October 28, 2020

Nashville: Me, the presidential debate & the world’s largest bachelorette party

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      Last August I dutifully trudged off to Milwaukee to witness the Democratic presidential convention.  It was mostly a no-show.  All the delegates stayed home and watched it on Zoom.
      Two weeks later I dutifully trudged off to Charlotte to witness the Republican presidential convention.  It was mostly a no-show too.  All the delegates stayed home and watched it on Zoom.
      And I just recently trudged off to Nashville to watch the presidential debate between Trump and Biden.  It was a no-show as well.  The audience all stayed home and watched it on Zoom.  In fact, there were only ten policemen, 14 demonstrators and a single lone Humvee outside the venue as far as I could tell.
     All this intense fear and trembling because of a virus that has a 99.9 percent recovery rate and is hardly worse than the flu — or even the common cold?
     What is wrong with you people!  Fear and trembling is anti-American.  Man up.

     Other than my non-experience with the lone Humvee, the no-show audience and the 14 measly demonstrators, Nashville was a very pleasant surprise.  I toured the Grand Ole Opry with my friend Glenda.  I toured the Ryman.  I bought my ticket to the Country Music Hall of Fame.  I went to Pegleg Porker for fall-off-the-bone BBQ as recommended by my friend Pat.  I toured the Johnny Cash Museum and even bought the T-shirt.  I ate buttermilk biscuits and took selfies in front of the Parthenon.  I rode the #5 bus.  A lot.

     And then I hung out on Broadway — that famous two-block area where all those extra-loud honky-tonk wannabe-pseudo dive bars are located.  Sooooo many people, filling the streets, even in broad daylight.  Sooooo many drunks.  Hundreds of drunks — and all politely masked up too.
    And almost all of those drunks were young women.  Wha?  So I snagged up one of them as she was happily staggering between one tourist honky-tonk and another.  “Why so many drunk ladies,” I asked her point blank.
    “Bacdjeralette patty,” she stammered.  Oh.  Right.  Apparently young brides from all over the South come here to downtown Nashville for their bachelorette parties.  And a bunch of them from the North come here too.  Who knew?
     But I did have a wonderful time in Nashville — even cold sober.
PS:  Maybe it’s just jet lag, but I find myself being really really really pissed off about this whole masked COVID lock-down thingie.  Some creepy rich guys in Davos have stolen eight months of my life already — and now they are talking about stealing another two or three years more too?  For a disease with a .02% death rate at most?  Stolen our smiles, stolen our hugs, stolen our homes, stolen our dinners, stolen our children’s happiness.  Bah-humbug, Scrooge.
     “Look over here at COVID,” they constantly tell us on TV.  “Don’t look over there — behind that curtain” where the Federal Reserve has already stolen four trillion dollars and then only given us back a few billion in stimulus money — and then they actually expect us to be grateful and feel guilty while they sail around on their yachts.  You bet I’m pissed off.

     Rigging the COVID tests, suppressing the actual COVID data, it’s a scheme, it’s a scam — just like the “wars” on Vietnam, Syria, Iraq and Libya were too.  Only this time, even more Americans are dying due to the lock-down and even more money is being made by people who are already billionaires.  Screw that.  You got yours.  Where is my next stimulus package, punks?

     No wonder I feel so angry.  Thanks for letting me vent.
     But how come none of the rest of all y’all aren’t pissed off too?  And don’t say it’s because you hate Trump.  Hell, everyone hates Trump, bless his heart — when it’s the oligarchs and swamp-dwellers who own him (and Biden too) that we should be hatin’ on — and de-funding as well.
     And if I was at a drunken bachelorette party in legendary Nashville, I certainly wouldn’t be wearing no face mask.  No way would I walk the line!  And Johnny Cash wouldn’t wear no freaking rich man’s face mask either.
The really unique thing about COVID is how it is killing off so many old people.  Maybe it is a designer virus after all — designed to kill off all the baby-boomers so the oligarchy won’t have to pay them Social Security?
How many different ways are we being tricked about COVID?  Here are just a few.  People are dying due to Big Pharma’s callous need to make Big Bucks:
And then there’s the actual data regarding hydroxychloroquine which could have saved thousands of lives had Big Pharma only have been able to make an embarrassingly huge profit off it:

And the WHO hires yet another PR firm.  Notice that they didn’t hire me!  No worries.  I’ll do my own freaking PR.

And for you statisticians among us, here’s a whole bunch of charts and graphs on the real data regarding COVID: 

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August 29, 2020

Do you realize that we’ve been forced to wear masks for five freaking months now…

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…and yet we’re still trapped in the Matrix.











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August 23, 2020

American capitalism defined:

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A child’s lament:

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Big Pharma declares war:

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Protect and serve:

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August 18, 2020

The USA doesn’t just screw over Syrians & Palestinians…

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    Turns out that our greedy so-called “leaders” at the top of the Great American Ponzi Scheme aren’t just screwing over folks in the Middle East. They are also screwing over us Americans big-time as well.

     Here’s John Titus’s latest video about how the Federal Reserve has just stolen two-point-something trillion dollars from our treasury — while bitching its heart out all the way to the bank because it’s being forced to give the rest of us a few billion bucks just to shut us up.  Watch it and weep.

