate banks and multi-national corporations who got us into this mess in the first place. My own instincts and intuition tell me that this summit has big evil written all over it. If the meetings don’t collapse under the weight of the hubris and arrogance of its participants, (still a very good possibility) a big change will be coming, and it may not be the kind of change we need.

The following are some resources that you might look into to better understand what is going to happen.

Bretton Woods 2 FAQ
European Network on Debt and Development

The G20 Leaders Summit on Financial Markets and the World Economy
University of Toronto Munk Centre for International Studies

Bretton Woods Sytem Bretton Woods II

Group of 20
Financial Times

A New Bretton Woods
The Guardian UK

November 15, 2008

Exchanging Pleasantries

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League of the BartCop Bloggers “Cartoons and Heroes”

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League of the BartCop Bloggers


Episode One:


“Cartoons and Heroes”


Nazis Suck!


Welcome, Gentle Reader. The League of the BartCop Bloggers welcomes you to our Forum. On behalf of Bart and all the crew we say, “Welcome!”




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