     Iran and Syria aren’t the only countries being sanctioned.  Americans are being sanctioned too.

PS:  And how do Americans deal with getting sanctioned and ripped off by those above us who are supposed to protect and serve?  Do we get angry and demand reform?  Not at all.  Apparently all we do is take anti-depressants and hide in our rooms.  

     New studies show that PTSD, depression and ADHD aren’t mental illnesses at all — but basically just signs that a whole bunch of us plebeian canaries have already started to die in America’s socio-economic coal mines.

      Perhaps it’s time to get out and fly free instead — starting by shoving the Federal Reserve down a mine shaft instead of you and me being the ones getting shoved.

PPS:  Maybe it’s not a Ponzi scheme that the Fed is running after all.  Maybe it’s just that old carnival shell game — distract us with COVID while they move our cheese.


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August 13, 2020

Death by Despair: Schools are essential businesses too!

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     Damn, I’ve been depressed lately.  This whole COVID thingie is really getting me down.  First they cancelled a book conference that I was totally looking forward to next month.  Then they cancelled the Democratic presidential convention.  Then they limited the Republican presidential convention’s size by not allowing the press to attend (that would be me — now I gotta go sit on the curb across the street.)  And then my other favorite book conference was just cancelled too — scheduled to have taken place a full eight months from now.  And they even cancelled my birthday party!  018 // Nick Pineault – COVID: It Was Just A Bad Flu After All – The EMF Guy
     But when they cancelled Thanksgiving, Halloween, Eid, Hanukkah and even Christmas, my entire freaking soul did a belly-flop.  Nothing to look forward to.  No reason to live.  Might as well just get corona and die now.
     And who the freak wants to wear face masks since forever — and be heavily fined and/or jailed if we don’t put them on.
     Gloom overtook me.
     Then I started thinking about America’s children.  No “first day of school” photos for them to look forward to either.  How come it’s okay for WalMart workers, home appliance retailers and banksters to be exposed to COVID but teachers can’t take the same risks?  And what exactly are the dangers of “Death by Despair” to our kids?  That should be taken into consideration too when deciding not to open our schools.  What will happen to this new “Generation C”?  Sucks to be them. 

  Q&A: Michael Levitt on why there shouldn’t be a lockdown, how he’s been tracking coronavirus | The Stanford Daily

     Never tell me that IKEA is an essential business but education is not.
     And don’t even get me started on the recent “Friday Night Massacre” at the U.S. Postal Service.  Now I won’t even have my daily trip to the mailbox to look forward to?  Just shoot me and get it over with.
     But then I took 10,000 thingies of Vitamin C and 7,000 thingies of Vitamin D, hugged a redwood tree and walked for two miles in the countryside.  Now I feel better.  Sort of.  Do you?

PS:  I actually went over to IKEA yesterday.  There must have been at least 500 people there, buying pillows, sheets, dinnerware, coffee tables and sofas like crazy.  Nope, no coronavirus is ever gonna come between Americans and their furniture needs!   Too bad they don’t feel the same way about schooling.

What the freak really did happen in Beirut?  Could be that the ship was planted like the original Trojan Horse (only 2700 years later) and led into the city by the Usual Suspects, to be blown up at leisure.

What does a top Aussie doctor say about Australia’s lock-down?  “Essentially, we are risking a 10-20-fold increase in mortality in those aged under 60 from COVID lockdowns compared to COVID itself.  This is on top of the devastation caused to our society due to a collapsed economy with poorer health, education, sports and the arts.”  If I was under age 60 and living down under, I’d be totally pissed off!

Nasrallah says that Hezbollah didn’t do it — and that now is the time for compassion and help instead of finger-pointing.  I believe him on both counts (but somehow my finger just keeps pointing West anyway).

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August 8, 2020

America’s existential crisis: My trip to our collective subconscious

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     “Hey, wanna go to the movies tonight?”  Great idea.  Let’s all go to the movies.  But how the freak can we — when every single billionaire on the planet is screaming at us to stay home.
     For instance, the World Health Organization has just hired an extremely pricey public relations firm, Hill+Knowlton, to scare us into believing that going to a Saturday matinee at the Paramount will only lead to horror and death in the afternoon almost equal to 9-11.  And this sketchy PR firm is also the same high-priced organization that worked really hard at convincing Americans that murdering thousands and thousands of women and children in Syria is a good thing and that Iraqis were trying to steal incubators to use for building their WMDs.
    You can’t even make this stuff up, right?  But Hill+Knowlton can.

    No movies.  War criminals.  No wonder Americans are going stir-crazy.  Our collective subconscious at this point is just not a good place to be.  I’m having an existential meltdown right now myself — and you probably are too.  Not worth it.  Not worth it at all.  I can’t stand it any more.  Please wake me up from this bad dream!
    And while you’re at it, pleeze tell Gates, Fauci, Trump and Big Pharma to stop it, just stop.  And tell Wall Street and War Street to get a life too (hopefully not mine).  Our future is far too dim these days.  Being part of the American collective subconscious journey right now is really a bad trip.
PS:  I just chatted with a local ICU doctor and she said, “It’s all a matter of viral load.  If someone who actually has COVID sneezes or coughs on you, then you have just received a small viral load — unless the sneezer was wearing a face mask or at least used a hankie.  But if a doctor or nurse works for 15 hours in an ICU unit filled with COVID patents, that’s a really heavy viral load and that doctor or nurse might be in serious danger.”  Oh.
      So if we are being seriously exposed to COVID on a daily basis like ICU doctors and nurses are, then serious precautions need to be taken.  But if you are just wandering around the aisles of WalMart in search of emergency PopTarts, wearing three layers of masks and keeping 20 feet away from the nearest live human, then you are just being a wimp.
     Americans need to start being Good Guys again — and to get a grip.  Enough of all this existential angst about germs and terrorists.  What would Albert Camus do?  He’s say “Screw The Plague.  Stop worrying about The Stranger.  Let’s defeat all those corporate robber-barons and just get on with our lives instead.”
PPS:  We’ve been living in face-mask isolation and lock-down limbo for over four months now — and yet we’re still more terrified than ever.  China, Taiwan and South Korea, on the other hand, recovered from their pandemics in approximately three weeks.  Even Sweden is now doing better than we are.  EPIC FAIL by America’s most greedy.
More home truths about COVID:
And then there’s what our taxpayer dollars are still doing to poor Yemen:

From a Stanford Nobel Prize winner: “I think that when we come to look back, we’re going to say that wasn’t such a terrible disease.  The deaths accounted for maybe one or two months of deaths normally, but the effect on the economy will be devastating, particularly for young people.  This should be a wake up call to young people to realize that it’s your world; the future belongs to you, and it is time [to decide] what is important for you.”

Was the lock-down really necessary — other than as a means to create America’s existential crisis?

“There is an FDA Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) law which only allows the mass ‘vaccination’ program to continue if there are no other effective treatments.  There is also a EUA ‘National Security’ stipulation that requires a significant percentage of the population to be at risk of death, which is another reason why fraudulent false-positive testing is being used.”  So.  Does this explain why Fauci, Gates and Big Pharma appear to want us to die instead of get effectively treated?

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August 3, 2020

Visiting Wisconsin: The presidential Zoom convention that will make Milwaukee famous!

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     My reconnaissance trip to Milwaukee this week is going quite well.  I’ve spied out the lay of the land here.  Everything looks good.  Let the invasion of happy Democratic convention delegates begin! 
      Or not. 
      COVID propaganda seems to have definitely put an end to that grand old American tradition of presidential conventions for sure.  But wait!  An even better convention idea could actually arise like Venus on the half-shell from our current dreadful COVID lock-down swamp!  What if the Democrats held a Zoom convention and everybody came!  Not just the delegates but every single Democrat on the planet.  How democratic would that be.  Let’s turn lemons into lemonade here, folks.
     But as for the city of Milwaukee itself, I’ve just checked it out for you in advance.  It actually is a great place to visit.  And being the reigning queen of public transit, my first step was to get from the airport to my hotel on a bus.  The #80 bus did it with flash and charm — and for only $1.25.
      I had lost my list of directions on how to get from the #80′s downtown bus stop up to my hotel on the corner of East Juneau and North Marshall, about sixteen blocks away.  Here’s me.  Standing on the corner.  Totally lost.  Late at night.  Alone.  In the dark.  No compass.  Carrying luggage.  Yikes!
      So I asked a large Black man hanging out in front of a bar, “Do you know how to get to the Astor Hotel?”  He just shrugged.
     “But for five dollars, I’ll drive you there,” he said after some thought.  Deal!  And that’s how I met the heroic Jim, who would later drive me all over Milwaukee in his truck.  Future convention-goers would be lucky to run into him too.  Just sayin’.  Although I don’t know whether or not Jim does Zoom.
      I found out later that the #30 bus would have taken me straight to the Astor, a huge old hotel built in 1908 or something.  The lobby was elegant.  The rooms were adequate if a bit old-fashioned.  But I think that there might have been a ghost in this hotel too.  The floorboards creaked.  Strange noises in the night.  That sort of thing.  However, nothing registered on my new Ghost-Busters EMF meter so I guess that I’m good.
     As we drove around Milwaukee, I grilled Jim mercilessly.  “Are there homeless people here?  Is there a large Black community?  What is the jobless rate?  Where can I get decent tacos!?!”
     We ended up in Little Mexico.  I got my photo taken holding hands with a bronze statue of Cesar Chavez.  Tacos!  Then we drove through the Black section of town.  Large old stately homes. 
      “But don’t let those fancy exteriors fool you.  These are the slums.  You really can’t see the actual poverty here, ” said Jim.  “When my parents escaped from Mississippi, they came up here because relatives had come to Milwaukee before them.  But they were red-lined and had trouble finding employment.  Segregation had followed them north.  And all these stately mansions that you see here?  They’ve all been divided and sub-divided and then sub-sub-divided and then even individual rooms are divided up — so that from the outside they look good but there is a whole lot of misery going on inside them.  People are cramped together like sardines in order to afford the rent.”
     “How were the schools?  When you were growing up here in the red-lined district?” I asked next.
     Short answer there.  “Crappy.”
      “But what about homelessness?  I don’t see any tents like I see everywhere in California.” 
     “You don’t see them because the police take away all the transients’ stuff.  Tents are not legal on the streets of Milwaukee.”  Oh.  That’s one way of solving the homeless problem.  “Plus there is mass unemployment here in Milwaukee, and even before COVID.  Last September was grim.”

     Next Jim let me off in front of the Harley-Davidson Museum.  Wow!  Every model of Harley ever made was on display, starting back in 1902.  Elvis Presley’s Harley.  The Easy Rider Harley.  Videos of Marlon Brando in The Wild One!  But have you ever tried to take a selfie of yourself on a Hog?  Finally some nice lady saw my dilemma and offered to take my picture so I could have bragging rights on FaceBook — the full effect of sitting on a Harley.

     Then the #80 and #30 bus took me back to my hotel, and the #14 bus took me to the Milwaukee art museum — everything that you would ever hope that an art museum could be.  Built like a sailing ship, out on Lake Michigan.  So impressive that I even broke down and bought a refrigerator-magnet of its photo.  Marvelous exhibits.  Everything from a Pharaoh’s sarcophagus to a Warhol soup can. 
      I personally think that beauty is the most important thing in the entire world (besides perhaps pizza).  The Navajos got it right.  Beauty is better than “war,” better than greed, corruption, more greed.  Far better than the billionaire elite who lie to us and steal our souls. 
       Then Jim and I had more long discussions about race.  “My parents would occasionally go back to Mississippi for reunions and stuff but they never dared to take me,” said Jim.  “They knew I’d get in trouble.”  Like Emmett Till?  He nodded.  “I respect others.  But I’m not going to tolerate others disrespecting me.  My parents knew that and kept me home.”
     Racial discrimination here?  “I just walk away.  There is so much emotion involved in that issue.  So much history of misery.  As a White person you can talk about it but you just can’t understand.  The experience.  It is so very emotional of a thing.  If I let it, I would be constantly charged up all the time.  And that is no way to live.  So I just walk away.”
      Jim also said that because of his size, he would get challenged a lot too.  “I learned to just walk away and let God sort it all out.”  But he also said that sometimes you just need to take your stand.  “Martin Luther King lived in different times than these.”  Jim was a lovable tolerant bear of a man — but just don’t take advantage of that and push him too far.  Got it?  Good.
      He dropped me back off at my haunted hotel where a bunch of young women were having a batchelorette party in the three rooms next to mine, a quiet one (at least they were quieter than the ghosts.)  “We’re all going sailing on a boat on the lake,” one bridesmaid said.  That sounds like a great idea….
      The Democrats will love Milwaukee.  I already do. 
Bill Gates is finally getting his way regarding population reduction.  10,000 children starve to death each month due to the lock-down.  Are you happy now, Bill?
A whole bunch of doctors finally get pissed off enough to tell the truth about COVID:
How much do Democrats hate Trump?  Enough to accidentally murder a whole generation in order to prove him wrong?  Apparently so.  Dems need to re-think their position on HCQ at the convention.  Dems are not spozed to act like Nazis — just to spite Trump.
COVID is being used by the Bad Guys as yet another excuse to divide and conquer us:
And then there’s poor sweet Yemen where bombs do imperialism’s dirty work — unbelievably dirty:
Lack of zinc in our diets also causes us to lose our sense of taste and smell.  Zinc deficiency is most common in the elderly.  Could that be one reason why they are most susceptible to COVID?  Take your zinc pills, guys.  Can’t hurt.  Might help.
More info on the deadly consequences of the lock-down, more deadly than the virus:

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July 27, 2020

My trip to friendly Minneapolis — and Trump’s plan to “Portland-ize” Milwaukee

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I’ve got nothing to say right now because I’m still in shock about the dictatorial direction that America is currently taking — but I’m still gonna say something anyway.

Just spent a peaceful day at the George Floyd memorial in south Minneapolis.  Saw all sorts of respect being shown by all sorts of people who came to say hello to the memory of George Floyd.  But the beat still goes on — and Donald Trump’s demand for federal violence against American citizens still drowns out any call for respect.

     This is Trump’s new re-election strategy — to give us four more years of guns on our streets and lock-downs in our hearts.  To “Portland-ize” as many cities as humanly possible — and to make us all want to hate each other.  “No Respect”.  Trump to Send “Surge” of Federal Officers into Democrat-Run Cities
     But will his cruel and violent campaign strategy really work?  Will Trump actually get re-elected?   Are Americans truly suffering from Stockholm Syndrome that badly?  After having been locked in the closet for the past four months?  We’ll find out in less that a hundred more days.
     I find it hard to even imagine that Trump actually plans to send federal troops wearing camo Halloween costumes to Milwaukee — right in the middle of the Democratic Presidential Convention!   And yet that’s his plan.  It even says that on his official website.  Yikes!
     And speaking of Stockholm Syndrome, Americans just seem to love them some lock-down these days — even despite all the good news about some excellent new cures and that herd immunity is coming on strong.  Thank goodness that the libraries are open in Minneapolis and corpses aren’t piling up in the streets — except in the minds of our mainstream media hacks.  To watch CNN you would think it was Armageddon out there and not just a bad seasonal flu.

“The sky is falling!  The sky is falling!” they tell us again and again ad nauseum.  Where have we heard that one before….

And while we’re all being cleverly distracted by COVID propaganda horror stories, trillions of dollars are mysteriously disappearing from our treasury while we look the other way — and nobody knows where they go.  That’s not nice at all.

And let’s talk about “Minnesota Nice” next.  Is it really a thing?  Does it count if it’s only just some of the time and often just faked?  I did meet some really nice people here (you know who you are!)  Met some really nice Black people — and some really nice White people too.

“Minnesota Nice” may or may not exist.  But nobody ever talks about “America Nice”.  Let’s work on that one, ya?

PS:  I was delighted to see so many community gardens springing up all over Minneapolis, especially in Ilhan Omar’s congressional district.  Food not bombs!  “And freedom and justice for all.”  Shouldn’t the President of the United States be saying that — not just me.

PPS:  Time to go board a plane to Milwaukee.  While I still can!

We may already have herd immunity – an interview with Professor Sunetra Gupta – Reaction

And no corpses in the streets of Texas either.

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July 20, 2020

Ayahuasca: Rebel with a cause?

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     While attending San Jose State College back in 1963, I’d hang out in a dive bar on the weekends with a bunch of scruffy rebels out to make the world a better place.  Tas Miletas, Professor Pratt, Luis Valdez and Cindy Mitchell.  Zoot Suit Official Trailer #1 – John Anderson Movie (1981) HD 
     I still keep in touch with Cindy Mitchell.  In fact I just ran into her the other day while buying lettuce at the Berkeley Bowl.  She’d just gotten back from Delano, CA — birthplace of the United Farm Workers Union.  Remember the famous grape strike of the 1960s?  “What were you doing down there now?” I asked her.
     “Taking ayahuasca.”  What’s that?  A plant-based hallucinogen discovered by tribal shamans from the Amazon.  Oh.  Not delivered by Jeff Bezos? 
      “What was it like?” I asked next.
      “Intense.  Scary.  Weird.  I cried like a baby.  The man next to me had visions of an angel figure who came and asked him what he wanted.”
     “Did you ask for anything too?”
     “Yes, of course.  I had a whole laundry list of stuff.  Courage.  World Peace.  Wisdom.”
     “Did you get any of it?” I asked next.
     “Who knows,” replied Cindy.  “Only time will tell.  I think so.  But toward the end of a very long night, all I really felt like doing was begging the ayahuasca Mother and Father for just a few hours of decent sleep.  And breakfast.  Not very spiritual requests but….”  she trailed off and looked pensive.  “But who knows.”
     “What about COVID?  Did you learn anything about that?”
     “Nope, not at all.  Ayahuasca is all about the big things — like the meaning of life, being in the here-and-now, being a better person, leaving bitterness behind, compassion, forgiveness, patience, that sort of stuff.  Not political games.  The subject of COVID didn’t even come up.”
     Still and all, I told Cindy about my latest COVID theory anyway.  “I bet you anything that the WHO, the CDC, Bill Gates and even Fauci Caligari himself will announce a successful new vaccine really soon.  Why?  Because Americans are starting to get restless with all this lock-down shite and are beginning to push back, right?  Black Lives Matter protests are just the tip of the iceberg.  Things could get ugly — especially if the unemployment subsidy gets dropped.  The powers-that-be will definitely want to head us off at the pass.”
     “Okay.  But will a safe and effective vaccine really be ready all that fast?”
     “Doesn’t matter whether the vaccine is safe or not or if it even works,” I replied.  “They will have reached their goal either way.  My theory is that they’ll just shoot us all up with some harmless sea-water solution placebo dyed with pink food coloring or something, make hundreds of billions of dollars off it, declare a glorious victory over COVID, erect a gigantic ‘Mission Accomplished’ banner on some aircraft carrier somewhere, finally release us from our prison cells — and that will be that.”  Ingenious.  But Cindy still looked doubtful.
     Two days later, Cindy called me up.  “Guess ayahuasca wasn’t quite done with me yet.  I just had a beautiful dream about a beautiful place — and when I woke up, its message was crystal clear.  The lock-down has systematically closed down our parks, our libraries, our museums, our grand old hotels, our multi-cultural diversity, our unique food experiences, our cathedrals, our children, our music — everything beautiful.  Gone.” and
     That sounds about right.  Stolen beauty.  But what are Americans gonna do about it?  Hopefully not the same thing they did about the infamous WMD lies, the lone gunman in Dallas, the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution lie, the 2008 housing rip-off, the passports that miraculously survived 9-11, the numerous election-fraud lies, the lies about Syria, Libya, Yemen, Afghanistan, Palestine….


Who benefits from COVID?  Not you and me.  Important reality check:
And we all belong to the mask cult, sometimes even me (and, no, it’s not the Amazon cult — it doesn’t have a smile):

This is an insightful financial analysis of what happens next:

Four whole months and our technological geniuses haven’t come up with a cure for COVID?  Oops, there already is one, has been one since way back in March.



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July 14, 2020

Death by COVID: Nudging up the numbers?

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     There’s a dangerous pattern that seems to be emerging regarding COVID deaths.  Let’s explore it.  Why not?  What else have we got going on.
     1.  By now, practically everyone knows (or should know) that Governor Cuomo ordered recovering COVID patients to be transferred into uncontaminated rest homes.  The results were disastrous — and highly predictable.  More and more deaths.

2.  When this epidemic first began, several doctors reported that hydroxycloroquine (when combined with zinc and some other unpronounceable ingredient) actually saved lives at the rate of 98% of all patients who received it.  So the WHO launched a “Solidarity” drug trial for HCQ.  Good idea, right?  Except that recipients were given fatal doses in this trial.  Unsurprisingly, patients died right and left.  “Oh well, guess HCQ doesn’t work after all!” trumpeted Dr. WHO — leaving thousands of more patients to die unnecessarily.  But both Pharma and Fauci supported the WHO’s fatally-erroneous conclusions anyway.

     3.  Out in sunny California, almost no one at San Quentin prison had COVID symptoms — until the Department of Corrections imported a whole bunch of COVID-infected prisoners in from Chino prison.  Since then, seven inmates at San Quentin have died as a result.  “Hey, look!  COVID really is deadly enough to justify ruining our economy!” Wall Street and Big Pharma can now exclaim, now that one-third of San Quentin is infected.
     4.  We all know (or should know) how the death numbers have been systematically fudged throughout America after hospitals were offered $13,000 above and beyond their normal reimbursements for each patient diagnosed with COVID (even if they only coughed a few times) and up to $39,000 if said patient was also put on a ventilator before the Grim Reaper tracked him or her down.  With this new monetary incentive involved, suddenly even terminally-ill cancer patients started being listed as victims of COVID.
5.  According to pathologist Dr. John Lee, “Over the past few weeks, my sense of the surreal has been increasing.  At a time when rational interpretation of the Covid data indicates that we should be getting back to normal, we instead see an elaboration of arbitrary responses.  These are invariably explained as being ‘guided by science’.  In fact, they are doing something rather different:  being guided by models, bad data and subjective opinion.  Some of those claiming to be ‘following the science’ seem not to understand the meaning of the word.”  The result?  More and more deaths.

     6.  “But hospital staff members are still dying at great rate!” we are now being told.  Sadly, they are.  But why?  Because there isn’t enough trained staff to go around even in the best of times because med schools are just too damn expensive (we spend our money on murdering babies in the Middle East instead) — and so the staff that hospitals do have are forced to work 20-hour to 40-hour shifts, leaving our most educated medical personnel vulnerable to any strong illness that comes along.  Protect the vulnerable, stupid.  Don’t just kill them off.  Unless of course you need higher death numbers to justify the lock-down.  I Am a Man Of Constant Sorrow | O Brother, Where Art Thou? | SceneScreen

7.  Ventilators?  Ventilators do not play well with COVID.  In fact they can lead COVID patients to death’s door instead of pushing the Grim Reaper away.  Medical professionals kept telling bureaucrats this.  Over and over and over.  And for far too long a time, no bureaucrats listened.  Even more deaths resulted — driving that little red line on the death charts up and up and up.

     8.  And of course we all know (or should know) that everyone in the media started viewing Sweden with alarm.  “We must have a lock-down or we’ll end up like Sweden!”  Wrong again.  Sweden’s death rate is now lower than Finland’s or even Scotland’s — and yet our media still bad-mouths Sweden like it was some crazy evil villain with no sense at all.
     9.  This next perspective on the causes of our outrageously-high death toll is the most important one so far.  I just talked with a local environmental engineer who is absolutely terrified of COVID.  “It’s even in our sewage system!” he cried.  Of course it is.  COVID germs are everywhere now — and have been since at least the autumn of 2019 when they were found in a sewer in Madrid.  But do you know what this actually means?  It means that almost every death in America from now on can be counted as a COVID death!  Wow.  Be afraid.  Be very afraid.  Be afraid of this justification of a lock-down that will go on for ever and ever.  Be afraid of the billions of our dollars being endlessly pumped into Big Pharma as a result.
          9.a.  Even all those totally unnecessary deaths that were actually caused by unhealthy lock-downs, evictions, job-loss, lack of medical treatment, dying children in cages and even suicides?  Count ‘em anyway.  If the COVID virus is present, then death was obviously a result of COVID, right?  Even more and more deaths to count.  Brilliant on the part of those who clearly profit from our fear.
    So, yes, COVID death numbers are being nudged up systematically.  According to physics professor Denis Rancourt, “The actual yearly ‘winter burden of death’ has not changed this year.  Bodies aren’t piling up in the streets.”  We don’t even hear more ambulance sirens screaming into the night than we heard last year, right?
     But who benefits from nudging up the death numbers?  Besides the Grim Reaper?  It’s the same sorry punks who benefited from the WMD lies, the lies about Syria, the housing crisis of 2008, the PATRIOT Act, the phony “war” on Vietnam, etc.
     Pay attention.  Stop watching TV.  Follow the money.  Vote the bastards out.  Man up.  They’re more afraid of us than we are of them.
Cytokine storms have been with us long before COVID:
Corona — the simple truth in under six minutes:
Gates gleefully announces the next crisis:  Bill Gates Gleefully Announces Next Crisis – Unlock The Lockdown

More sleazy stuff that Gates is up to:  Why the Bill Gates global health empire promises more empire and less public health | The Grayzone

More links to reliable information:
Many condemn Del Bigtree for his dramatic presentations — but when you are speaking truth to power, sometimes you just gotta get a bit passionate.  And a lot pissed off too.  Like me.
COVID is not even an official epidemic?  Not even dangerous for healthy people?  Death numbers are going down even despite all of the above.  C0R0NAVlRUS Cases Surging but Deaths are Not, Here’s Why



Stop Wall Street and War Street (and Big Pharma) from destroying our world.   And while you’re at it, please buy my books.

July 7, 2020

Haunted in Arkansas: My best birthday ever!

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     Boy did I just have an adventure.  Spent two nights at America’s most haunted hotel.  Even had a paranormal experience.  How cool is that!  Woke up in the middle of the night with an unseen hand firmly holding me in place by my waist and an authoritative male voice saying “Don’t move.”  Trust me, I didn’t.
     And then, as suddenly as he had arrived, the phantom was gone.  You can’t make this stuff up.  Hats off to the Crescent Hotel in Eureka Springs Arkansas for giving me the best birthday ev-ah!
    But I almost didn’t get to Arkansas at all.  “Ghost in the Machine”.  My plane was delayed at SFO, I’d missed my connection to Springfield, spent the night in a (haunt-less) hotel in Dallas and didn’t get to Bart Simpson’s home town until late the next day.
     “Sorry, you’re too late,” said my rental car person.  Fine.  I’ll just go over to that corner over there and cry for the next five days.  However, due to blind luck that didn’t happen either.  A really nice American Native jumped out of nowhere and offered to be my driver.
       “All the way to Branson?  Then on to Eureka Springs?”  Yep.  “Really?”  He had just saved the day.  Road trip!  First stop was for fried chicken, collard greens, creamed corn, ribs and blackberry cobbler at Paula Deen’s in Branson.  Yeah, I know she used the N-word.  Hey, Paula!  Black lives do matter.  But she did apologize.  A lot.  Quite a lot.  On national TV.  Over and over.  But still and all.  A whole bunch of people in the South need to apologize on national TV too.  At least Paula did it.  But her blackberry cobbler was still kind of dry.
     And then we stopped by the Cosmic Cavern, huge caves, far underground.  Here’s me, spelunking in Arkansas.  Wow.  Just wow.  Living the life.  And have the T-shirt to prove it too.  Plus no road trip through the South would be complete without a pit stop at a firing range.  “You need to lean forward, not backward, when you pull the trigger so as the recoil won’t knock you back further.”  Nailed it!  Better than Calamity Jane.
      What’s next on the menu?  More chicken and biscuits!
     And speaking of firearms, I hope that our nation’s police officers have taken notice about how they all have been casually thrown under the bus by America’s oligarchs.  “De-fund the Police!” is all we hear these days — but nothing at all about de-funding the oligarchs who they so faithfully serve.
      The Ozark Plateau here in southern Missouri and northern Arkansas is so freaking beautiful, so very fresh and green, highlighted by its paleolithic limestone trim.  And it turns out that Mary Ballard, my Cherokee great-grandmother, was actually born in the Ozarks too.  She only moved to Tahlequah, Oklahoma, and Roswell, New Mexico, later on.  I gots Ozark DNA!  How heart-warming are these green rolling hills.  I could live here forever — as long as I win the lottery first.  And have access to wi-fi.  
      Back at Branson two days later, we went to a show — Dolly Parton’s Stampede.  Trick-riding on horseback, dancing, comedy and real longhorns and buffalo too.  And a whole rotisserie chicken apiece plus pork chops, biscuits, corn on the cob, cream vegetable soup and apple turnovers.  Dolly herself wasn’t in the show but they did play a video of her telling us that America was one country, united, and we’d better start acting like that.  Or words to that effect.  Dolly always has class.
      There were 600 people in the Stampede audience.  Only eight of them wore face masks.  I counted.  Wouldn’t it be ironic if Missouri and Arkansas achieved herd immunity within just a few months — while the rest of America is still hunkered down in fear and piteously whining that there is “no vaccine”.

        My American Native guide then dropped me back off at the Springfield airport.  He had saved the day.  He’d allowed me to play Ghost Busters at a genuine haunted hotel!  Boundless thanks to him.  Happy birthday to me.

June 26, 2020

America’s horror-show foreign policy: Bomb ‘em, terrorize ‘em & starve ‘em to death

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     Exactly which part of America’s weird Invasion of the Body Snatchers foreign policy don’t you understand?
     Exactly which part of America’s Psycho approach to world domination has you mystified?
     There are at least 13 Reasons Why so many Syrians, Yemenis, Afghans, Venezuelans, Libyans and Palestinians are dying like flies — like in Lord of the Flies.
     Most Americans seem to think that America’s foreign policy is heroic and democratic and kind — something like Batman Returns or The Avengers or Captain Marvel or Ant-Man & the Wasp.  It is not.  Quite the opposite.  And, speaking of horrors, didn’t most people in Nazi Germany used to think that Hitler’s foreign policy was also heroic, democratic and kind?
     America’s foreign policy, starting with Hiroshima. more closely resembles The Texas Chainsaw Massacre combined with Halloween 2 and Child’s Play than it does The Sound of Music or Mary PoppinsThe Texas Chainsaw Massacre Official Trailer #1 – (2003) HD

     Take Syria for example.  Or Iraq.  Or Honduras.  Good grief, no wonder movie-goers there prefer watching From Russia With Love and Enter the Dragon rather than America’s current blockbuster foreign policy designed by Chucky, Annabelle, the Joker and Carrie.  “Happy Death Day” is definitely not the best way to greet our overseas neighbors.
     Since 2001, Syria has been systematically bombed, burned, butchered, terrorized and starved by the USA and its allies.  America’ latest ploy was to swoop in with incendiary bombers and set fire to Syria’s grain crops, causing over 17 million Syrians to face starvation, most of them under the age of 14 — thus giving a whole new meaning to Children of the Corn.  No wonder America’s foreign policy is not a huge box office hit in the Middle East.
     Sadly, America’s current screen image around the world isn’t like Seal Team or The Rookie or NCIS.  It’s more like Criminal Minds
     But the part that scares me the most about America’s horror-show foreign policy is that since our leaders in Washington have been visualizing it as some kind of slasher flick for decades now, what’s to stop them from making this abomination their domestic policy too?  Sort of like a re-make of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.  With us as the victims?  Using their new plan for economic ruin in the Middle East as The Shining example of how to produce terror here at home too.
     Oops.  Too late.  They’ve already created economic ruin in the USA as well as in Damascus and Gaza.  Their BlackRock Witch Project has already created The House on Haunted Hill millions of times over here in America — homes that none of us can afford to live in any more.
      And Washington’s next new domestic-terror films are already in the pipeline.  In production right now are Plandemic on Elm Street and The Federalreserveville Horror.  Plus I Know What You’ll Do Next Summer will be coming out soon — followed by George Floyd 2, The Sequel and Night of the Living Dead: New World Order
      After America’s Flesh Eater foreign policy has played so well in Iraq, Libya, Syria, Palestine and Yemen, it will soon be playing at a theater near you as well.
Absolute must watch:  Max Blumenthal exposes so many US lies that it’s painful to even think about all the ways that our government has lied to us.


Stop Wall Street and War Street (and Big Pharma) from destroying our world.   And while you’re at it, please buy my books.

June 22, 2020

George Floyd & Tupac Shakur: Tupac needs a memorial too!

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     “A good Christian man.”  That’s the path George Floyd tried to follow in order to somehow (almost) make it through the intricate labyrinth of being Black in America — an endless and hopeless labyrinth, brutally perfected by 400 years of slavery, Jim Crow and racial discrimination.  Always being forced to the bottom of American society no matter where or what.      “Thug Life”.  That’s the path Tupac Shakur tried to follow in order to somehow (almost) make it through the intricate labyrinth of being Black in America — an endless and hopeless labyrinth, brutally perfected by 400 years of slavery, Jim Crow and racial discrimination.  Always being at the bottom of American society no matter what.

     Both men did what they could to survive a life where the deck was audaciously stacked against them from birth.  Survival.  A hard taskmaster, the dominant overseer threatening Black men day and night for the past 400 years.
     This constant struggle has gotta be wearing on the soul, right?  Always on the outside, never good enough, never quite fitting in.  Always in danger too, never quite safe.  In this way, George Floyd and Tupac Shakur were very much alike.
     However.  Here in Las Vegas, I accidentally stumbled over a very real difference between Tupac and George:  2Pac has no monument, no memorial, not even a mural.  Even Freddie Gray has a mural.
     On the corner of Flamingo Blvd. and Korval Street, Tupac was brutally murdered 24 years ago.  Case never solved.

     And also on the corner of Flamingo Blvd. and Korvel Street, there is a stark gray utility pole near the spot where Tupac was ruthlessly gunned down.  And on this barren utility pole, standing dismally in the hot sun on some deserted street-corner barely three blocks away from the Las Vegas Strip itself, almost a quarter of a century after Shakur’s death, people are still writing touching epitaphs with black marker pens onto its stark gray paint.  “We love you 2Pac” and “Welcome to the Thug Mansion in the sky”.

     People all over America still remember 2Pac Shakur.
     And yet every couple of months, Bally’s Hotel, presumptive owner of the property where this gray utility pole is located, sends out a maintenance crew to sweep away all the cards, tokens and flowers — and to re-paint the pole.
     That’s just not right.
     Bally’s (and the City of Las Vegas as well) needs to make a better choice here.  Even our Tupac needs a memorial.  Why?  Because he too did what he could to (almost) survive being Black in America today.  And he did a memorable job of it too!
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